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13 January, 2013

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Big Jew: (whispering into Uncle Sam’s ear): “Global warming is a serious problem.” Uncle Sam: “Global warming is a serious problem.” Big Jew: “We must create federal legislation to fight global warming.” Uncle Sam: “We must create federal legislation to fight global warming.” Big Jew: “We must increase taxes and transfer massive amounts of money […]

7 August, 2010

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Heard: a news reporter talking about how an American man “served his country” fighting in Vietnam. His country? Huh. Not only are wars good for Jews financially (the government must borrow money, with interest on the loans, to fight the wars) but also, wars divert the attention of the goyim so that they focus on […]

23 November, 2009

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“Billions of euros are at stake”? You don’t say! Marxism and profits, both… [Article].

11 July, 2008

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The Jews know very well that Iran won’t attack Israel for a couple of reasons: 1) because the Jewish state has sophisticated nuclear weapons, while Iran has none [1]; 2) Iran knows that America would quickly aid Israel after an Iranian attack. This missile issue – like the nuclear centrifuges issue – is simply another […]