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15 March, 2015

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“What if force is the only way to block Iran from gaining nuclear weapons?” What?? All countries have natural sovereignty, i.e., what happens within their borders is their own business and nobody else’s. If Iran, or Iceland, or Guatemala, want politically-incorrect weapons, they are free to build them. (Besides, this Iran issue is all about […]

13 January, 2015

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Q: What was the worst thing to happen during the 20th century besides World War II? A: the Jews getting their own state, Israel. That gave the Jews “legitimacy.” Almost as bad as the Jews getting Israel was them getting nuclear weapons. Jews are emotional, paranoid, vengeful people who tend to make unwise decisions when […]

15 October, 2014

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(Above: an American atomic bomb circa 1945) By the way, the man who coined the term “Cold War,” Bernard Baruch, was a Jew. Anyway, get out your hankies: David Greenglass, a Jewish atomic spy, has died. Almost every person who spied on America for the Soviet Union was a Jew, an amazing fact never mentioned […]

29 July, 2014

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Many people (including John F. Kennedy) were opposed to the creation of a Jewish state in 1948. They knew about the true nature of the Jews, who are a race of narcissists, paranoids, swindlers and con-artists. They were worried that if the Jews got their own state, it would give them even more power than […]

10 January, 2014

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Trying to score points with the big, Jewish studio bosses, are we? But thank God Mr. Disney knew about the Jews – knew that they were a race of swindlers and con-artists who roamed the earth getting kicked out of every country they entered until they managed to get their own country, Israel, through deceit […]

29 April, 2012

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We learned in Political Science class that all countries have automatic sovereignty. In other words, whatever occurs within a country’s borders is no other country’s business. But that idea doesn’t seem to apply to countries that the Jews don’t like. (Apparently, the Jews aren’t worried about India or China having nukes. By the way, the […]

30 May, 2010

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That’s not really the scary part. The scary part is that paranoid, genetically-defective narcissists have nukes in the first place: [Article].

11 October, 2009

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In an American magazine, there is an article about the U.S. nuclear-bomb project of the 1940s [1]. It mentions the fact that Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard initiated the bomb by sending a letter to president F.D. Roosevelt in 1939. Of interest to our readers is the fact that nearly every key person involved with […]

3 October, 2009

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by Juan Cole. (You might want to skip over the ‘Ahmadinejad/Holocaust denial’ part): [Article].

13 September, 2009

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A “world without nuclear weapons”? Ha-ha-ha. As long as inbred paranoids with nukes – i.e., Israel – remain armed to the teeth and aren’t even required to submit to weapons inspections, that’s a vivid fantasy. Until the Jews disarm, the world isn’t safe. Trivia: Israel came dangerously close to using nukes against Egypt in 1973 […]