30 January, 2010

Gentile Fights Jewish Abortion Industry with a Gun, Loses

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What’s the difference between “late-term abortion” and “murder”? There’s no real difference in the physical sense, because those abortions are performed “post-viability,” meaning that the fetus is an actual baby when it’s aborted, i.e., it can survive outside of the womb:


A mention of Jews and the abortion industry (scroll down to “The Abortion Business”): [Here]. More: [Here].

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  7. 11 Responses to “Gentile Fights Jewish Abortion Industry with a Gun, Loses”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Bush, Obama and the US Congress are all responsible for the deaths of over a million innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians. But those murders were committed in the name of “fighting Terror”, so it’s no big deal. But when one right to life guy shoots and kills an abortionist because that abortionist was killing babies who were about to be born, well sir, that’s murder and it’s an unforgivable crime.

      Just a thought here to all of the conservative patriotard types who say that violence doesn’t work: The execution of that late-term abortionist means that there are now virtually no more late-term abortionists left working anywhere in the US. And it’s doubtful that there will ever be many, if any, such abortionists working in this country ever again.

    2. Lee Luttrell Says:

      You can blame the courts…..

      You can blame the government…..

      You can blame Jew Ideology…..

      I blame these piece of shit Preachers in these piece of shit churches.

      If the Protestants and the Catholics would of stuck together on this issue, this would of never happened!!!

    3. V. Says:

      I mean, sure, the culture of abortion is awful, but if a woman is so degenerate that she doesn’t feel her child needs life, or won’t conceive it within a healthy marital relationship in the first place, doesn’t she deserve to not procreate?… I think it’s not really the abortions but the lifestyles of today’s women that are the problem.

      There was a portent just now as I was writing the above — a lightning and a thunderclap right above me, while it is *snowing* — proving I have an interesting point.

    4. virgil Says:

      abortion is a blessing when practiced by non-whites; it is an abomination when used by our people. after the liberation of the west, it will be performed only in cases of rape, incest, miscegenation, and valid medical reason.

    5. Irma Grese Says:

      Nothing at all wrong with abortion AS LONG AS it is jews or muds being aborted. But healthy Aryan babies? WRONG, and should be punished by death!

    6. J.E.D. Says:

      When you think about what Roeder did to Tiller it really was no different than what Tiller was doing for a career…….. killing the undesirable, only Roeder didn’t charge.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      What bothers me about the “pro-lifers” is once the baby is born, they no longer give a shit about it. The right-to-life crowd seems to only care about preserving the lives of embryos and people in permanently vegetative states like Teri Schiavo. Typical Christian idiocy.

    8. J.E.D. Says:

      White people will only care about each other when they start seeing children NOT a liabilities but assets who take care of them when they’re older, which was the cultural standard of the west before numb fucking feminism took root in white women’s souls during and after the counter culture revolution led by jewish conspirators aided by the talmudic media, whose revolution continues today in all media, stormfront.org once thought as a media alternative to the judaic media menace is swarmed with neo-feminists who conveniently have their own special forum to rant about their fantastical oppression and bash white men using the talmudic created word “misogynist” as cover for their hatred of masculinity, abortion is feminism and feminism is the means to an end, to break up the family unit. period.

    9. bill Says:

      the pro lifers care after the baby is born. What does that mean?
      How is a PLs caring going to make a difference in the life of someone elses kid? Everyone has to take care of their own kids. And a lot of PL groups, some through churches provide help and care for many years. And of course there is the govt. to help when people are in need.
      The thing about Teri Schiavo is not about Christians, though they may feel like vanguards here, but about many who see a ‘slippery slope’ when it comes to doctors killing people. You know that’s where it will go. Someday, they fear, politically incorrect thinkers may be put out of their misery for their own good of course. People like us. There are many many people who would not only not object to our being put down, but it would be cheered. And that’s now. Just wait till it becomes policy white guys.
      Tiller the babies and Kervorkian the old.

    10. bill Says:

      white people will care about each other, only when we are so outnumbered that the non-whites finally just start killing us for sport, maybe on crazy tv shows. Only when the threat is that much in your face, will we fight back. Oh, some will before that, but only a few. They will be turned nto the nigger police by the other whites. Only when there is full public admittance that we are in deep shit, will we fight back. And then, with no whites betraying those who dare to fight, we will kick the crap out of the rest of the world. All we need is a few hundred thousand as long as we are all on the same side.

    11. J.E.D. Says:

      A few hundred thousand geographically and consciously united? maybe, but there seems to be no signs of a collective awakening as we are unknowingly imprisoned under big lie, as it actually traps people in their present realm of belief……… breaking that realm of belief is not easy, look at faggotyfront, and their endless hag worship, young and arrogant hagesses proclaim themselves as “wn” but in reality they are worse then the lowly white system female who cannot comprehend how to defend her compassionate nature against christian lunatics who prey upon them to smuggle inferior races into our counties and towns………. and we should give all thanks to feminism for this special gift……. a unique kind of perversion in American history, hardcore feminist leaders on pussyfront… when their cover is blown for the false philosophy they contend that there is a “good” and “bad” feminism as there are “good” and “bad” people of inferior races who some how managed a seat in congress, feminism is really the root cause of abortion since it uproots the natural masculine spirit creating a unnatural parallel between the genders (as women are no more than overgrown children) leaving the next generation with an inheritance of confusion.

      Feminism is the androgynous vehicle for the selfish that begets apathy which begets abortion, which will deplete the hopeful number of warriors needed to fight a futuristic battle that could have been prevented by following natures intent to begin with.
      As long as the manfags continue to wear their little rubbers and allow their dates/girlfriends/wives etc… to ingest poison to prevent birth then we will surely disappear into the mud, a mud that will shine from sea to shining sea.