19 July, 2009

Global Money for Global Man

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Brown Man

In the future, there will be no White people. The world will be full of brown men, as envisioned by the Jews and the globalists (above: UNESCO’s faceless, featureless, one-size-fits-all Brown Man). Those men will need money to buy Jew-approved goods and services, right? Right. Trivia: UNESCO was co-founded by a Jew named Rene Cassin:


  • 10 Responses to “Global Money for Global Man”

    1. Justin Huber Says:

      Why do all these crappy, internationalist ideas get started in Russia? Just curious.

    2. Blackshirt Says:

      Justin, I hope you read up on that “currency”… it looks like it was developed in Western Europe and minted in Belgium. From what I read in the article, Medvedev appears to be using this as a way to undercut the US by further weakening the dollar. This particular world currency scheme doesn’t appear to be a Russian invention.

      Looking at this from a strictly anti-ZOG viewpoint, I believe the weaker the dollar the better. Undoubtedly this hurts all of us living here in the Jew SA, but we unfortunately have to suffer along with the parasites who have latched themselves onto us.

    3. Mega Therion Says:

      Maybe when the dollar is worth a tenth of a penny..MAYBE then whites will wake up.

      But don’t count on it. They’ll take their wheelbarrow to see the latest Jew “entertainment” or nigger ballgame.

    4. Lutjens Says:

      “Russia’s proposals for the G-20 meeting in London in April included the creation of a supranational currency. ”

      I am curious why these people have any business giving any economic proposals for the whole world. Obviously the Bolsheviks and their Jude kommisars have done nothing but wreck the global economy. Medvedev appears to be a crypto-kike. The diversity horseshit is a definite giveaway as to who is behind this.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Supranational currency = worthless tokens exchangeable at the plantation shop for Chinese junk.

      The assembled scum at the L’Aquila ass-kissing ceremonies all had strained smiles on their guilty faces as if they were thinking of knifing each other in the back.

      The real purpose of such a currency is to strip us of our remaining wealth and funnel it to breeding up more muds.

    6. Parsifal Says:

      Once again, Blackshirt has nailed it. Russia is simply trying to check the US’s hegemonic influence around the world. And who can blame them for that? US-backed NATO is trying to surround Russia with hostile puppet states, the CIA destabilizes former Soviet Republics with those “color” revolutions and Washington is always trying to boss Russia around and make it look weak in the eyes of the world. Besides, I for one think having more US dollars in circulation outside the US than inside it is a bad thing.

    7. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      they won’t get their “Jew World Order” (@ least: in nothing like the form they have been hoping for!)….the i-net has “seen off” those hubristic “plans”…..but……..what they almost certainly WILL get is a global race war……between white people & mud people…..especially between white people & jewz/niggaz……particularly in the US (which has the largest population of kikez on the planet….my “guess” is some-where in the vicinity of 30mlln!)…..else-where: it will, most likely, be between whites & niggers of various “hues”……. what emerges from the rubble & ruins of THAT……wtf knows?!?…..my “guess” is our traditional white home-lands (Europe, Nrth America, Australasia) re-conquered & re-claimed…..possibly: the former Rhodesia & Sth Africa “thrown in” as a bonus…….and protected from the mud hordes of darkness by a “Maginot Line” of “electronic detectors”, huge mine-fields, bunker complexes & massive, lenghty walls with automatic gun-turrets every 50metres or so…”backed up” by armoured columns of the l8st tanks, dozens of squadrons of helicopter gun-ships & the l8st fighter-bombers….ready to descend on any nigga encroachment @ a moment’s “notice” & obliterate it from existence in two seconds flat!

    8. Justin Huber Says:

      I’ll be the first to admit that our own banking system is a scam, but I can’t get too enthused about a “global” currency idea being pushed by the Russians.

    9. Jon Says:

      “In the future, there will be no White people. The world will be full of brown men, as envisioned by the Jews and the globalists ”

      They can “envision” that all they want, but their sinister plan will fail. Just like other best laid plans for conquest and subjegation throughout have failed or did not work out anywhere near according to plan.

      I don’t know how or when the White race will prevail–but we will. We will!

      It will not be a conventional war, fighting their overwhelming police and military might in a series of on-going battles. It will be a clandestine operation, where these hostile elites, i.e., Big Jews, white liberal race traitors, etc., will be identified and liquidated by an elite, very well-equipped and organized, very dedicated team of White special forces, who can not be bought-off or compromised, who in one fell swoop, will dispatch these monsters so quickly and efficiently, they won’t know what hit them nor have time to respond.

      I truly believe that.


    10. Susan Says:

      God, I hope you’re right Jon. That probably will be our only hope. ‘Cause I know Sally Soccermom and Joe Sixpack aren’t going to do a damn thing to save our race or country.