15 March, 2010

Online Book

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“The Iron Curtain Over America” by John Beaty. (See especially Roosevelt’s recognition of the murderous Soviet government, at a sit-down with the Jewish/Soviet official Maxim Litvinov in November 1933. That recognition guaranteed the Soviet Union’s survival by opening it up to international credit and “legitimacy,” and, at the same time, sealed Germany’s fate. Roosevelt’s image is, of course, still found on American coins):

(a .pdf file): [Book].

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    1. nom de guerre Says:

      Read the book, 20-30 years ago. My, that seems like ancient history now. My all time favorite though was Gary Allens “None dare call it conspiracy” for beginners and intermediates, he really weaves a good plot.. Okay maybe history is a spiral, like a staircase with events from the past occuring simultaneously with our present and future, than what can we say about the present? Are we headed for a Bolshevik type revolution? No, I don’t think, so there isn’t a parallel there. Is Amerikwa outside historical parallels? At least ones we know about.. Rome? Nah Amerikwa is no Rome. Egypt, uummm yeah, yeah Egypt was somewhat of an Island nations surrounded as it were by desert, and a varily reasonable transfer of power. Babylon? Only in the sense that it became a dumping ground for a diverse population, but otherwise no. I don’t believe Amerikwa has any parallel in our historical record, maybe a mythological empire like Atlantis. So Amerikwa maybe ahistorical, an illusion, a delusion, a bad dream that we need to wake up from

    2. Jon Says:

      I’ve read up to page 35 of the book thus far and am ready to blow a gasket! Very disturbing, frustrating and infuriorating this Khazar problem.

      After giving this problem many years of thought I’ve come to the conclusion that the only logical and fair solution is eviction. I don’t care what Jews think, what matters is: “Is it good for Whites?”

      No, I’m not talking about liquidation just eviction. If that doesn’t happen then we’ll forever be battling with “progressive” kikes up until that moment where we are totally under their domination and our fate is sealed.

      I just don’t see any other logical solution and neither did the National Socialists. The more I am enlightened about this issue the more I see how correct Hitler and his administration were and what monstrous liars the Jews are for their non-stop defamation of this Aryan hero and his Germany for standing up to this rabid tribal syndicate.

      Like German professor Treitschke said in 1880: “Die Juden sind unser Unglueck.” Translated: The Jews are our misfortune.

      What a mess…

    3. Jon Says:

      From this book:

      “Less than 1% of humanity have caused most of the world’s recent major troubles. This handful, which hates the basic truth on which this nation is founded, usually strives to get into fields that touch the lives of all people: (1) education, (2) government, (3) the writing end of newspapers, magazines, books, radio, motion pictures and television, (4) trade unions, (5) social service, and (6) library work.”

      Gee, whoever can they be talking about? :)

    4. Jon Says:

      “If another 1% go (or encourage others to go) as WN’s into these same 6 fields and work as hard to restore the fundamental truth which the other 1% are working furiously to eliminate, we will soon be on the high road to lasting peace.

      Each WN works as an individual. He takes out no membership, attends no meetings, pays no dues. Tens of thousands have already gone as WN’s into the marketplace. Our aim is to find a million. Positive, constructive action is needed. “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.””

      I took the liberty of replacing Christopher/Christ-bearer as it originally is quoted in the book with WN (White Nationalist).

      A great strategy…too bad it’ll never happen. Besides, it’s too late at this juncture; implemented 50 years ago we had a good chance.