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30 April, 2008

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“Civil rights.” “Human rights.” Jews love to create rights out of thin air. They say that Israel has a “right to exist” (Rice mentions it in the news article below). Fact: no country on earth enjoys such a right. Countries come and go. Look at Yugoslavia: it no longer exists: [Article].

29 April, 2008

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Uh-oh: stiff-arm salutes. Could “anti-Semitism” crop up in Italy? [Article].

29 April, 2008

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The very nerve of the Iranians. It seems that they want to preserve their culture. Don’t they know that preserving your culture isn’t allowed anymore – unless you get special permission? Don’t they know that there is only a one world culture now, which is based on Jewish-produced entertainment? Can you imagine an Iran with […]

29 April, 2008

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His book “Churchill, Hitler, and The Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World” will be available in May. It will be good reading for Joe Ordinary Citizen. (Now the Jews are going to have to start a campaign to reinforce the lie that WWII – i.e., the war that […]

28 April, 2008

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28 April, 2008

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A White doctor says good riddance to Black mismanagement, which has wrecked most of South Africa ever since Blacks came to power in 1994. Of course, this is a good time to mention Jewish communist Joe Slovo and his vital role in delivering political “rights” to the S.A. negroes. (Trivia: Slovo’s wife Ruth First – […]

27 April, 2008

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Listen in at Voice of Reason Broadcast Network So where does the dollar come from? The United States government right? WRONG! The largest financial swindle in world history has been going on for almost a century right under the peoples’ noses. Did you know that Americans work 3-4 months of each year for free? Why? […]

27 April, 2008

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It’s too early to tell who will be speaking at this rally besides Paul, but it could be a good opportunity for speakers to address certain issues, such as: Israel and American foreign policy; the true nature of America’s money system; the media and who dominates it, and so forth: [Website].

27 April, 2008

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by Edgar J. Steele: [Here].

26 April, 2008

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Now, who would try to tilt the content of online encyclopedias in a certain direction? [Article].