7 August, 2010

Thoughts on the Vietnam War

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Heard: a news reporter talking about how an American man “served his country” fighting in Vietnam. His country? Huh. Not only are wars good for Jews financially (the government must borrow money, with interest on the loans, to fight the wars) but also, wars divert the attention of the goyim so that they focus on the wars and not on which greasy tribe is wrecking their country. (Media-driven crises such as “global warming” do the same thing). Wars are also dysgenic for Whites. By the way, have you ever heard of Walt Rostow? Further, the fact that Jews played a big role in the anti-Vietnam War movement changes nothing. Jews are not only born dissenters, but were usually pro-communist in the 1960s, before the neocon revolution.

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    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      Hackworth nor hardly ANY one else mentions this UNKNOWN Fact as to what were the ACTUAL Forces the got US In The VIET NAM tragedy.

      The last of OUR best men who came from mostly large families and two parent homes, and the rest had our Nation torn to bits.

      At the Same TIME the media started showing filthy and instilling a hate pathology against Whites, along with the 1965 immigration law changes that were inacted in 1965.

      A war put upon US on ALL fronts, plus the Birth Control pill and Abortion was pushed, and our colleges were openly teaching HORSE poop.

    2. old dutch Says:

      Henry Kissinger that’s a German name, ain’t it. Gosh he was even born in Germany, and has a thick German accent too. LOL.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Are Nutz, or just a pos troll ?

      You use to defend FDR and the b.s. about Dec. 7, 1941.

    4. old dutch Says:

      @ Howdy

      Grow up.

      Back in the 60’s no one advertised the fact that Kissinger was a Jew.

      As far as FDR goes—he was our last “White” President. You must be a Coonservative Republicoon not to see that. Hell the FBI didn’t even have field offices South of the Mason Dixon line during the FDR administration. Kiss my ass Mister Lincoon. LOL.

    5. Jim Says:

      No, old dutch; FDR was our first jew president. As old FDR used to say to Eleanor: “You kiss the niggers, and I’ll kiss the jews and we’ll stay in the White House as long as we choose. lol.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      A lot of former pinko Jews like Irving Kristol and David Horowitz abandoned their Marxist ideology in the 1950s and 60s when the Far Left began criticizing Zionism as imperialist and racist…Which it is.

      True, those left-wing Jews call themselves “conservatives” now, but they haven’t really changed one bit. They are still arrogant, schemeing, self-worshipping supremacists who believe that their race has the right and the duty to rule the world and enslave all non-Jews. Marxism ultimately failed to achieve that goal, so now they use Zionism and Globalism instead.

      Marxism, Zionism, Judaism, Capitalism, Globalism, neo-conservativism, neo-liberalism……They are all simply manifestations of Jewish megalomania.

    7. old dutch Says:

      @ Republicoon Jim

      Maybe to you Lincoon Republicoons. LOL. During the FDR administration Blacks couldn’t vote in most states, and not just in the Southern states either.

    8. old dutch Says:

      Btw, Henry Kissinger is a Coonservative Republicoon. LOL.

    9. Blackshirt Says:

      Vietnam was a complete waste of White (mostly) American manhood. 56,000 dead and for what? The US government trades with Vietnam now like nothing happened. And yet millions of young, White Americans sign up for the military each year and most of the veterans cheer them on- like being a tool for ZOG is something to be proud of. You’ve got to wonder at exactly how stupid the American public is to continue feeding their sons and daughters to the ZOG meatgrinder, seeing how used and abused the veterans of Vietnam were.

    10. Jim Says:

      Whether it is Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other war that has been fought by White Americans since the Mexican War, the only winners are the jews. Wars provide the jews with huge armaments profits and drastically reduce the number of superior White Men who could stand in the way of jewish plans for world domination. The jews always over exend themselves, however; and their plans for an attack on Iran may backfire on them in the long run. The Jewish Money System that controls the world economy has finally run out of steam and is heading for a complete collapse. Today, we are standing at the crossroad of history. In the coming Titanic Struggle, only those Nations and Races that are able to thow off the yoke of Zionism and International Jewish Capitalism will survive to see the new Day.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      old dutch Says:

      7 August, 2010 at 4:52 pm

      @ Howdy

      Grow up.

      Back in the 60?s no one advertised the fact that Kissinger was a Jew.

      As far as FDR goes—he was our last “White” President. You must be a Coonservative Republicoon not to see that. Hell the FBI didn’t even have field offices South of the Mason Dixon line during the FDR administration. Kiss my ass Mister Lincoon. LOL.
      Un quote
      0 2

      Mr old shit,

      “Huey P. Long” 1971 by T Harry Williams


      FDR WAS AFTER HUEY, YOU POS you don’t don’t a thing about LA, Huey or What FDR was doing then.

      THE eternal enemies of freedom COULD NOT FIND one bit of corruption or tax cheating against Huey.

      Huey was TOUGH but he was up against MURDERING dogs and he knew it.

      By the way Huey was murdered in the State Capital.

      Huey would have replaced FDR in 36 or 40 for sure IMO.

      Troll or knuckle head

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Most Fascinating Policitical Biography Ever, August 7, 2010
      By Bozemaniac – See all my reviews

      This review is from: Huey Long (Paperback)
      Other than Lincoln, Huey Long is the most interesting figure in American political history. Brilliant, outrageous, effective, a seeker of social justice and hope for the poor; a truly great speaker.

      This biography is the best I’ve ever read of a political figure. Absolutely compelling. Huey’s magnetic personality comes through the pages in a way that should be a model for all biographers: but then, there aren’t many figures who are as fun to read about as Huey. There has been no one like him; nor is there another biography like this one. I’m reading it for the fourth time, and it is still hypnotic. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews
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      Best bio ever!, August 1, 2010
      By MadMax (Bridge City, TX) – See all my reviews

      Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
      This review is from: Huey Long (Hardcover)
      I bought this book for a friend who is a history nut. This book was hard for him to put down. He loved it. The book was given high marks by many other reviewers, and was purchased for that reason. It was received promptly in great condition.

      The down fall not a strength IMO was VNNF alllowing for years POS trolls on here as in the end it was a fat Negative IMO.

      New Nation News was kicked off its sever today and not a word about it.

    13. old dutch Says:

      @Howdy Wooden Head Doody

      C’mon former Louisiana Governor Huey Long was in the US Senate during the FDR administration. Before he was assassinated by a Jew in Louisiana. (That’s how you spell it doofus). LOL.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Remember all the right-wing “experts” back in the 1960s (many of whom never served a day in the military, those cowardly chicken-hawk hypocrites), that if South Vietnam fell to the Communists, the rest of Asia and then the rest of the world would fall to them too? Remember all that right-wing hysteria? Now they’ve recycled and repackaged all that bullshit so that the new boogeymen are Al Qaeda, Iran and the Taliban. Same lies, different villians.

      And like Blackshirt says, if Communist Vietnam was so terrible, if it was necessary to sacrifice 60,000 US troops to fight them, then why the fuck are we about to do so much business with them? Why are we about to export thousands of additional American manufacturing jobs to them? What happened to all the “bomb Hanoi” hatemongering of 40 years ago? I guess the pursuit of the Almighty Dollar is now more important than fighting godless communists. Besides, we need a new generation of boogeymen to justify keeping the military industrial war-machine nice and bloated at taxpayers’ expense.

      Christ, I hate the right-wing.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Old Dutch, stop acting like such an idiot. Oh that’s right, it’s not an act.

    16. old dutch Says:

      Guy’s an expert on Louisiana, and can’t even spell it. LOL.

      Just like back in the 1960’s almost everyone thought that Henry Kissinger was a German refugee. If you asked on the street, no one would know he was a Jew.

    17. Dave Says:

      Howdy Doody.

      I have to ask where you are from. Your posts are very difficult to decipher.

      I had an interesting conversation with a older white man the other day. We were working for him and he invited us in for lunch. We all sat down at the dining room table. He has seven children and 22 grandchildren. many of them were there for a reunion.

      This old man had so much kindness in his heart. You could see his strength and warmth all at once. He also happens to be a mormon! Though not a dim wit, he surely was no genius.

      The conversation was about war. He is a veteran and so was his son in law who was eating with us. He went on to discuss Afghanistan,the people,the country and of course the war effort.

      I learned a lot! I learned a lot about the aforementioned topics. The history of the country,it’s regional leaders. The civil war etc. Then my co-worker asked the question. Why are we there? His reply is what made me really learn something. That all soldiers regardless of rank or duties performed are completely brain washed. They think they are there to secure what is left of our nation. They think they are there to help the poor people out of the civil war and to teach them new things,like how to wipe there asses and how to get there non opiate goods and wears to market without perishing along the hazardous trails. Or how to plant a crop without hitting a landmine.

      I already knew these things as do the rest of you. Any sane person with an ounce of intrigue can figure it out. We do not go to war,or excuse me, help a country that is at war for the sole purpose of helping said nation. It just isn’t a logical strategy. So how did I learn something I already knew? I did this through a face to face talk with one of them. A regular hard working American, blinded by his nations lies. Believing what he is doing is right. Face to face, rather than in print. It’s kind of like meeting a jew in person after reading about their atrocities for so long.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      When one is busy, they should proof their posts carefully, but I am not posting my autobiography either.

      Those who have not spoken to at least a few dozed older and elderly folks who have since passed away from Louisanna or have not Read T. Harry Williams book “Huey P. Long, need to shut up concerning FDR and Huey.

      Mr. Willimans only obliquely mentions the jooish componet, but you can figure that part out.

      Huey P. Long was unique, and one of the top five representative of last 110 years IMO, if not the best!

      Read the book, to understand the misssing link in FDR history and 20th century history.

      Thank you.

    19. Nom de Guerre Says:

      He also happens to be a mormon! Though not a dim wit, he surely was no genius.

      Do you think he was puttin’ up a front? Alot of people support the system because its just good business, or the religious institution they belong to receives tax free status from the state.

      I really take alot more interest in what the jew controlled media sock puppets say, most of it raw propaganda with the mask slips a bit. For instance when the insurgents in either Iraq or Afghanistan score a hit , they are accused of “murdering”, but when Zog forces do it we get the Whitewash they were killing murderers. Its hilarious at times, that wasn’t the case in Vietnam, you could almost see the glee in faces of those liberal reporters denouncing America n troops as baby killers, and the North Vietnamese and Viet cong as commies as “freedom fighters” Heh don’t forget War Hero Al Gore, the reporter, probably never set foot in the bush.

    20. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Like Doc Pierce said, most people are not immoral, they just don’t have morals, they take on the morals of others they respect. The authoritarian figure. That is what the jews fear the most and promotes the rebellion of the youth against authority. The jews won’t be successful at this charade called neo-Cons, playing on the side that they formerly attacked and baited. Even if they use Hippies and Cuntry singers like Toby Keith. Its gonna back fire on them

    21. old dutch Says:

      Something else positive about FDR—he enforced our immigration quota laws even denying Jews entry into the United States!

      We didn’t have an illegal alien problem either during the FDR years. Illegal aliens were arrested & swiftly deported. If not jailed or executed as spies.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      OD, weren’t there a lot of Jewish “intellectuals” from Europe who somehow managed to sneak in here during the 1930s, Jews who soon wound up teaching at elite institutions like Harvard, Columbia, the Univ of Chicago, etc.? In fact, wasn’t the vastly over-rated Einstein one of them?

      The only good thing Roosenfeld did as president was in 1939, when he refused to allow the SS St. Louis to dock in any US port. The St. Louis was full of unwanted Jews from Europe and eventually had to sail back there with its unwholesome cargo. Roosenfeld probably refused to allow the St. Louis entry because he was plotting to run for an un-precedented third term in 1940. Letting those Jews in would have made Roosenfeld look too pro-Jewish to the American voters, which of course he was.

    23. old dutch Says:

      FDR was tough on immigration & quotas. Many of the Jewish intellectuals came into the US during the Herbert Hoover years in the late 1920’s, early 1930’s. Roosevelt wasn’t inaugurated until March of 1933.

    24. old dutch Says:

      Doing a little reading, and found out that Kissinger’s real name is “LOB”. Never knew that before.

      Btw, let’s not forget that Rostow was a Jew too.

    25. Ian Says:

      The Catholic Church was heavily involved in the early years. South Vietnam was a Catholic ruled state. Cardinal Spelman and the Kennedys were involved early on.

    26. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Say what you want, but Vietnam was alot more interesting war, than this war on terrorism thats been going on for 10 years. The war in the ‘Stan is just war on the cheap. It ain’t costin’ Zog all that much, its just a propaganda war mostly to keep the Russians, and European powers that might want to buck the Zog on the leash.

      The ‘stanis are just a bunch of flea bitten, camel jocks with a dash of mongoloid, hardly out of the stone age. Even the gooks seemed more capable of fighting a modern war, no small things to those former trotskyites now posing as neo-cons.
      Zogs war aims are just keep the dust stirred up, and when they pull out bring in Paki’s and other towel heads as refugees to add to the diversity of the potty.

    27. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Hell , for all we know those aid workers killed recently might have come under “friendly” fire. Zog does play mean and low… Doesn’t seem to bring out many crocodile tears from the tv viewing zogling crowd. Its hard to get a couch potato yahoo whipped up, even with Toby Kieth bangin’ away on a Gitar, maybe he needs to start playin a Sitar?

    28. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Hello General Green baum, were not getting enough casualties!
      Aw fuck go ahead and fire at some of those Christ tards aid workers. Mazeltoff!

      Its alot like the Aztecs who prolonged the conflict so they could get enough living sacrificial victims. The were greatly bewildered by the Spanish conquistodores, who sought to get the ass kickin’ on and over with muy pronto.

    29. Howdy Doody Says:

      VNNF had an excellent post on Trolls, if some could post the link to here, that would be fine.

      Thank you.

    30. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      You can’t or won’t do this?

    31. jayhackworth Says:

      America was stabbed in the back by Soviet/Marxist sympathizing Jews – ever wonder where all the ‘peace now’ marches and campus takeovers are now that we’re at war for the jews?