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25 June, 2015

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The Confederate flag isn’t even about race. The flag doesn’t symbolize racism and slavery. It symbolizes, believe it or not, freedom. The South seceded because the North was oppressing the southern states, largely via high tariffs [1]. Slavery was, in fact, on its way out when the wrongly-named “Civil War” occurred. The flag flap is […]

22 June, 2015

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This will actually be the second time the flag has been removed to please the Blacks, the Jews and the liberals. It was removed once before in 2000. (See the related post below). [Article].

22 June, 2015

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Democracy = getting elected and staying elected no matter what you have to do or say. Votes are the only thing you care about. Principles? Who cares about principles? As long as you win the next election. [Article].

23 January, 2014

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(Above: “art” by Jackson Pollock) Seen in a magazine: photos of a Southern businessman’s large home. It’s a beautiful house, nicely furnished, very traditional overall, but hanging on most of the interior walls are really ugly “works of art” painted by no-talent Jews like Jackson Pollock. Even the Southern man – who should know better! […]