31 January, 2010

Arizona: Taxing Whites to Pay for Cultural Marxism

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You don’t have a problem with the school district spending $1 billion of your tax dollars on racial con-games like desegregation, do you? Because if you do, that’s racism. Ask any rabbi.


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    1. virgil Says:

      after the liberation of the west, there will be no income tax, no public education and no unions, as well as no kikes and no groids. problems solved!

    2. Kuda Bux Says:

      There will be more public education, and less government schooling. Less=zero.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      What is the lever which with they move our common sense?

      I think it is “love.”

      If we love our black and brown brothers, we will not even want to excel them in academics!

      We will lower ourselves to their level, all out of “love.” We will welcome them to our schools, regardless of the results.

      Why is “love” so important?

      Because of a certain first-century mind-infection, which says that God lowered Himself in order to suffer and die, because he loved us so much, and had to appease his own wrath against us.

      If we do not ourselves offer such self-sacrificing love to others, they say, we oppose God and are not doing as He did.

      Sometimes I am pulled to Christianity, but when I sit back and really look at it, I think that it is the very root of our malaise.

      For the last hundred years or so, it has morphed into a kind of liberalism (because no evidence was found of its supposed “historical” events, upon which the whole scheme is based) but the root is still the same.

    4. blackwatch Says:

      Actually while I share your disdain for modern”Christianity” it is not today what it was orginally. The truths involved have been altered, reinterpreted just like much like everything else in the white nations. By the same group, but you dare not mention who that is.
      If you really desire truth you will find it, although you will have to look deeply into your past to find it.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Antagonistes, it sounds like you want to believe in something higher and greater than yourself. That’s very noble, but just don’t slip back into the tar-pits of Christ-insanity! There are no answers to be found there, no spiritual succor, only confusion, fear, guilt and shame! Venerate Nature instead. Or look into Zoroastrianism, the noble religion that Xianity is a cheap, shabby rip-off of. Nature, Beauty, Truth….That’s the real Holy Trinity.

      I don’t know what it’s going to take for Whites to realize that most Black and Brown people have no intellectual curiosity or self-discipline and therefore will NEVER be able to compete with Whites. Any colored kid who shows even a tiny interest in science or math is always instantly attacked by his comrades for “acting White”. They just don’t care about anything except living in the moment and satisfying their crude animal urges. Let’s just accept that glaringly obvious fact, already.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      And the only reason that Orientals score higher on IQ tests than Whites is because the Oriental has an efficient, insect-like mentality. But there is no room for creativity, imagination or individuality in the Oriental mind. It’s like a computer that can perform calculations and equations faster than an Occidental mind can, but cannot create or imagine anything. The Oriental regards himself as nothing more than a soldier ant or worker ant in a giant ant-colony. White people are not nearly so regimented, mechanical and submissive to authority.

      The Oriental mind also excells at imitation. The Orientals have an excellent ability to imitate or copy, like machines, whatever the White Man invents. So, if there were no such thing as the White Race, the Orientals would still be living in a world with a medieval level of technology and no hope of ever advancing beyond that.

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Yes, the White man creates, the Oriental miniaturizes it, the Jew ego-trips with it, and the Negro screws it up.

      In general.

    8. wes Says:

      Orientals come to america to get their education at white learning instituionsbecause white civilization is superior to oriental civilization. if orientals were smarter, they would stay home to be educated.

      Hitler’s book Mein Kampf reads:

      If beginning today all further Aryan influence on Japan should stop, assuming that Europe and America should perish, Japan’s present rise in science and technology might continue for a short time; but even in a few years the well would dry up, the Japanese special character would gain, but the present culture would freeze and sink back into the slumber from which it was awakened seven decades ago by the wave of Aryan culture. Therefore, just as the present Japanese development owes its life to Aryan origin, long ago in the gray past foreign influence and foreign spirit awakened the Japanese culture of that time. The best proof of this is furnished by the fact of its subsequent sclerosis and total petrifaction. This can occur in a people only when the original creative racial nucleus has been lost, or if the external influence which furnished the impetus and the material for the first development in the cultural field was later lacking.

    9. bill Says:

      I noticed while reading the comments the folks in Tucson posted about that article, that most seemed to be white and have similar thoughts about the colossal waste of money to try and edumacate muds.
      I also noticed that almost all of them in one way or another, some as outright disclaimers and others more subtle, put in the old, “but I’m not racist” BS that has kept the white race from being honest and admitting their natural instincts and observations are correct and that it’s about race.

    10. virgil Says:

      marxism will be obliterated!

    11. Coup D'Etat Says:

      “In 1978, U.S. District Judge William Frey determined that just nine schools had vestiges of the old system that split black and Anglo students, or still showed some effects of past segregation. He ordered the district to begin desegregation efforts.”

      This is a prime example how jews gain federal power by being in an a federal position. What is a federal judge anyway to tell States how to portion out the Whites and Non-Whites in school districts? This has nothing to do with safety, nothing to do with discrimination, and is therefore unconstitutional. Whites and non-Whites simply don’t want to live in the same neighborhood. That’s not unconstitutional. Non-Whites commit more crimes than Whites. Whites want safer neighborhoods and schools. Putting them together doesn’t make it safe which the federal governement and state governments are obligated to provide.

      We can see how the jews spend and spend money running up the deficit. They gain prime positions and abuse our laws while abusing expenditures in the name of segregation or discrimination when there is a reason for segregation and no evidence of discrimination.

      Jews are the main problem why America is going broke, and they are main reason the U.S. has a huge problem with non-White crimes, reverse discrimination, jews violating laws of nature, and jews’ conspicuously hidden agenda in committing genocide upon Whites and the White social structure.

    12. Coup D'Etat Says:


      Do you have proof that socrates is a kike? If you don’t, shut the fuck up!

    13. Ein Says:

      “In 1978, U.S. District Judge William Frey determined that just nine schools had vestiges of the old system that split black and Anglo students…”

      Judge Frey [Frei] …. A Jewish name, I would say. A typical “chosen” name of the early 1800s, the Jewish emancipation, the Haskalah. It’s unlikely anyone but a Jew would have a name like Frei (free). I don’t care what his religion may be today (if any at all), but there’s almost certainly a Jewish background there. These trouble makers came pouring into America after their failed revolution of 1848 (directed by Karl Marx from London). And then 40 years later from more of their same anarchistic turmoil in Russia.

      Some puzzled gentile might say, “So what? What’s his religion got to do with it?” — (the standard naive response). Well, religion has NOTHING to do with it; but the revolutionary background is relevant in these red-diaper babies because it shows up in decisions like this —even generations later. Always softening up the host population, the better for Jewish control. They never change that diaper!

    14. Socrates Says:

      Coup D’Etat Says: “Gremlin, Do you have proof that socrates is a kike? If you don’t, shut the fuck up!”

      Alex sets VNN policy re: comments, just like he sets all VNN policy. This “gremlin” guy – who has used at least 3 different screennames – violated the comment policy, in a big way, and was banned. Now, according to him, that makes me a “Jew.” It’s almost funny…

    15. Ein Says:

      Some people don’t know how to behave!

    16. George Washington Says:

      If you understand Bernie Madoff, you understand the Bible, you understand Jesus Christ and you understand the Catholic Church. Bernie Madoff did magic tricks too; problem was, they weren’t real. Does anybody want their money back?

      P.S. The same people who wrote the Bible are working on Hollywood screenplays now. Does anybody want their money back?

    17. Antagonistes Says:

      ‘If you understand Bernie Madoff, you understand the Bible’–that is priceless!

    18. Antagonistes Says:

      Furthermore, the tithing schemes that churches promote (“Give us 10% of your income, and you will see your own income grow!”) is in the same Madoff spirit.