27 December, 2009

Another Muslim Fails His Mission

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Sarah Goldpoop, Zionist activist and dual-citizenship-holder, says: “Well, I don’t care what Richard Reid said. Muslims hate America because we have such great deals on toilet products. Where else can you buy an enema with an extra rectal nozzle and two solution bags for only 89 cents? They’re just jealous.” [1]:


[1] convicted “shoe bomber,” Richard Reid, who was arrested in December 2001 for trying to blow up an American passenger jet, was angry at America over its pro-Israel policies in the Middle East. A quote from Reid about America can be found [Here]

  • 6 Responses to “Another Muslim Fails His Mission”

    1. Walter Duranty Says:

      He gets on board with C4 explosive and there’s no larger plot?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      One Black guy chimps out on a plane and now millions of docile, law-abiding White passengers will have to put up with yet more bullshit “safety” regulations as a result. Stay in your seat, hands folded, raise your hand to go to the bathroom. Who needs it? I’ll just use nigger-run AMTRAK to go to Poughkepsie instead.

    3. Arminius Says:

      Isn’t it curious- nineteen Muslims succeeded to turn the mighty USA upside down (to the applause of some Jews in NY) but now all “terrorists” Al’Quaida delivers are dismal failures!
      Anybody with a smattering of knowledge about explosives dismisses the possibility of blowing up an airliner by hiding a few ounces of gunpowder or jelly in his own shoes.
      People who believe such BS can be regarded as idiots.
      This British subject Reid must an idiot himself, telling just everything DHS, police, prosecutors, courts, jew media want to hear.
      His case drags on now for years on end and appears again and again like the Loch Ness monster from the depths. And his mad tales are duly disseminated to all and sundry. Why, if the facts are so evident as we are told?
      It seems we reached with the nigger from Nigeria another low of scare mongering. Still it has not been revealed what type of explosive he had fumbled with- it makes you think why- perhaps it was only a cigarette lighter? Air travellers are, because of incessant fear propaganda, so frightened, that some silly play of the said Nigerian nigger could have caused the panic on board. Result: More scares, skillfully exploited by all jew media.
      They must be confident to command a mayority believing them.

    4. Michael Mavros Says:

      Here in Europe the news said he had 80 grams of PETN, otherwise called Pentaerythriltetranitrate.

    5. Not for a Minute Says:

      Fake b.s., timed for the holidays for maximum exposure. Stupid people doing stupid things and getting caught. No way would a legit terrorist operation do something like what we are seeing. This is all theater to help Big Jew push new “restrictions” through the maze in DC and tighten the noose around Whitey’s neck.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think you made a very good observation, NFAM. I doubt that Nigerian brutha was part of any sophisticated and largely imaginary “Al Qaeda Global Terrorist Network”. But those Arabs and Negroes are kind of dumb. I mean, flying a hijacked jet into the thick, steel-reinforced concrete walls of the Pentagon? Did those 9/11 hijackers really think such an act would cause any serious damage to a building like that?