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8 November, 2019

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News quote: “We were doing everything we were supposed to do – and better,” Obama said of her family, recalling when they got a new address on Chicago’s South Side. “But when we moved in, white families moved out.” Gee, imagine that. I can’t fathom why anyone would move from Chicago’s heavily-Black, crime-ridden south side. […]

1 September, 2019

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Swedish official #1: “Let’s see: we flooded our White country with Brown people, and now, our country has taken a downturn. But why?” Swedish official #2: “Yeah, I can’t figure out what went wrong.” Swedish official #3: “Neither can I. Nothing has changed, other than the people, and to quote Paul McCartney, ‘we all know […]

12 October, 2008

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Darker cities = lower hiring standards: [Article].

27 September, 2008

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Good comments by Ron Paul. The Community Reinvestment Act, which played a role in the Wall Street mess, was created by Congress in 1977 to counter “White flight” from cities such as Detroit. When a neighborhood became black and poor, banks were reluctant to loan money to it. The CRA, which was revised (i.e., liberalized) […]

11 March, 2008

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White Aussies are “voting with their feet”: [Article].