23 January, 2010

Idea for White Nationalists

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Here’s an idea from Bradley R. Smith. (He isn’t a White nationalist, but the idea remains). If you are a public WN – in other words, you use your real name and/or you have no qualms about appearing in public as a WN – then you might want to consider making internet videos like Smith does. He sets up a camera and speaks directly to it. A video connects with the public on a different level than text on a page. It has been said that people remember visual things the longest.

  • 10 Responses to “Idea for White Nationalists”

    1. reo Says:

      Revisionism is more infiltration proof than WN, you have all the jew and fag infiltrators claiming to be the real Wn these days. While the jews are afraid of Revisionism. They cannot mimic it and create a fake Revisionism the way they make a fake Wn with these parties like the BNP.

    2. teddy Says:

      white nationalism will never work because it suffers from big government mentality. it holds a primative power over its subjects. when the house comes, down people will demand local control free of strangers ruling over them

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Yep, we need more hot-button emotive issues. In the jewK iamanenglishman.com is doing a good job exposing the explosion of black on White rapes and murders, most of them never reported by the jewsmedia.
      With a guy just talking to camera we run the risk of producing sales resistance through an inappropriate lecturing style. A better approach would be to have a two people, a guy and a women, talk in a conversational style about a topical WN issue.

    4. Mikhail1965 Says:

      Chinese are supported by US, Russia and internationalists.
      Army they developed threatning russian Far East.
      They launched kosmonaut in russian Soyuz rocket.
      What does it mean?
      It means that non white races are furnished to attack by tretcherous governments remnants of white race.
      As simple.
      Jews do not understand. Silly.
      They are parasites.
      We have 4 races: negro, asian, arian, semitic.
      So? What you suck from negro~asian~ semitic? Nothing!
      (apart from)
      Only arian race could produce results.
      So, jews, preserv yuor host and feeder – white race!

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Actually, I think most White people are aware of things like Jewish control of the mass media and Black on White crime, so it would be pointless to start making video documentaries about such issues. Ignorance of what’s going on is not the problem; Indifference and cowardice are.

    6. Igor Alexander Says:

      I don’t know to what extent whites are aware that big media is in jewish hands, though you’d have to be awfully dull to not sense that there’s something amiss with it.

    7. whodareswings Says:

      Check out the Angry Canuck: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAngryCanuck

      He was hilarious on the death of Michael jackson, the holocaust, and angry Pakistani immigration marches (in Toronto), but it looks like those videos were removed. Now there are more anti-Angry CanuckYou Tube videos than the guy ever posted himself. I don’t think he’s a WN per se, but he seems to be the bane of an army of clueless lib-tard vloggers whom I think represent the international consensus thinking among most whites of the Angry Canuck’s generation.

    8. J.E.D. Says:

      Videos will give a jump start to the blind if they’re lucky enough to come across them, but a proven method that never fails is observation of ones environment. I’ve seen too many wn’s take the path of talmudmedia believing it will form a instant political consensus, a fantasy that charges the frontal lobe for a week or two, they fail to understand that a consensus is born in a homogeneous spirit when people actually talk with each other and make a common agreement as a whole, unfortunately, a soap box is difficult to give up.

    9. Truthteller Says:

      It is true video affects the visual cortex of the brain. Weeks later the image and context can return.

      Podblanc.com have proven that the kikesters are terrified of this White visual manifestation.

    10. George Washington Says:

      I am an AMERICAN. The sub-humans know who/what they are as they proudly state their country of origin when they describe themselves. They don’t say they’re Americans because they’re not and they know they’re not. I don’t understand the use, by some, of the phrase White Nationalist. I am an American. My race is Caucasian. And America is my nation. Period. I liken the situation to that of Hong Kong when the communists took control from the British. Those chinks had dual citizenship and were ready to leave on a moment’s notice to avoid the wrath of the mainland communists. In America, the invading parasites must be ready to repatriate before the inevitable/inexorable retribution which will be wanton. Our time will come and it will be American!