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13 September, 2014

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Everything’s political today. Even food is political. You can thank Jews for that – after all, who’s been pushing “diversity” and “inclusivity” for the past century? [1]. [Article]. [1] the U.S. government now practices diversity and inclusivity as official policy. This really began in the F.D. Roosevelt and Truman administrations, e.g., a Jew, Assistant Secretary […]

31 January, 2010

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You don’t have a problem with the school district spending $1 billion of your tax dollars on racial con-games like desegregation, do you? Because if you do, that’s racism. Ask any rabbi. [Article].

19 December, 2009

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Hymie Goldsilverdiamond, president of Jews Eagerly Working to Destroy Everything White (JEWDEW), says: “That’s the funny thing about race: sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn’t! You just never know from one day to the next…” [Article].

27 March, 2009

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First, HUD houses in nice, White neighborhoods, and now, special set-aside homes for inkspots in Dallas. Why isn’t it a crime to ruin a neighborhood? – for example, in a “racially diverse” area you are less safe; your home progressively loses its value; fear of crime impacts your mental well-being. (Why not thank Jewish congressman […]

24 July, 2008

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It began 60 years ago. How are you going to “celebrate” the anniversary of it? By the way, a Jewess named Anna M. Rosenberg was a key player in that desegregation project: [Article].