31 January, 2008

“Antisemitism and the Catholic Right”

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Thankfully, some Catholics won’t follow the doctrine of the Jewish-friendly, post-Vatican II church:


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    1. DQ Says:

      The Jews need Christ just like everyone else. I feel they have have much to learn about the love and forgiveness which is shown to us through the words of Jesus Christ. My love for the Jewish people is what makes me want the save their souls by showing them the light of the the king of Israel. EVERYONE can take Jesus’s message of forgiveness to make this world a better place. Carrying hate and resentment in ones life is a poison and a sickness that will cause everything to suffer decay.

      Mel Gibson is an American hero and much can be learned through his personality dispalyed in his films especially “Signs” and “The Man Without a Face”.

    2. Hoosier Says:

      Carrying hate and resentment in ones life is a poison and a sickness that will cause everything to suffer decay.

      I hate the Christians who proselytize everybody and anybody. It’s not a sickness to hate such behavior, it’s normal. I suppose some Christians have to think along those lines, thinking everyone who doesn’t think like them is “sick,” in order to protect themselves from realizing what asses they make of themselves.

      Normal people don’t want to be around these Christians and their multi-cult insanity. Thanks so much to all the Christian churches for importing niggers and mystery meat of all varieties to the USA, who come here and then rob, rape, and kill. After all, “EVERYONE can take Jesus’s message of forgiveness to make this world a better place.”

      I guess the people who are the victims of the crap these types of Christians are responsible for, don’t count, eh, “Lovers of Jews?”

    3. Hoosier Says:

      From the article:

      “A deepening Catholic appreciation of the eternal covenant between God and the Jewish people, together with a recognition of a divinely-given mission to Jews to witness to God’s faithful love, lead to the conclusion that campaigns that target Jews for conversion to Christianity are no longer theologically acceptable in the Catholic Church,” an example of post-Vatican 2 thought. That sounds like something from John Hagee. Does anybody know if there are still a lot of Catholics who’ve rejected Vatican 2?

    4. Fr. John Says:

      Cork’s HATRED for Sungenis is palpable in this article, almost as if he had married a ‘shiksa goddess’ Jew as his bed mate, and was in major race denial.

      Hoosier, There are a fair amount of Catholics that have stayed true to the vision of the Church, and not the vision of Vatican II, which are diametrically opposed to it.

      This is a piece of Bolshevik-engineered, Jesuit dissemination life-destroying propaganda. Cork has sinned by ‘bearing false witness.’ IT is only the Jews who say the “Protocols” are a forgery, and they do so, for a very good reason- they want you to think they are NOT doing EXACTLY what they ARE doing!

      One MUST be an ‘anti-semite’ (as it is defined today) if one is to be a Historic, Conciliar, Scriptural Christian. Sungenis would have been canonized 150 years ago!

      No other option exists for us, actually. For, as Christ said, ‘Ye cannot serve two masters.” Today, you either serve Christ, or the Jews. Choose which, there is no neutrality.

      And serving the Jews, is what Cork is doing; bobbing (like his name) to the tune of who will pay him most. He is nothing more (or less) than a modern Judas, willing to turn in an ‘alter christus’ to the heirs of the Pharisees.

      For Christ called the jews ‘sons of their father in hell’ [John 8:44] and was crucified for it. What is HE doing to Sugenis, if not that very thing?

      Anathema sit.

    5. Hoosier Says:

      Fr. John

      I picked up the Jew hatred by Cook for Sungenis in the article,
      it seemed to be one long character assassination. if I investigated it further, I bet I’d find plenty of out-of-context smears, if not outright lies written about Sungenis, although this was the first time I’ve heard of him.

      I’m not a Christian, and despise the multi-cult type of Christian – Vatican-2 type Catholics would qualify. But I’m for “racially aware” Christians, for lack of a better word. I’m wondering how long it’ll be before the bible gets banned or branded for “hate speech.” If that happens, I hope it wakes up a heck of a lot of Christians.

    6. Hoosier Says:

      Whoops, “Cork,” not “Cook” see above ^

    7. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Catholics urgently need to read “Plot Against the Church” by ‘Maurice Pinay’. The 4th printing is available thru a bookshop in Brooklyn NY no less. It will shake then out of their jew induced sophorific lethargy.

    8. David Baker Says:

      There seems to be no end to the cycle of so-called “Anti-Semitism” claimed by the Jews. The reason being is that Jews CREATE “Anti-Semitism”. From social upheavals to financial swindles, Jews continuously place themselves in the limelight of societies, whining all the while about how they are persecuted. This play is as old as Jewry itself, and the curtain has fallen exactly in the same manner: Jews are kicked out of one more nation. If this be “Anti-Semitism”, then I stand in pretty good company, for Jews will find themselves being paraded out of THIS country sooner than they think. Not many more straws can be loaded on the back of struggling Americans.