23 October, 2008

No-Go Zones in U.S.

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Certain cities in Europe have neighborhoods that civil employees – e.g., cops, firefighters – can’t enter, due to potential violence from the non-Whites who live there. These so-called “no-go” zones have now appeared in America:


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    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Typical LIBERAL spin……The violence is not due to the niggers, of course, it’s all the cops’ fault. Yup, blame everybody but the ones responsible, at least if they’re non-White. We’ve all seen the old black and white news footage of Watts and Newark burning in the 60s, until Jew-invented Civil Rights and Michael / Martin King rode to the rescue. I guess the problem of Negro violence has nothing to do with Whitey’s “racism” or the lack of “civil rights” for Negroes after all.

    2. ajiarcher Says:

      No go zones are nothing new, they’ve been with us for a long time. The socalled authorities just don’t like to admit it.

    3. Vaultner Says:

      I don’t know about Mail delivery, but I think Camden NJ has areas the cops have stayed out of for years.

      It’s interesting to note that the major advocates of gun restrictions are also the major champions of civil rights mostly the Social Democrats.

      It’s almost like they play the Devils advocate force us to accept these animals into our midst, & thereby guilt of association, & knowing the muds they defend can’t handle the responsibility of gun ownership we Whites somehow become equally irresponsible.

      On a sideline & I would argue it as a point of tyranny; When several years ago one man drank too much alchohol got in his car & took out a school bus full of children, the DUI laws quickly came into being, for the most part I agree with them. However one mans actions punished an entire society.

      Yet when a nigger commits the all too frequent criminal acts against us Whites, are they all criminalized? No. We hear endless excuses of “poor upbringing”, “disenfranchised”, etc. “Disenfranchised”? If they miss having a grass hut on the Serengeti & a bone in their nose lets send them all back right now.

      The point of tyranny; blind justice is supposed to be meted exactly that way blind. No picking & choosing by the government to manipulate us & in fact disenfranchising the White Europeans on this continent.

      In my opinion; the masses of Whites are being punished by these aristocrats once by forcing sub human’s into our midst & there again for accepting them. All the while denying race as an issue & creating a huge class gap, as well as creating not a melting pot but a pressure cooker. This is population control; by dumping these idiot mud races into our society they have created a nation of fools.

      On top of that they are literally taxing us to death & it’s only just begun. As Marie Antoinette said, “let them eat cake” I hear them essentially saying in Washington. I wonder if the French have any room in their Bastille & a useable guillotine for our wonderful politicians?

    4. Robert Says:

      [Quote]Jones says someone from the post office told her they were going to put a cluster box for mail at the corner of 152nd and Marshfield. But she says that’s not a good idea. [/Quote]

      A “Cluster Bomb” would be a better idea…


    5. sgruber Says:

      Whites need no-go zones of our own. In other words, a White nation.

      Death to the jews.

    6. Z.O.G. Says:

      “No-go” zones or “Ne-gro” zones?

      LOL :-)

    7. RoastedKikes Says:

      We should force Jews to deliver mail in these areas.

    8. zoomcopter Says:

      I agree with sgruber, we need no-go areas of our own. I would imagine there are a few places, like that, up in the hills of West Virginia. No wonder the late William Pierce liked living there.

    9. Cgauze Says:

      Jesus Chirst, savior and ethnic Jew, loves all his children. There are bad cultures out there but this racisim is just as wrong. Meet Blacks, Jews, Arabs, etc and search for their soul. See how they were created in God’s image just like you. How can you claim to love a God you never seen when you cannot love your own brothers who you do see?

    10. Susan Says:

      Cgauze: Who the hell is claiming to love a God here??? Wtf? I think you’re on the wrong website buddy.

      Cluster bomb!!! Bwahahahaha…..funny stuff.

      Yep, no go zones are all about niggers. There are NO areas where anyone cannot walk down the street safely day or night that are in even the worst White areas. NONE. NOT ONE. NADA. There never has been a no go zone in a White area. They are mostly in nigger areas, and now there are some in areas mostly inhabited by spics too.

      I know here in the Atlanta area, there are areas down in the city, such as the area on Jonesboro Road inside 285 where no one in his or her right mind would get out of their car and walk down the street alone, day or night. The worst nigger savages live down there in what we used to call Jonesboro North and Jonesboro South housing projects.

      Twenty five years ago when I first moved over here I used to actually have to go into those Section 8 Housing Projects ALONE as a social worker. It was right at the beginning of the drug wars here in Atlanta, and right about the time when the niggers seem to discover their savage roots. I didn’t stay in that job long, and left for what was back then mostly White Clayton County, which of course is now mostly nigger Clayton County.

      One of the worst nigger on White crimes occurred back then down in that area when jew Julie Love ran out of gas and got out of her car to walk. This was, of course, before cell phones. She was soon picked up by a carful of savage niggers who cleaned her bank account out via the ATM, raped, and took her out in the woods and shot her executive style.

      All of southwest and southeast Atlanta are no go zones for Whites. I’m way north of the city.

    11. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “The worst nigger savages live down there”

      Where do the best nigger savages live?

    12. gw Says:

      “One of the worst nigger-on-White crimes occurred back then down in that aream [was] when jew Julie Love ran out of gas and got out of her car to walk…”

      You mean Julie Lieb? Oh! But but did they learn a single thing from it?… No!

      That is an absolute requisitite here: they must have integretion.
      They MUST HAVE integration!!!

    13. Arch Stanton Says:

      “Twenty five years ago when I first moved over here I used to actually have to go into those Section 8 Housing Projects ALONE as a social worker.” Interesting to see such a posting here on VNN. I have long noted the very best teacher is the reality one suffers when they are exposed to the actual results of all those lofty ideals held by jewish egalitarian socialist theorists. We once had a neighbor who frequently bragged about how he worked in the ghettos and the fine, upstanding, Negroes he worked and associated with when he lived in one of the densely, urban blighted areas of Milwaukee. It was interesting to note however that at the time I knew him, he lived in the purest of pure white neighborhood environments on the Olympic Peninsula, A place that is about as far away as one can hope relocate away from those golden Negro hordes whom he often lauded.

    14. Chris Says:

      “The worst nigger savages live down there”

      Where do the best nigger savages live?

      A: In Africa, to where we should give them a one-way ticket!

    15. Susan Says:

      Actually, my post should have read “execution style” not “executive style”. Not sure what executive style would be……

      To Arch: I have been racially aware for a number of years. I posted on VNNF for over a year and now post on several other websites. I attended the second Knoxville rally and would have attended the first but I was sick. I would love to do more activism, but there are very few people who are willing to speak out in public. As you all well know.

      I AM actually, though, rather unusual for a former state employee, and a social worker, and sociology major (totally worthless major). While quite a few of my former White friends and acquaintances felt some of the things I felt and knew to be true about niggers, no one felt exactly as I did or do, certainly not to the extent that I do.

      Of course, while they would never have admitted such feelings, I would not be surprised if they did actually think those things to themselves and were just too afraid to admit either having those thoughts or admit those thoughts to others. But, I was certainly a pariah when employed by the state. The Agency Director of the last state job I held for fourteen years was actually a jew dyke who took great joy out of firing me because I wouldn’t put out shitty nigger style work. They were turning that agency into a totally nigger agency.

      Needless to say I left behind a lot of people who hated me. I had a blast……bwahaha.

    16. Vaultner Says:

      Cgauze, GO F.Y.S.

    17. Zarathustra Says:

      A liberal, touchy-feely guy like Cgauze doesn’t have the intellectual or rhetorical ammunition to sustain his arguments.

    18. gw Says:

      Cgauze says: “Jesus Chirst, savior and ethnic Jew, loves all his children. …How can you claim to love a God you never seen when you cannot love your own brothers who you do see?”

      Is this silly question supposed to be a logical argument?
      Let me ask in return: What is lovable about them when they cannot even manage to love each other?

    19. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “See how they were created. . .”

      As in observe? Observation is the starting point of science.
      Observation got us here. Especially observation of behavior. . .

    20. Cpt. Candor Says:

      As the country continues to slide downhill and it starts hitting large sections of the populace hard, expect the shitskin inhabitants of these decaying slums to look for a central target to blame. The grumbling Whites may blame Bush, or the Federal Reserve, or the Banks, or whatever, but I bet my left nut that the semi-literate talking animals that have been multiplying like rabbits over the years are going to heap all the blame right on top of the Hated Honkey, the easiest and most visible target for them, and THEN things will get dangerously interesting.

    21. Zarathustra Says:

      Captain, I think you are right. Just look how close many large Negro slums are located to affluent White areas. It would not take much effort for a Planet of the Apes scenario to happen.

    22. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      See judge Karen, planet of apes judge:


    23. Zarathustra Says:

      I posted a comment on JewTube that she looks more like a defendant than a judge.

    24. gw Says:

      Judge Karen?
      Isn’t that the mark of a depraved society entering its decadent phase? A society approaching collapse? ………
      When you can no longer tell the difference between the judges and the defendants? Between the policemen and the perps? Between the professors and the pupils? Between the psychiatrists and the lunatics? Between the jailers and the inmates? Between the clergy and the sinners? Between the statesmen and the traitors?

    25. gw Says:

      Judge Karen …. Oy!

    26. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Civilizaton is discrimination- making distinctions. Anti-distinction is anti-discrimination.

      90% of being conscious involves comparing one thing to another, that is, discriminating. Since discrimination is illegal, it means being conscious is illegal. Civilization is illegal. Being alive is illegal. Rationality is illegal.

      Niggers, mexicans, and jews are legal. Hell is legal.

    27. Fr. John Says:

      Cgauze says: “Jesus Chirst, savior and ethnic Jew, loves all his children. …How can you claim to love a God you never seen when you cannot love your own brothers who you do see?”

      What a pile. Christ was no Jew, as ‘Jews’ did not even EXIST until roughly seven HUNDRED YEARS after the Romans dispersed the JUDEANS from JUDEA. (the two words are not syntactically related, if by meaning one, you use the other). Jesus was a GALILEAN, for He came from Galilee.

      Who are God’s Children? NOT ALL MEN: for not all men are ADAM’s line.
      cf. My columns http://thewhitechrist.wordpress.com/2008/01/01/all-men-die-for-in-that-all-men-sin-in-adam/

      Finally, ‘Who is my brother?’ NOt the NEgro, or the Jew. One’s brother, according to the Greek and Hebrew, are THOSE OF ONE’S GENETIC FAMILY.

      Please, let this sort of faulty theology die the death it deserves.

    28. Zarathustra Says:

      Friar John, I have to admit that you and the woodworking monk have the patience of a saint…………………..

      “Judge Karen”, indeed. We used to have REAL Judges like John Marshall and Learned Hand. Clearly our White North American civilization is in its death throes. “Here come da judge!!!!” used to be a Flip Wilson joke, for crying out loud.

    29. Howdy Doody Says: