20 May, 2009


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by Dr. William Pierce.


‘Terrorism’ and ‘terrorist’ have been the most-used words on television and in the other controlled news media recently. We’ve heard over and over about al-Quaeda terrorism and Iraqi terrorism and Palestinian terrorism — especially about Palestinian terrorism during the past week, with the Bush government repeatedly demanding that Yasser Arafat arrest every Palestinian designated as a ‘terrorist’ on a list given to him by Israel. But we haven’t heard anything about Israeli terrorism or about U.S. terrorism: not even a word. The controlled news media in America would have us believe that the governments of Israel and the United States don’t engage in terrorism.

So how do we decide what is terrorism and what isn’t? Is terrorism what individuals or small groups do when they’re angry at a government, but what governments do is legitimate warfare or self-defense or something else other than terrorism?”

The rest is [Here]. (For the audio version, go [Here] and scroll down to 12-22-2001).

  • One Response to “Labels”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      Other buzz-words used by the Jewsmedia to condition the GOYIM to think a certain way would include: “hard-liners”, “extremists”, “militants”, “opponents of abortion/gay/undocumented immigrants’ rights”, “anti gun-control forces”, “isolationists”, “fundamentalists”, “protectionists”, “vigilantes” and “anti choice advocates”. I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep some tattered remants of my sanity after all those decades of relentless Jew brain-washing, but once you’re de-programmed, you usually stay that way for good.