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8 April, 2022

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Interesting. A Black (mulatto?) guy saying “White racism: what’s the big deal?” That’s correct. No big deal. Blacks in general fail to realize that, by obsessing over nearly-gone “White racism” they are actually making White people dislike them even more. If Blacks would just shut up about racism-racism-racism, that would lessen “White racism.” As for […]

2 May, 2021

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How did it work out?? If you recall Michael Brown, the Summer of 2020, and George Floyd, not well! [1]. Today, Blacks riot every month over ridiculous things and they still play the “knock-out game” (i.e., randomly punching Whites in public places). In fact, race relations in America have never been this bad — thanks, […]

11 July, 2015

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To be a White nationalist (i.e., a “White racist”) is to be selective, to be choosey, to be astute, and, yes, to be discriminating, to be a careful citizen, to understand that there are important differences between the human races and to act according to those differences; to have high standards when, for example, you […]

28 June, 2015

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It’s scary to think that America’s leaders would consider ignoring the free speech guarantees found in the First Amendment (an amendment that they claim to love so much). If we have free speech in America, then why do our leaders want to “out” so-called “racists” to the public? If that happens, some of those “racists” […]

22 June, 2015

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I had a White friend who had previously lived in Hawaii. He told me that most of the “locals” (the native Hawaiians) hate White people and aren’t shy about saying so. The locals call White people nasty names and they consider the Whites to be invaders. Yet, the leftists and the Jews never call the […]

16 August, 2014

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Definition of racial integration: the time between when the first Black moves into a neighborhood and the last White moves out.

8 May, 2014

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Liberals are basically smart [1], but for all their smarts, they often can’t grasp simple things, such as the nature of Western (i.e., White) culture. The United States of America, like Canada, England, Germany and France, is a Western country. Western culture is, by default, Eurocentric. If it stopped being Eurocentric, then it wouldn’t be […]

21 February, 2012

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Jesus? Big whoop. What about their raza? [Article].

8 December, 2010

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Here’s something to ponder: why is the judging of the races commonly called “prejudice” (prejudgment/previous judgment)? If anything, it’s “postjudice,” since most people know about Black/Brown behavior before they make their judgment. (Hat tip to the late John ‘Birdman’ Bryant for that idea): [Article].

23 March, 2010

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Surprise! It’s a racial law after all, in a couple of different ways. Not only does the law tax middle-class Whites in order to fund health care for non-Whites, but it contains racial quotas for grants and contracts: [Article].