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8 June, 2007

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Arab men reject feminism, but the smartest White men accept it. Only in the Western countries can intelligent people be fooled by obvious Jewish propaganda [1]: [Article] [1] more about feminism: [Here]

8 June, 2007

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What kind of “allies” assault an American ship and then lie about it for 40 years? The Jews have no loyalty to anyone who isn’t Jewish, so attacking the Liberty was business-as-usual for Israel. In fact, the Hate State is almost always the aggressor in any violent action in the Middle East [1]: [Article] [1] […]

7 June, 2007

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“Yet whites are called racists merely for mentioning the fact that current immigration law is intentionally designed to reduce their percentage in the population.” Gee, Annie, that’s dangerously close to a White nationalist statement. Is the cultural wind finally changing directions? Are mild-mannered Whites waking up to the fact that, if they don’t take actions […]

6 June, 2007

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Here’s an idea for an economic rebound: get rid of America’s inflationary debt-money system and replace it with one that serves White interests. After all, how is inflation and debt-money good for White people? Thanks to inflation, today’s “dollar” has lost almost all of its purchasing power. In fact, inflation isn’t normal – unless you […]

5 June, 2007

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More about tonight’s show on the VNN forum: [Here]

5 June, 2007

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Just when Holocaust-mania was showing signs of deceleration – e.g., in British schools – presto, another Holocaust diary appears to indoctrinate a new generation of goyim: [Article]

4 June, 2007

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News about Alex’s court appearance: [Here]

4 June, 2007

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According to this news article, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala has been accepted into Harvard’s education school. Given the fact that Harvard is the most prestigious university in America, this might be a good matter to investigate further. For example, doesn’t Harvard screen applicants for citizenship status? If it doesn’t now, does it plan to […]

4 June, 2007

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It’s easy to hook women up with fag friends, because women accept outsiders more readily than men do, which is why female leaders aren’t good for the West: [Article]

3 June, 2007

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Boycotting Israel is “reminiscent of totalitarianism”? That’s an interesting comment, since Jews invented and spread the world’s first totalitarian ideology, i.e., communism. In fact, Israel is a police state built on stolen land. It has 20 different laws which favor Jews over non-Jews, yet it calls itself a “democracy” [1]. By the way, it’s illegal […]