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22 November, 2011

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Wow, Zionism and internationalism, both: It’s a double-whammy! Internationalism – which is communism’s sister – is a deadly ideology which causes wars and destroys cultures, yet, no one ever calls it “deadly.” In fact, it seems that liberals and conservatives support internationalism with equal enthusiasm [1]. [Article]. [1] Re: internationalism: look at World War I, […]

5 May, 2011

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Old Jewish saying: “To wage war on the gentiles, make them go into debt!” (Ok, I admit it. That really isn’t an old Jewish saying. I made it up. But how true it is!). When Portugal was ruled by fascism under the leader Salazar (i.e., before 1968), it was healthy and strong. It rejected internationalism […]

4 October, 2010

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The Jews have always feared populism. They know that it’s a big-tent, “nativist” philosophy under which both Right and Left can gather. They know that the better-informed blue-collar gentiles are drawn to it. In fact, populism almost prevented World War II. Had it been a little stronger, had Huey Long won the presidency in 1936 […]

29 December, 2008

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America always has two foreign policy options available. Isolationism, which prevents conflicts and wars, or globalism/interventionism, which causes conflicts and wars. Guess which option America chooses every time, and guess why? International, global, cosmopolitan – those words all mean the same thing: “fundamentally Jewish” [1]: [Article]. [1] Marxism, the UN, UNESCO, free trade – almost […]

12 October, 2008

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Internationalism and free trade are the gods of the West. Worship them: [Article].

10 October, 2008

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Other White countries are suffering from economic troubles as a result of America’s Wall Street crash, e.g., the UK and Iceland. Where did the idea of closely linking the world’s economies come from? Who pioneered global banking and global investment? Who created a de facto global currency in the 1940s? Who was the father of […]

25 November, 2007

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Everyone should be educated on the benefits of diet and exercise so that they can be here to fight for the future of their children and grandchildren. AND How much do you REALLY know about the current economic crisis that we are facing as Americans? Why is it happening? What does the future hold for […]

1 September, 2007

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America was on a path towards “isolationism” until the Jewish-engineered Second World War came along and wrecked that idea [1]: [Article] [1] about the A.F.C.: [Here]