22 June, 2015

South Carolina Governor Also Calls for Confederate Flag to be Removed

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This will actually be the second time the flag has been removed to please the Blacks, the Jews and the liberals. It was removed once before in 2000. (See the related post below).


  • 11 Responses to “South Carolina Governor Also Calls for Confederate Flag to be Removed”

    1. nom nom nom Says:

      White Intentions are Good Intentions. Under all circumstances.

      Mantra That.


    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      What did we expect out of a half Indian who doesn’t understand or respect American history? This is what happens when, in the words of Wilmot Robertson, you allow non-majority members into positions of power.

      Haley is a rainbow “conservative” of the future who will be socially liberal and hostile to white racial interests.

    3. Susan Says:

      What an idiot Haley is. “Move forward together” once the Confederate flag comes down. Lol. Yeah be sure to tell all the niggers they can stop robbing, raping, gangraping, shooting, stabbing, strangling, setting fire to, molesting, pistol whipping, sucker punching, beating down, mob attacking, home invading, carjacking, starving, White people. You know now that that symbol of racism has been removed I’m sure niggers will simply stop all their violence against Whites.

      Who wants to hold their breath first?

    4. fd Says:

      I agree Susan. A news report a couple od days said black on black murder in Chicago and Philadelphia has surged in the last 60 days. The empty victory over the Confederate flag will motivate black criminals to commit even more crimes.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m having a hard time figuring out who’s the bigger cunt, Nikki “the wog princess” Hailey or Miss Lindsay Graham?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Re previous post: Please excuse my bluntness of speech, but those two vile creatures truly disgust me.

      It is indeed welcome news that the number of chimp-on-chimp killings has increased in Niggerdelphia, Chimpcongo and other ape-infested urban zoos across the empire. I certainly hope this trend continues and escalates. I recently read in the New England Journal of Medicine that if there are no White humans around to attack then the coons will attack (and eat) each other.

    7. fd Says:

      It’s comical to witness the actors and actresses lash out at the Southern flag. Prejudice and passion; fits and manias. The mobs and fanatics have waited so long for such an event, and it’s finally here.

    8. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I erred about Tricky Nikki and she is not half Indian, but actually 100% as both her parents were Sikh Indians.

    9. fd Says:

      Malignant rage surrounding Confederate monuments and ‘the flag’ surpasses mourning those killed in the church. Political passion trumps the dead. That raises a lot of questions.

      Jefferson Davis statue defaced at the University of Texas. University of Houston considers removing its Jefferson Davis statue. Molesting the South from 1861 to present.

      Pearls of greatness can be found from Maine to Texas–South Carolina to Washington state. It aint over yet.

    10. Johnny Paytoilet Says:

      Our ignoramus governor here in Ohio, John KaSUCK said SC should get rid of the Stars & Bars in front of their statehouse. It’s none of his damn business. I’m sure he’s seen that red barn on I-71, halfway between Cincinnati & Columbus with the Confederate Flag painted on both sides of the gable roof. Why not tell the owner to remove it, also. I’d like to hear that old redneck farmer tell him where to go! Been there for well over 20 years, by the way.

    11. Susan Says:

      No Tim you were right the first time. Nikki Haley is a cunt. Lindsey Graham is just a faggot joke. Honestly when I heard him announce he was running for president, I almost peed my pants I laughed so hard.

      Some days I honestly feel I’ve crossed over into some bizarre, parallel universe. q

      But back to the Confederate flag…we all should surround ourselves with them. This weekend I’m going to a nearby weekend huge flea market where I’ve been told they have tons of Confederate flags and assorted items. And I intend to buy a lot of items. A license tag for my car, maybe a sticker and definitely a flag for my yard. I’m putting up three flags in my yard: the Confederate flag, the Gadsden flag, and some other Aryan flag.

      On flagpoles with a spotlight at night. I wish I were on a main road.

      We need to have Confederate flags in their faces and up their arses.

      And if anyone knows of any rallies for our side, please pm me on the Forum.. Thanks.