20 January, 2008

Jewish Souvenir Vendors Angry in Rome

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They can no longer sell cheesy items in Vatican City. It seems appropriate that the Jews could ply their trade with permission in St. Peter’s Square, especially after Vatican II [1][2]:


[1] the Second Vatican Council, aka Vatican II (1962-1965) produced the infamous Nostra Aetate declaration, in which the Catholic church absolved the Jews of responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ. The Nostra Aetate declaration was Jewish-instigated: [Here]

[2] more about Jews and the church: [Here]

  • 11 Responses to “Jewish Souvenir Vendors Angry in Rome”

    1. Ein Says:

      Of the existing 113 licenses that allow souvenir selling in Rome, 112 belong to Jewish vendors.
      The “urtisti” – literally those who bump into the tourists -, deal in small plaster statues, crucifixes, rosaries and pictures of saints and Popes still nowadays.

      Absolutely amazing! Is there nothing they do not dominate? Is there nowhere they do not penetrate? Those crucifixes and rosaries bought by devout tourists at the Vatican are being sold to them by Jews!

      PS. Do I understand also that the composer Fellini was a Jew? Apparently so.

    2. Cormac Says:

      The jEwz Are Our Misfortune…


    3. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Interesting article. Imagine 112 of the 113 licenses issued to sell souvenirs in Rome belong to jews who don’t even believe in Jebo. Did they sell any souvenirs of jewus preserved in bottles of piss?

      Readers should bookmark this website that this article came from. It has equally cheesy and jewy articles that give insight into the disturbed mind of the jews and their ever present and recurrent themes of fighting bigotry, fascination/fear of Nazis and desire to control or censor every thought in the rest of the goyim world.

      There was an article about the jews creating false e-mails of presidential candidate Black Obama endorsing Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism till the cornered and besieged negro had to publicly distance himself from anti-jewy Louie.

      An article about the jews talking about their boy in France, Sarkozy.

      An article on the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has praising German Chancellor Angela Merkel (another jew) for being a “helpful friend” during the Lebanon crisis.


    4. Steve Says:

      At every point where gentiles place value in valueless sentimental objects, jews are there to profit the difference.

    5. I.B. White Says:

      “On December 8, 2007, they told us we can no longer sell within the square, but we are only asking to keep working honestly.””

      __Or else, ve’ll switch to staged car wrecks and major auto and medical insurance fraud….vith some vhite slavery on the side….”

      VE’ll SUE ve’ll SUE! Also, De Pope isn’t too big that he can’t be brought before the Vorld Court for crimes against us!”

      But, seriously, the pickpockets that followed tourists after the suckers paid the heebs were getting too greedy. Every time a heeb sold a statuette to tourists sporting a wad, he whispered into a concealed mike and the victims picked up a tail outside the gates.

      The psychologists then identified which tourists would likely stash jewels and Rolexes in their luggage, and certain hotels have well placed insiders who could open doors as needed. This racket has been refined for centuries. Is anyone surprised by what the article didn’t say?

    6. Stronza Says:

      Mr. Antisemite, why do you say that Angela Merkel is of The Persuasion? I know her family was pretty bolshevik, but her husband according to Wikipedia adores Wagner’s music. Of course maybe that doesn’t mean anything, but I am interested in where you found your information.

    7. OTPTT Says:

      Same Jews. Same problems.

      Mat 21:12-13
      (12) And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,
      (13) And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

    8. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Mr. Stonza, I may be mistaken about Merkel. I assumed that Merkel was jewish because she attends so many jewish functions and I’ve heard it mentioned here occasionally, but to tell you the truth after searching the internet I can’t seem to find any hard evidence. Maybe some of the VNNer’s can answer this question for you and me too.

    9. Hans Schneider Says:

      The worlds biggest irritants now complaining about selling souverniers in Rome.

    10. Ein Says:

      I don’t know where my mind was when I wrote “the composer Fellini.” I was thinking of Respighi. That may have confused some. Sorry. (And no, he wasn’t Jewish.)

    11. Winston Smith Says:

      So they stop acting like vampires around crosses when money is involved. Big surprise.