2 May, 2021

Said in 2012: America Will Embrace Multiculturalism and Live Happily Ever After. How Did That Work Out?

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How did it work out?? If you recall Michael Brown, the Summer of 2020, and George Floyd, not well! [1]. Today, Blacks riot every month over ridiculous things and they still play the “knock-out game” (i.e., randomly punching Whites in public places). In fact, race relations in America have never been this bad — thanks, Cultural Marxism (a Jewish-founded, egalitarian ideology; ironically, so is Christianity; see below).

By the way: “a nation of all races”?? There is NO such thing. A nation is “a group of people who are alike (e.g., the Japanese). It does not refer to borders or boundaries. Just people.


[1] “The universalist ideal rests on the belief that human beings are willing to share such a collective system with the rest of humanity. But evolutionary psychology suggests that humans have developed kin selection, those tribes with the strongest sense of in-group altruism being the most likely to survive…No universal altruism has evolved because a sense of universal altruism would have no evolutionary advantage. Garrett Hardin argued in a 1982 essay, ‘Discriminating Altruisms’, that a world without borders or distinctions is impossible, because groups that practise unlimited altruism will be eliminated in favour of those that limit altruistic behaviour to smaller groups, from whom they receive benefits.”

— Ed West, in his book “The Diversity Illusion” (2013). (Point taken, but, “No universal altruism has evolved”? Oh, I beg to differ, Mr. West. It’s called Christianity! One altruism fits all, as long as you worship Jesus! Race and origin don’t matter! Ask any priest or religious leader or church. In fact, the Mormons have dropped their ban on Blacks in the priesthood: “From the mid-1800s until 1978, the LDS Church prevented most men of black African descent from being ordained to the church’s lay priesthood, barred black men and women from participating in the ordinances of its temples and opposed interracial marriage. Since black men of African descent could not receive the priesthood, they were excluded from holding leadership roles and performing these rituals.” — Wikipedia, May 2021. To a Christian church, there is no difference between a Black man, a Brown man and a White man, as long as they all worship Jesus. In the West, this is pure insanity).

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