3 May, 2008

Muslims and the Fate of Europe

Posted by Socrates in Europe, General Decline, Islam, Muslims, nation-building/nation-wrecking, Socrates at 9:45 pm | Permanent Link

A look at the Muslim threat to European culture. Note: Pipes is Jewish:


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  7. 17 Responses to “Muslims and the Fate of Europe”

    1. Wolf Says:

      I have an admittedly subjective observation:

      Daniel Pipes is a thoroughly unpleasant and irritating greasy little kike.

    2. Osama bin Laden Says:

      Its funny when Jews appeal to some European cultural romanticism when they want us to hate their regional enemies, i.e. Arabs, but go on dismantling our traditions when it comes to pursuing their ethnic group interests. Chutzpah, itz.

    3. Marwinsing Says:

      This is how kikes foment wars. Front a few ZOG-patsies, peace-beatnik types like, say, that cunt Gordon Brown in conjunction with his hideously apologetic frump race-traitor pal – she, who refuses to make white babies because she’s so damn ashamed of who she is… one Angela Merkel; and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Then shove a kike like Sarkozy in the midst to play Ace of Clubz/Joker (come on you pick) oh what a fuck up! I say after the show when the war tribunals happen (and they will) we (fill in blank space please) __________ all three of them (plus Blair and Persson and all the others) as a memento to these dark times that we live in and as a reminder to our children that this might NEVER EVER EVER happen again EVER!!!

    4. Marwinsing Says:

      Click on the Muslim Matrimonial ad on the bottom of that page, check out all the gorgeous young Cauco-race-traitor bitches… yeah Gordon Brown… Stephen Harper… Angela Merkel… Gors Persson… pigdog-swinez – see y’awl headz in Hell!

    5. John Says:

      The kikes support muslims in Europe. They were behind the Bosnian and Albanian muslims and they even bombed the Serbs for them.
      When a kike starts warning of the ‘dangers of islam’ he is speaking through his ass.

    6. ein Says:

      “The kikes support muslims in Europe. They were behind the Bosnian and Albanian muslims and they even bombed the Serbs for them.” — John

      Khazars, Arabs, Turks, Persians, Levantines, Semites, whatever you call them: They are all Asiatics. They have that much in common. Despite their various sub-divisions, they can basically identify with each other. And regardless of a certain on-going family squabble over a piece of real estate in the Middle East, they still understand one another and feel comfortable with each other more so than they do with us.

    7. -jc Says:

      An interesting assertion by Carpenter: “Their… lower IQ and higher testosterone level makes them criminal, like Blacks. ”

      I’m not necessarily disputing the claim but would like to see some evidence other anecdotes and personal experience.

    8. -jc Says:

      Someone suggested that Ms. Merkel has Jewish roots. Any evidence of that claim?

      “Speaking at the American Jewish Committee (AJC) annual meeting in Washington, German Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced Iran and the Palestinian militant group Hamas for questioning Israel’s right to exist.

      “‘The right of existence of the state of Israel must never be questioned,’ Merkel said at a gala event in Washington celebrating the 100th anniversary of the influential American Jewish Committee. ‘This is why it is intolerable for any German government when the Iranian president questions the right of Israel’s existence.’

      “She was referring to stepped up anti-Israeli rhetoric by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last fall [always quoted out of context], who has called for Israel to be ‘wiped off the map.’ Merkel also said that Tehran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

      “The German chancellor, who was joined at the event by US President Bush and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, also recalled the horrors of the Holocaust and pledged that her country would remain committed to fighting anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia.”

    9. ein Says:

      “Someone suggested that Ms. Merkel has Jewish roots. Any evidence of that claim?”

      I’ve seen no evidence of it. I don’t claim to know, of course, but I rather doubt it.
      The fact is that Germany has to grovel. Sixty-three years after the war’s end, US troops are still there to ensure that. Just because a German politician grovels, doesn’t mean he/she is Jewish.

    10. Lyn Says:

      I feel so sorry for White Europeans. I don’t know who fooled those countries into thinking they owe a place of sanctuary or safety to those filthy Arabs and Africans. Then again it’s probably the same kind of bastard thinking that convinces some Americans that we owe blacks welfare or reparations.

      I lived for 2 years in Spain – in 1997 and 1998. Back then they didn’t have much of a problem. It’s sad now to read how things are there. I lived for a year in France in 1999 and in Paris and Lyon they have a permanent African and Arab underclass. They have drop-out kids with loud rap music, they have crime, they have everything bad that you might associate with Detroit or Baltimore right there in Paris and Lyon. I spent a lot of time in Belgium and the Netherlands and those places have problems with the coloreds, too. I hate to see that the homelands of our ancestors is being invaded.

      Of course, it’s worse here in the US. I’m in a hell of a mood tonight. Which I could say something positive, but there ain’t anything positive about this.

    11. abc Says:

      The only positive side of immigration is that many whites see first hand what low IQ scum the coloured really are. We’re far from romantic accounts with those camel fuckers.

    12. abc Says:


      “An interesting assertion by Carpenter: “Their… lower IQ and higher testosterone level makes them criminal, like Blacks. ”
      I’m not necessarily disputing the claim but would like to see some evidence other anecdotes and personal experience.”

      Why not check an IQ map and see where Morocco stands? Then draw your conclusions as to whether they have much nigger blood or not, the Muslim heroes. Nigger blood means low IQ, high testosterone, I hope we agree on this.

    13. Wolf Says:

      IQ and the Wealth Of Nations

      IQ Map
      Arabs clock in at 85 – 90 IQ… Kwan negro territory.

    14. ein Says:

      That’s a very interesting map! However, on closer inspection, I have to wonder if it only applies to aboriginal populations. Australia has one of the two lowest scores in the world! And the entire Western Hemisphere (all rated the same) is equivalent to North Africa and India. At best, it can only be an averaging, which gives North America a lower score than any part of Europe.

      Regarding Morocco, it has black and white elements — both races — just like the USA . I think what they’ve used here, on this map, is a composite. (What IQ score is considered a “typical” American?) In Morocco, though, miscegenation has gone much further than the US — more like Brazil. During approximately the time that was the early Renaissance in Europe, explorations were mounted and routes were opened across the Sahara . Also, Portuguese ships went exploring down the coast. Negroes from below the Sahara were imported into Morocco in large numbers as slaves and as soldiers for the sultans’ armies. Today the coastal, lowland populations are largely miscegenated, but the population [Berbers] in the high mountain areas remains overwhelmingly white.

      So the question, “What is a Moroccan?” is much like what could be asked about a typical American. From the coastal regions: they’re mixed. From the highlands: generally white (though Berbers have their own distinctive ethnic look).

    15. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Lyn, absolutely right. Let’s overcome frustration and channel our anger into action. Posting on vnn is a start.

    16. tennyson Says:

      here is a little bit of multi-cult fun to make your blood boil….
      scroll down to the one about the crippled guy in school.

      these people need to be kicked out or killed(worked to death preferably).

      muslims suck….islam is the foul sibling of the other two hostage-taking religions from the middle east.
      too bad Metzgers “evil” skinheads didn’t find this fucker first.
      If you see a Somali tell them to get the fuck out!!
      I’d like to introduce this pedophile worshiping nigger to my friend Felix….he’s 95 pounds of hostile dog….germn shepprd…..
      not keen on non-whites….

    17. tennyson Says:

      not to rob VNN of thier deserved glory but the link just posted goes to one of the best sites for WN….enjoy.