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19 June, 2009

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Two White men are shipped off to face prison for Orwellian thought-crimes while the U.S. government allows every sort of non-White urchin to stay in America regardless of the circumstances. Truly sickening: [Article].

13 May, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. “The ‘Hate Crimes Prevention Bill’ will be in the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. It recently passed the House, causing the Anti-Defamation League to rejoice. The ADL called the law ‘an essential and necessary step forward in the national effort to counter hate crimes’ and urged passage by the Senate. It […]

1 May, 2009

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The bill now goes to the Senate. If it becomes law, queers will be ‘special people’ who enjoy ‘special protections’ not enjoyed by regular humans: [Article]. More about the queer lobby: [Here].

5 February, 2009

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How do negroes celebrate Black History Month? By beating up White people: [Article].

9 January, 2009

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by Rev. Ted Pike. (Those of you who still vote: you might want to contact your congressmen about this bill. By the way, newbies, have you heard about the Soviet hate-crime laws? Why would America adopt Judeo-Soviet ideas?): [Article].

18 November, 2008

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Swastika-related “hate crimes” are very often fake: [Article].

26 October, 2008

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Of course, Canada has been Jewed, just like America and Britain. The father of Canada’s “hate propaganda” law was a Jewish attorney/professor named Maxwell Cohen. Canada’s government adopted many of the Cohen Committee‘s suggestions in 1970, putting them into Criminal Code of Canada Sections 318-320. Another Jew, Milton L. Klein, was the first person to […]

8 October, 2008

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See this cartoon. Then read this article.

24 September, 2008

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by Harmony Grant: [Here].

2 August, 2008

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…almost every time it’s distributed in America it’s investigated by the police. And some police departments treat literature distribution as a crime itself. Dr. William Pierce had an interesting experience with police re: pro-White literature: [Article].