27 March, 2011

It’s the Year of the African. But Why?

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Why celebrate these people? They’re the most unsuccessful humans on earth; many of them are only semi-human. Indeed, Blacks have been a burden to mankind. On the other hand, Whites invented the world.


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Most of the old school physical anthropologists, such as the great Carlton S Coon, were too gentlemanly to state so explicitly in their books, but even in the 1960’s there was considerable evidence to indicate that the Negroid, Australoid and Capoid races held within their genome significant strains of primitive Homo Erectus. During the past 40 years evidence supporting this conclusion has been politely suppressed. Most researchers and professors know that making such statements outside of limited circulation technical publications will only result in their looking for another job.
      At the distance of many thousand of years we can only speculate on how these crossings of Homo Sapiens with Homo Erectus occurred. They could not have happened voluntarily but perhaps were the result of raiding parties of Homo Erectus killing all the men in a Homo Sapien camp or village and carrying off the women as captives, in much the same way as Red Indians forceably took White women as ‘breeding stock’. Today big jew is working overtime on a similar program.

    2. Bigduke6 Says:

      Since Obama got elected the joo media has gone coon crazy. Just about every magazine cover has in particular a black female on it.

    3. Bigduke6 Says:

      yes Africa, and Africans the monkey fornicators who gave the world AIDS. And the scientific community and joo media won’ t tell the truth because it’s not PC. And then the awfulcans want to blame it on the white man.

    4. Walso Starr Says:

      It’s truly amazing when you think about what the white race has accomplished; the great architecture, the airplane, space ships, great music and literature, to name just a few. Where would the world be without the inventions that have sprung forth from the imagination of white people? Now compare the accomplishments of the black race, and the only thing I can think of is the highly touted peanut butter recipe by George Washington Carver. What a remarkable discovery by this black genius and where would we be today without it? But was it enough to give white people the idea that we could turn the keys to the White House over to the “Magical Negro.” I know the electorate in this country is busy learning about great negro scholars and inventors from the jew tube, but fantasy ain’t reality and the average white person should have known better. My litmus test is, I never vote against my DNA!

    5. M. Kraus Says:

      This International Year offers a unique opportunity to redouble our efforts to fight against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance that affect people of African descent everywhere.

      –Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

      I wonder how this shitskin female creature proposes to “redouble” the fight against racism, and evil White people everywhere.

      The very notion of a “world government” and international law has its origins in European political philosophy. This is nothing but babble to most mud creatures, who are incapable of nuanced and subtle thought. White people all around the world are listening intently and taking seriously the deranged ramblings of non-White animals–it’s unbelievable! As Dr. Pierce said, it is suicidal insanity. These creatures do nothing but demand our submission to them. They have been trained by jews to do so.

      The “United Nations” should be burned to the ground, and along with it, all hope of a “world government” in a world filled with human-shaped beasts who can think of nothing but getting their paws on what White people have built.

    6. Joe Neunzig Says:

      So we’ve got a whole year to celebrate the inventors of peanut butter? Leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth that as black history month over-stretched their cultural contribution (by about a month!).

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      Got news for any one who has not read the latest memo on the on going White Assault Rate.

      There is NO town from Maine to WY, to N.M. to Boise to Medford Oregon and all through CA then to Christchurch N.Z. and all across Canada that is safe from Non White Savage assault.

      To top it off the Police are not any help and the regime has as was know inacted laws restricted our speech to resist, and hate laws to punish US alone.

      The Africans are new arrival’s, but the Congoids who have been here for a hundred years or more are always doing their thing too, remember the Beer Brewery Truck drive in Conn. fired after being filmed by security for stealing beer on the job he came back a shot a dozen.

      The media has hid these these stories before the internet and has hushed them up since 1965 big time.

      Twenty years ago, not that any one needs to go back more than a month ago, but the stories from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were covered up by the media and hidden.

      Who remembers this one.
      GMAC massacreFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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      In the GMAC massacre of June 18, 1990, James Edward Pough walked into the General Motors Acceptance Corporation Office, Jacksonville, Florida and killed nine employees and customers. He then killed himself. Four people were injured. The firearms used in the crime were a Universal .30 caliber M1 rifle and a .38 revolver.[1]

      Pough was upset because his 1988 Pontiac Grand Am was repossessed. He purchased the car for $9,700 in September 1988. Pough gave the car back to GMAC in January 1990. His anger had been stoked by repeated letters from GMAC requesting a payment of $6,394. This was the remaining loan balance after the car was sold.

      Pough was also suspected in the robbery of a convenience store, a hit-and-run against a pedestrian, shooting two people, and the murder of two people on June 17, 1990.

      The GMAC office was located at 7870 Baymeadows Way. It never reopened in this location. The GMAC building was renovated and is now occupied by the Florida Telco Credit Union.


      When it come’s to cruelty congoids have shown US Whites all that they have to give.

      Remember that PSA or some other named airliner in CA. that crashed with almost 200 on board ? That was an the Airline’s fired employee that got a 44 Magnum and shot the pilot and crew members, that was hushed up as the cause.

      The filthy media has always covered these crimes up.

      There was that fired Black Fed Ex co pilot in 1995 who asked to fly a passenger in a jump seat to go home, he has scheduled it so as to be with a small White women and small man pilot. The DC L 1011 was loaded with fuel and he was going to crash it in the FEDEX headquarters.

      At the last minute FED EX changed the crew, three White men two of them large.

      The SOB opened his bag as the jet was climbing and took out a 5 lb mallet and axe, he almost killed them all.

      I think two them were seriously injured and one with his SKULL deformed like Reginald Denny from the L.A. Riots. in 1991.

      Question, is it going to get better ?

      The media is only going to continue supporting P.C. and lieing.

      So if you can stay away from them.

      There are so many Wichita Massacre’s you would be reading till next week if the stories would be posted in total IMO.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      CW-2, that was a great post. I never thought about the possibility that gangs of proto-Nigger Homo Erecti might have attacked Homo Sapien camps “back in the day”. That would certainly explain a lot.

      On a closely related subject, there’s lots of evidence that our pre-human, pre-White ancestors lived in the Caucuses and Black Sea region for hundreds of thousands of years. Maybe our ancestors didn’t come from Africa at all. But if they did, it was around a million years back, not a mere 60,000 years ago, like the Jews would have you believe. There are about 200,000 years of evolution separating us from the Negroids and maybe half or three-quarters as much separating us from the Asiatics.

      I noticed that Black History Month was not promoted too enthusiastically this year. I guess the reason for that is because the Jews and liberals got their Magic Mulatto in the Dark House. But it’s not in the Jew-liberal’s nature to stay quiet for long.

      Has anyone here gone into a White public school lately? You’ll notice huge portraits of “Doctor” Koon everywhere, as if he was our Lenin. But don’t worry, it’s only going to get worse.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Niggers aren’t quite the rage they used to be, they really have to do alot more to trumpet these homo erectile geniuses , saw the demonstration of groid superiority the other day, and I think it was a clever ploy the niggerball team jew owners. Down the usual throroughfare comes this purple sedan, with spray painted wheels rims rotating, flags of the local nigger ball team streaming in the breeze, and rastus with the boom box fartin away. It was nothing more than trying to arouse consumers appetite for the game of throw a ball through a hoop. It didn’t look kool at all

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The messicans seem to run a close second to niggers in the crime category, and overall wholesale and retail crime, they probably rake in alot more dinero, but nothin’ not nothins to what hymie rakes in.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Mah Lawd, Looks at dem highly sussefull Nigras! Sheet Mon, Oprah an Bama dehs de richest Homo Erectiles in duh would! I jes seen ebidence of how sussefull black folk is, dis lil niggah goin’ down duh street wid humpin and bumpin dat heb dem white gurls jes itchin’ to get laid by de Black superiors. So much fo de sheet about dem White rassist superiorimity. Okay nows I gots de git back to mah edjumication fo de Boom boom Bongo ecunumy.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I’m always fascinated by the almost religious devotion niggers and messicans exhibit for hub caps, or anything resembling a wheel. Which of course they had invented , and some evil bleached out niggra, Master Yacub handed the patented formul over to the wild Homo sapiens living in caves in Europe

    13. Waldo Starr Says:

      Mr. H. Doody I think you are on to something with your article on groids attacking whites at an unprecedented rate. I’ve often wondered if the groids feel empowered because the Magical Negro is HNIC. Anyhow, I will go one farther, groids are killing policemen at an alarming rate. As an example that I am familiar with, two cops murdered in Tampa last year by one career criminal groid, 2 cops murdered in St. Petersburg and one Federal Marshall shot, but survived, and in my paper today I read about another career groid that murdered a cop in Athens, Ga and surrendered on live TV. What we have here are three pieces of guano that took the lives of 5 productive white people who had families to support. These are indeed senseless acts, but senseless is a word that describes the entire race of groids.

      Remember that catch phrase that was coined by a jew that says, “Diversity is our greatest strength.” Well he is correct; diversity is our greatest strength if you are a jew, because it certainly fits into their plans of causing mayhem with the white race.

    14. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Guess the nigs have to be explaining away their lack of inventiveness, to Africas rough terrain, and competition from Chimps and Gorillas for the most desirable pussy.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      Waldo Starr Says:

      28 March, 2011 at 10:53 am


      Waldo, considering the racial facts of whos violent from threatening to slapping, robbing, beating and raping, itz amazing to me how as how Whites can effectively or sanely be able to protect the public commons.

      What I mean clearly is that I have read dozens of police murdered stories over the last ten years where officers that were killed with out provacation were not on guard what so ever being White men and dealing with Congoid perps. It is amazing to me.

      One story few years ago was two White police stopped a speeding car I think was Detroit, both officer’s lived in a suburb where in their late 20’s, sitting in their patrol car writting the ticket the Congoid driver in front of them. The driver suddenly jumped out his car and ran to the police car and shot both of them dead. IMO one should have had his weapon in his had as the other wrote the ticket etc.

      Then there was the case a couple of years back in GA. of a Congoid who jumped a corpulent Congoid Boon Mammy duputy in the court room and shot the judge and shot a deputy on the way out, and he was a serious bad boy to begin with, he was brought in alive ? Notice he did not shoot the boon mammy duputy that he took the weapon from.


      There have been hundreds of serious crimes committed by Congoids while in the miltary here is a case from 1974 Utah to show the cruel nature of Congoids is no joke.


      In 1974 the high profile case of the Hi-Fi Shop murders would forever change the lives in the community of Ogden Utah.
      In years past, one could walk down the streets of Ogden Utah with a feeling of security, without the worry of who might be waiting around the corner, or just beyond the door. On April 22, 1974, all that would change for this picturesque town in Northern Utah. Having a relatively low crime rate at the time, the citizens of Ogden would be rocked by the events of this night, forever changing their community.

      April 22, started out like any other spring day, but before the day’s end, five people would experience the most inexplicable terror they could have ever imagined.

      The day wore down to late afternoon, and prominent Ogden citizen, Carol Naisbitt, wife of Doctor Byron Naisbitt, became worried when her son, Cortney was extremely late arriving home from an errand at the Hi-Fi Shop, located on Washington Blvd in Ogden. As the minutes ticked by, Carol became more worried, knowing this was completely out of character for her son. Deciding he had been gone way too long, Carol went in search of her son. When she walked into the Hi-Fi Shop, Carol walked onto the scene of what would soon become one of the most grisly murders in Utah history.

      Cortney and three other people, Sherry Machelle Ansley, Orren Walker, and (Orren’s son) Stanley Walker were being held hostage by two black gunmen. Just after Carole walked through the door, the two men locked up the doors of the Hi-Fi shop and forced the five hostages into the basement at gunpoint.

      Once in the basement, Sherry Machelle Ansley was forced into another room where she was brutally raped. When the perpetrators were finished with her, they forced her and the four other victims to drink Drano before shooting each of them in the head with a 25 caliber gun. Then the two men made off with over $25,000 in stereo equipment. Of the five victims, only Cortney and Orren would survive.

      When police arrived on the scene some time later, they were aghast at the brutality of the crimes committed against these people; the manhunt was on, and they would leave no stone unturned until these monsters were brought to justice.

      The next day an unnamed informant called in a tip to Ogden City Police with information that would help wrap up the case much sooner than police had anticipated. The informant, an airman stationed at Hill Air Force Base, told police that he had overheard two of his fellow airmen talking about robbing a store and reenacting the violent scenes of the movie, Magnum Force, which the two had seen the night before the murders.

      Shortly after receiving the tip, police arrived at the air force barracks and arrested two suspects, William Andrews and Pierre Dale Selby. Later, police would also arrest Keith Roberts, whom apparently had been waiting outside in a car for the two suspects to finish their business on that fateful night.

      The story that Orren Walker told at the trial, struck terror into the hearts of all that heard him. Orren Walker recounted the atrocities that he and the other victims were forced to endure at the hands of these killers. Orren witnessed the murder of his twenty year old son, before their attempt to murder him. One of the bullets missed his head, the other just grazing it. When the suspects ran out of bullets, they jammed a pen in his ear and attempted to strangle him before leaving him for dead.

      With a severe gunshot wound to the head, and brain damage, Cortney Naisbitt’s survival was nothing short of miraculous. Cortney lay in a coma for days, struggling for his life. His family was told that if he lived, he would probably be a vegetable. Not only did Cortney survive, but he went on to finish high-school and obtain his pilots license, which had been his life long dream. Cortney’s heroic fight for survival was the subject of Gary Kinder’s 1982 best-seller, “Victim; the Other Side of Murder, which was made into the 1991 TV movie, Aftermath, A Test Of Love, starring Richard Chamberlain.

      The court found that Keith Roberts had no role in, or knowledge of the murders, though he was convicted of armed robbery. Roberts was paroled in 1987. Andrews and Selby were found guilty of three counts of aggravated homicide and sentenced to death. After years of appeals, Selby was executed in 1987; Andrews’ sentence was carried out five years later. Though there was no joy throughout the community at the execution of these two men, neither was there a display of remorse. With their vicious actions, these two men had not only changed the lives of three families, but they changed the life style of an entire town.

      Unfortunately, the result of this case would be mass distrust of the black community in Ogden. The people were blamed and mistrusted for something they had nothing to do with; it would take decades for the racial tension to dissipate.


      The Carr’s brothers crime called the Wichita Massacre and so many more show clearly the jooo instilled pathology by jooo media/government regime dictate as too how severe the problem is.

      To top it all off most Whites at this date do not know the real numbers or racial war situation as stands at the moment.

      We are called hateful for honestly talking about this war.

    16. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “the manhunt was on, and they would leave no stone unturned until these monsters were brought to justice. ”

      MANHUNT? Brought to Justice? Whites are fucked up

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Keeping statistics on groid and non-white atrocities is a waste of ink, like Gandhis said if it was an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth the whole world would be blind and toothless. We don’t want justice, we want revenge. Mad Dawg

    18. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Why hunt niggers down, just grab up the closest available niggers and make them pay

    19. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Oh my dear, I quite forgot, We are the rightful heirs of the Enlightenment, we believe in the nobilitiy of mankind, the trial by jury. habeus corpus, whatever the fuck that means. Yes you’re innocent unless proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. Ha. Ha.
      Idiots like Tommy Jefferson must have been smokin’ some hemp when he coined all that jolly good nonsense. Oh dear that”s against the law, naughty naughty you lil monster, go stand in the corner and masturbate, Rebberend Do-Gooder will be about in forthnight to give you absolution, no sin to grievious for Jeesuz. Oh by the way what size Tuxedo would you like to wear at your trial? Katz Dept. store furnishes them as part of their tax deductible charitable acts.

    20. Nom de Guerre Says:

      One good film I watched recently was with my favorite actor, Richard Widmark, and actress June Lockhart. When he questioned the Major on his treasonous activites, he told him “The army isn’t interested in what you did, by why you did it”. That is justice!

    21. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      nigger song from 1961- PEANUT BUTTER (the Marathons)


    22. Howdy Doody Says:


      No it is not a waste of time to high and pin point how many times a day and every day this race is at open war with the White race, maybe not all of them, but the majority for sure.

      We do need separation, and should have their own police and stores along with housing etc.

      African women sent to N.Z. as a refugee, attack pilots stabbing him, and then throwing hot coffee in the face of a prison guard.

      Your an idiot to state don’t bother posting, don’t bother reading here.

      Before the internet crimens like the Witchita massacre were covered up.

      The Carr brothers howling through the night was suppressed, but rest assured if any White committed crimes like these EVERY media source would be HOWLING about evil YT.

      Bank on it.

    23. Nom de Guerre Says:

      As long as Whites believe in the legitimacy of the Zog to rule, they’ll endure and tolerate Black crime. Whites in the South after they were conquered had no belief in the legitmacy of Federal troops and Carpet bagger governments, they revolted, they went underground and took back something of their former sovereignty, but alas dear olde Zog found other foul means to gain back the endearment for olde Gorey, and the first time Vicksburg celebrated independence day was after Pearl Harbour, what dupes. The South with its mind boggling jew ass kissing preachers and xians now belief in the legitmacy of the jew world order, and they won’t move to do any thing about nigger crime until that legitmacy is found to be false.

    24. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Whites are just meat on the hoof for Black and Mexican criminals, the worst bunch of bend overs are the jeboo worshippers.

    25. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Your an idiot to state don’t bother posting, don’t bother reading here.

      IDIOT? heh, I resemble that remark

    26. George Wallace Says:

      If you don’t have an American birth certificate and you’re in America, you’re an illegal that shall be fined and deported. If you don’t have a legal basis for instigating a foreign war, you’re a war criminal perpetrating crimes against humanity. If your father was African, you are African. Nationalism now, nationalism tomorrow, nationalism forever!

    27. George Wallace Says:

      P.S. What the hell happened to the ho’s kinky hair? Seriously! Look around. It’s gone. I should have bought the stock of the ‘fro straightener companies.

    28. Howdy Doody Says:

      Nom de Guerre Says:

      28 March, 2011 at 8:14 pm

      As long as Whites believe in the legitimacy of the Zog to rule, they’ll endure and tolerate Black crime. Whites in the South after they were conquered had no belief in the legitmacy of Federal troops and Carpet bagger governments, they revolted, they went underground and took back something of their former sovereignty, but alas dear olde Zog found other foul means to gain back the endearment for olde Gorey, and the first time Vicksburg celebrated independence day was after Pearl Harbour, what dupes. The South with its mind boggling jew ass kissing preachers and xians now belief in the legitmacy of the jew world order, and they won’t move to do any thing about nigger crime until that legitmacy is found to be false.

      3 0

      Exactly right !

      Evanjellycull’s churches are flat out treason cabal/brainwashing centers under the cover of Relegion!

      NO mattrer where Evanjellyculls are they support the war and the pollution of their own race.

      I have personally known Evanjellycull’s and their only Two Beautiful children married shit! I told they would never see any children like their two in their blood line again.

      We never talk any more, for sure.

    29. Miller Says:

      Surely, AIDS is being tweaked to eradicate the nigger race.
      Hence, the nature of the epidemic in Africa.

      But, I am also for the abortion, castration, sterilization, and EXTERMINATION of niggers along with the Filthy Jews who have foisted these beasts upon us.

      Until we ERADICATE these hybrid humanoids we will be doing a disservice
      to our future generations.

    30. Howdy Doody Says:


      Marcus Garvey

      Back To Mother Africa!

    31. whtdev Says:

      Idiots like Tommy Jefferson must have been smokin’ some hemp when he coined all that jolly good nonsense.


      Actually, I think Thomas Jefferson would consider us idiots. He would say that the Constitution was written by white men for white men. The bill of rights was never meant to apply to dogs or mice or niggers.

      For example: If you had a dog that attacked a child, you wouldn’t hold a trial for it. You would take it behind the barn and shoot it. Niggers were treated pretty much the same way until the 20th century and the system more or less worked during that time.

      The founding fathers did not give criminal defendants those rights to protect people like the Carr brothers. Those rights were supposed to protect people who are on the receiving end of a malicious, politically motivated prosecution, as white nationalists often are.

    32. -jc Says:

      DEA Agent, “the only one in this room ‘special’ enough to carry this [GLOCK 40],” shoots himself in the foot, literally: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeGD7r6s-zU&feature=related

    33. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Coon in Chief, did an illustrious performance the other night, without even the sactimonious backdrop of the ‘offal ‘office, he appeared on stage sans jew handlers, Were they all in the audience?
      It was just what you’d expect from a turdwhrlld elementary class of tards n’turds. Splainin’ why we attacked Libya, and ebben ifn’ it don’t jive wid our interests, it still be fo’ our values.

      to bad itz, the jews and the shabbaz goyin now intend for a triumvirate to rule. Obongo, has been shood out of the big house, go along ovah to de smoke house Smokey and gits me ah ham bone deh you lame duck hi-yeller. Don’t be puttin’ on no airs, you be kool and I mights let you heb mo den 3 marlboros.

    34. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Obama did give it straight about the war for values, as it took some side swipes at the trillion dollar cost for the Iraq war, yeah he got a bag of steamin shit from Bush and the neo-Kahns

    35. CW-2 Says:

      Tim, thanks for your comments. A selection articles, some fairly technical, by the Australian anthropologist Ronald Fonda is available at http://www.rafonda.com. His mastery of the technical data leaves the jew ‘scientists’ without a leg to stand on. A more concise article by Fonda was listed in heretical.com but has been removed.

    36. Joe Neunzig Says:

      Good point George Wallace! For all their braggin’ ’bout black pride an’ shit, none o’ dem nigga hos want a nappy head!

    37. Thom McQueen Says:

      ONe of the greatest songs of all time is Kum bah yah.

      It was writeen by some long-forgotten African genius.

    38. Thom McQueen Says:

      There is also “my ding-a-ling”.

    39. Thom McQueen Says:

      There is the AFrican philosopher, Mohammed Ali who said, “mitter mutter whisper mumble mumble”

    40. Bigduke6 Says:

      Obongo, a freakin Kenyan is living proof that everything niggers touch, turns to instant dog doody. Oh we want our turn the niggers say, well you gots it and yer fucking it up in true nigger fashion. Obongo perhaps will be waking people up. And thank God for the internet, their are hopefully more racially aware people than ever. The joos are pissed as the net is still beyond their control.

    41. Tim McGreen Says:

      Miller, I admire your frankness in proposing how to deal with the untermenschen among us who are trying to destroy our Race. Sterilization, castration, forced lobotomies, gassings, beheadings…….We will need to employ all of those tactics in order to give our beautiful, wonderful White children a world of their own.

      Unfortunately, it won’t be just the spoox, the spix and their Jew masters who will get machine-gunned into the shallow pits that we will make them dig. There will be a lot of White Christians, capitalists, war mongers, war profiteers, race-traitors, liberals, snitches and snivelling cowards who will need to be LIQUIDATED as well.

    42. Howdy Doody Says: