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23 November, 2008

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It’s great being a Jew, because you don’t have to follow any rules that you don’t want to follow. In fact, Judaism instructs Jews to avoid taking any orders from gentiles – Jews are to be self-governing, in other words [1]. One standard for yids, another standard for the rest of mankind: [Article]. [1] re: […]

11 July, 2008

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The Jews know very well that Iran won’t attack Israel for a couple of reasons: 1) because the Jewish state has sophisticated nuclear weapons, while Iran has none [1]; 2) Iran knows that America would quickly aid Israel after an Iranian attack. This missile issue – like the nuclear centrifuges issue – is simply another […]

11 April, 2008

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Jewish neoconservative Krauthammer suggests a new American policy. (A detail to consider: are Iran’s centrifuges for nuclear power plants or nuclear weapons? Another detail to consider: Iran signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and allows International Atomic Energy Agency inspections. Why doesn’t Israel?): [Article].

27 December, 2007

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The Jews really scored big when they got their own state in 1948. Before that, they were mostly rootless con-artists, ready to flee from “anti-Semitism” to any country that would take them. Today, they’ve got their own country, which automatically gives them “legitimacy” as well as shelter from “anti-Semitism,” and more than that, they’ve got […]

4 December, 2007

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Of course they do. Notice how the Israeli leader Olmert speaks for America here: [Article].

29 November, 2007

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Of course he did. Who wouldn’t be concerned about the world’s most paranoid and racist people getting their hands on nukes? [1]: [Article]. [1] Jewish behavioral traits: [Here]

18 July, 2007

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One way or another, the Jews will put Russia on a leash, because they must. Russia is a large, powerful, White country with lots of nuclear weapons and a population that, on the whole, is Jew-aware and therefore anti-yahoodi. Russia also arms Arab states and shows too many signs of nationalism and anti-NWOism [1]. (And […]

13 June, 2007

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Big Jew: “Put pressure on Iran over its nuke program. At the same time, ignore the fact that China has a large nuclear arsenal. Also, never ask how China became a member of the UN Security Council, and never mention that China murdered 60 million people. Understand?” World leaders: “Yes, master.” [Article]

6 March, 2007

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3-6-07 Should Paranoid, Supremacist People Possess Nukes? Some years ago, there was a psychological study which showed that Jewish babies react very fearfully when a stranger approaches them. Of course, the results of that study don’t surprise us. The Jews, as an ethnic group, are so paranoid that they invent grand fables, and attempt to […]

22 March, 2006

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[Korea just kicked our ass in baseball, and by “our” I mean the ‘roid ‘groids representing the ‘Kwa, and now it’s making a point that might well be valid, for all we know. The miseries jewish arrogance has brought down on our head are only beginning to be felt.] N. Korea Suggests It Can Strike […]