13 July, 2006

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When a jew murders goyim — not a crime under jewish law — fellow jews are to aid him and cover for him, should the goyim grow suspicious. That abetting is jewish law. Jews form an alien, hostile body that feeds off the host – you and me. A political body that permits a hostile alien to move about its system freely has a compromised immune system. America, like Britain, suffers from HIV – Hebrew Invasion Virus.

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11 July, 2006

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gflogo.jpgTonight VNN Broadcasting releases a very special edition of the Truth is No Defense. ‘Alex from Germany’ joins us to discuss contemporary German politics and culture, along with an examination of the Third Reich.  We’ll also be playing German white power music and inspecting media reports about the nationalist  movement within Germany.

Please join VNN Broadcasting for this special media presentation.

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Media featured in this interview includes:

Faustrecht: (mp3) Deutscher Sozialismus, Die Macht Des Kapitals, Kampf Dem Kapital; Aspeckt:(WMA, 42 MB) Npd-Schule ; Frank Rennicke:(mp3)  Rote Jugendgermany.jpg


11 July, 2006

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Good article, touching on some of the things I mention in WC post. A British inventor describes British attitudes today: We like fast bucks,” he says. “Our culture admires flashes of brilliance. We don’t admire dogged development. Our culture goes against the steady pace and hard work of industry. As I said, the average Briton uses “brilliant” every third word or so, and that is a strong clue to attitude.

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11 July, 2006

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Keeping it real is the nigger version of marx/freud, the pseudo-sophisticated tracing of every White motive back to money or sex – pussy or bling for coons. Thought, books, the life of the mind – these are as foreign to the nigger troop as refraining from raping 11-year-old girls or turning down free watermelon or not casting a measuring eye at the neck of a used up hooch holder. As for jews and art, well, they don’t get much beyond painting mood smoke into the background of the stills in their Auschwitz portfolio. Anyway, a funny story about jigs be issuin’ with hochnassig mft of a particularly snooty champagne.

10 July, 2006

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fresnorape.jpg Calif. Cops: More Arrests Likely in Rape
By OLIVIA MUNOZ , 07.10.2006, 10:21 PM

Police said Monday that more arrests are likely in a rape case involving an 11-year-old girl who may have been attacked by as many as 10 men.

Two arrests have been made in the Saturday attack, and officials said they have identified eight others as persons of interest. Most or all are students at either Fresno City College or Reedley College, police said.

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10 July, 2006

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Not since the Holocaust has there been such a moral outrage…

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10 July, 2006

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Kirksville, like virtually every other non-coastal small town, seeks to grow its economy. Yet virtually the only advantage it has to offer that’s genuinely valuable to an employer is the one advantage it would rather die than boast of:


Adair County is well over 90% white, and that’s a large part of what makes it a good place to live. Everyone knows this – but none can say it! And yet our locals are attacking foreigners abroad to “defend our freedom.” Laugh, cry — how does one react to the myriad insanities of life in 21st century AmeriKwa?

10 July, 2006

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Kirksville has 17,000 people and three Mexican restaurants. Although the facts aren’t progressive enough for Kirksville Daily Express editor Greg Orear to make the connections explicit, it’s common knowledge that the local mexinvasion is already a big hassle for police. And Kirksville has very few Mexicans compared to Milan, a few miles down the road.

Meanwhile, and I don’t have the link, as it is archived and KDE has gone pay, the local Rotarians have given an award to a Mexican who owns one of the mestizo foodworks. Does he employ illegals? Did the murderer and/or victim work for him? Don’t wait up for KDE to tell you!

Local boomers could give a *(&(&( who gets raped or killed as long as they get new $$$ flowing in… We must all bow before the great god Economy.

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10 July, 2006

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For humans? Eh, not so much…


      Dear Sir

      I wish to bring to your attention the state of our country so that you can warn the World Cup soccer fans and sportsmen that will be coming to South Africa and staying here for the duration of the tournament of what they need to do to protect themselves to the best of their ability.

      We have no means at our disposal to protect our own citizens from the tremendous amount of deadly, violent and petty crime that haunts us on a daily basis.

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10 July, 2006

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KIRKSVILLE – Hundreds of people flocked to the funeral for Marine Lance Cpl. Rex A. Page Sunday to show their gratitude for the sacrifice he made.

The Kirksville Middle School gym was full of people who wanted to let the Pages know they are thinking of Rex and how he selflessly gave his life for the cause of freedom.

“Greater love hath no man than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends,” said Marine Staff Sgt. Henry Rimkvs, who spoke at the funeral. “That is the true sacrifice that Rex has done for all of us.”

Not only was the funeral full of people who were touched by Rex’s sacrifice, hundreds more showed support by standing outside the school waving American Flags.They also came out in droves to wave flags along Highway 63 for the funeral procession down to the military cemetery in Jacksonville, Mo.

I was involuntarily involved myself. Damned Iraqis took up a position behind Pancake City. I was on the way to Wal-Mart to buy some bagel-flavored rat poison when a couple rang out, and one of them actually grazed my bumper. Thank God Lance Corporal Page was there to intercede, because I was unarmed. Thank God – otherwise my baby daughter might have had to grow up without a father.

I ask, with pure heart, of anyone fluttering by, if Rex Page was defending freedom over there in Iraq, what was the guy doing who shot back?