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26 July, 2007

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Why bother? America has already abandoned nativism on the whole. Of course, we had some help with that abandoning, e.g., Jewish, Jewish-founded or Jewish-staffed groups have long tried to convince White people that the preservation of White cultural hegemony is undesirable or even immoral [1]: [Article] [1] a mention of the SPLC’s staff: [Here]. (Trivia: […]

25 July, 2007

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There was a time when no country singer would have anything to do with a function that concerned M. L. King, Jr., whose closest adviser was a Jewish communist [1]: [Article] [1] Stanley Levison was King’s top adviser. More about Levison: [Here]

24 July, 2007

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Ship them back to Mexico? Nope. Give them ID cards. If you illegally relocated down to Mexico, do you think Mexican authorities would allow you to get all sorts of benefits usually reserved for citizens only? Or would they throw you in jail? (Mexico usually jails and then deports illegal immigrants, but by law it […]

23 July, 2007

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Far-reaching executive orders, previously-unheard-of authority, extreme secrecy – it’s business as usual for the executive branch. Of course, Bush and Cheney aren’t Jewish, but their ideology is. A guiding principle of neoconservatism amounts to: “your actions are always righteous, no matter what you do. So act however you wish and ignore all of your critics.” […]

22 July, 2007

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White people need to receive positive, uplifting, White cultural messages on a regular basis. When they don’t, cultural rot sets in, and pretty soon negro music, Jewish TV shows and junk “art” is standard. As a little change of pace from the usual VNN news and spintros, here are some artistic items to consider. Item […]

21 July, 2007

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Mentioned here:[Article] Here’s one example of a piecemeal approach to immigrant amnesty. Note who is sponsoring this bill: [Article] [1][2] [1] about Feinstein: [Here] [2] about Berman: [Here]

20 July, 2007

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20 July, 2007

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Mentioned: [Here]

20 July, 2007

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This law would make it much easier to disarm politically-incorrect people such as “neo-Nazis.” Will your gun rights hinge on the opinion of some Jewish – or leftist – doctor, who may decide that you shouldn’t own a gun? Will hundreds of thousands of gentiles be disarmed if this law is interpreted loosely? Will the […]

19 July, 2007

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The 1947 UN partition plan gave the Jews 56% of Palestine (even though they were only 30% of the population). Today the Jews occupy 78% of Palestine, and that percentage will no doubt increase. Israel is hindering the establishment of peace in that region with its regular land grabs [1][2]: [Article] [1] more about Zionism: […]