28 June, 2011

“International Criminal Court” Issues Arrest Warrant for Gaddafi

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You can trace this international “crimes against humanity” charge against Gaddafi to a Jewish lawyer: Lt. Col. Murray Bernays. I’m not a fan of Arab dictators, but all countries have natural sovereignty [1]. Therefore, this arrest warrant is bogus and illegal. If anyone should face charges for committing “crimes against humanity,” it’s the Jews. For example, Jews built the Soviet Union, which led to 40 million murders and massive suffering. Jews also created the Iraq War and countless other wars.


[1] a state is a territorially bound, sovereign entity

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    1. Maynard Says:

      Doesn’t this court also have warrants for G.W. Bush, Chaney, and Rumsfeld? Gee, if so, why don’t we hear about that from the media:-)! Also, Gaddafi has a jewish mother!

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      “Most people have absolutely no clue, nor do they care to…”

      The exceptionalist “we’re the greatest” mantra still colors what passes for thinking among most ‘Kwans They take this for a grant of immunity not only from the laws of history and physics, but also immunity from reality.

      We may not be the greatest, but the US is indisputably the world’s LARGEST country: Its army is in Iraq and Afghanistan, its industry is in China, its (future) population is in Mexico and its government is in Tel Aviv.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Khadaffi looks like Gene Simmons of KISS in that photo. But why shouldn’t he? After all, Khadaffi is a Semite, is he not? So isn’t the attack against him and his govt an act of anti Semitism?

      I don’t know about the “Jewish mother” charge, Maynard. There have been many right-wing rumors about Hitler, Churchill, Stalin and probably Lincoln too all having Jewish ancestry. The Jews are not boogeymen who hide under every bed or lurk in every closet. Do not succumb to paranoia about them, because that only makes them look as if they are invincible.

      And who gave the ICC any authority to arrest anyone? Is there some kind of a world government in power? Does the USA or Kikestan ever commit any war crimes, or just the small-time, tin-horn dictators of poor, weak countries, like Khadaffi and Milosevic?

    4. John Says:

      @ Maynard

      Bullshit! Gaddafi does not have a jewish mother, if he did he would be in charge running Lybia and ZOG would not be bombing him. I am sick and tired of these types of ridiculous charges, this is exactly what the jews put out there, also claiming the Hitler was part jew.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Is that lawyer related to Edward Bernays ?

      As for Army Attorneys did this.

      You sign up in college, and they pay for your college bills 100%, and by the time your graduated you and 0-3, plus you draw a Second Lt’s pay every month going to school.

      Unless this has changed thats the way it use to be.

      They would have to serve four years active, maybe six, but I am fairly sure it use to be four years.

    6. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      This charge against Qadhafi is rediculous in the extreme.In the four months of the illegal war against Lybia NATO has committed more crimes than Qadhafi in all the 42 years of his leadership.Qadhafi is quite popular in his country which he has given the highest standard of living of all Africa.The “crimes” of Qadhafi in the eyes of the global elite are threefold:
      1) He wants to use the oil revenues for the benefit of his own people,2) He proposes a one-state solution to the Israel-Palestine problem ( which he calls “Isratine”),3) He proposes a gold-based currency for all of Africa.Especially the last thing infuriates the vampiric Jewish banking House of Rothschild,which is the real power behind this war. When will the ICC charge the Rothschilds for crimes against humanity?

    7. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I have a grand idear! Why don’t we issue arrest warrants for Benjamin
      Nutanyahoo (sic) and every Israhelli governing official? Then we will blockade the hate state so nothing enters or leaves.

      Israel must perish. An idea whose time has come.

    8. Bigduke6 Says:

      This is not germane, but thought you would lke this. I live in a corner of Chicago that is still predominately white. Some crazy nigger in a red sports car almost ran over three white girls who were crossing the street with the light. The three white girls yelled, fuck you nigger, and gave him the finger after having some words with this drunken monkey. You go white girls. Ha Ha there is hope after all. Golly freakin whiz, what will Nigger Jim think?

    9. Bigduke6 Says:

      Why does everyone want to fuck with this guy? Think he is an easy mark for the Jew controlled military, industrial, media complex. The jews already destroyed South Africa now they want to destroy the only other country in Africa with a high standard of living.

    10. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Why are you bozos blaming Israel for the attack on Libya? If anyone is to blame for the attack it’s Gaddaffi himself. We should help the Libyan people rid themselves of that terrorist before he gets a dirty bomb and uses it against Israel or the United States. It could happen if we don’t fight Islamo-fascism!

      Also, in case you’ve forgotten, It’s NATO and not just the US who is conducting the precision bombing campaign over Libya, something which will ultimately save countless innocent Libyans from being tortured by Gaddaffi and his murderous thugs. I certainly hope President Obama doesn’t cave in to the appeasers and Gaddaffi-lovers on this one. Please let him know you support his humanitarian efforts to save innocent lives!

    11. jayhackworth Says:

      You are wasting your time, Jew.
      Go peddle your fish elsewhere,.

    12. Maynard Says:

      Here: http://barenakedislam.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/oy-vey-libyas-gaddafi-is-jewish-says-his-israeli-cousin/

    13. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      The highest office in this land requires that both parents be born in the country. To be eligible, the occupant must be a natural born citizen, the definition of which is having two parents who were born in this country. That was established and accepted in 1758 in the “Law of Nations.” The standard of citizenship was the highest because it involved the highest office. The goal of the standard was to prevent “foreign allegiances.” If your father was born in Kenya, you have a lineage of foreign allegiances. The International Criminal Court should indict the aforementioned highest officeholder for fraud based on ineligibility.

    14. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      The International Criminal Court should indict the U.S. Supreme Court for controversion and subversion of the Constitution. The Supreme Court has failed to decide for the literal and clear wording of the Constitution and the intent of its Writers. All unconstitutional issues from the Confederate secession, Civil War and emancipation proclamation to the income tax, social security and illegal immigration have been ignored by the Supreme Court to the detriment of the constitution. The marxist nationalization of the healthcare system through the administration’s current health care bill is clearly anti-free market, antiAmerican, tyrannical, oppresive and unconstitutional. The Supreme Court can’t be bothered, however, it is on a 3 month vacation to Europe and other exotic locales that pamper to the elite, ruling class. Perhaps, the International Criminal Court has strong extradition powers.

    15. Diablo Says:

      That’s ok. Be patient folks, recent cases referred to Int’l Court are setting precedence for future action against Israeli war criminals. Can’t wait to hear their boohoos and false cries of anti-sem.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:


      Crime ?

    17. John Says:

      jew Rappaport, these are some freedom loving democrats you kikes are supporting in Libya.


    18. The Red Skull Says:

      I never thought i’d find myself rooting for ol’ Khaddafi,but when ANYBODY fights the NWO,i’m cheering for them.Congress no longer has the balls to stop our executive branch.I read elsewhere that they have expanded the Presidents power,in the latest Defense appropriation bill and it will be even more like Ceasar.

      Looks like we could see our own Khaddafi -like African Strongman here when Obongo becomes Dictator for Life and we are all forced to read his Ghost-written POS book –“dreams of my father”.

      Lets hope that Libya turns into another Iraq for the Administration.The Jews just don’t know how to not over reach themselves.

      Of course its much easier to do so when your spending someone else’s blood and treasure—ie: all the American Goyim who fight Israels Wars and bankrupt our Country for Israels sake.

      All i can say is “Go Khaddaffi”

    19. The Red Skull Says:

      @ the Jew Mark Rappaport

      We ARE NATO dumbass.NATO doesn’t jack or shit without our stamp of approval,and NATO violated their own Charter by commiting an act of overt aggression—not that this bothers the int’l Jews.This time they used the super-Lame excuse of “Humanitarian Intervention”–look for that slick new Jew-term to get us in a couple more wars real soon.

      Your comments always represent how stupid,party-line,AmeriKwans are supposed to think.However –i personally enjoy your comments as they always make me laugh.They are so typical of a whiney jew.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good posts as usual, Red Skull. You’re right, NATO is in reality just an extension of US military power. It should have been dissolved 20 years ago when the bullshit Cold War ended, but ZOG has no intentions of letting the world enjoy so much as a single moment’s worth of peace.

      Death to ZOG and death to the USA.

    21. The Red Skull Says:

      Typo:NATO doesn’t -DO- jack or shit without our stamp of approval….

      @ Herr McGreen:

      Yes my point exactly Tim,Nato is an EXTENSION of US Power,and they’re our Bitch like America is Israels,so by extension,it goes back to the Self Chosen Mafia in Tel-Aviv.

    22. The Red Skull Says:

      Its taken my awhile to realize that the reason NATO was never dissolved for the very purpose it is being used for now……….ENFORCER ACTIONS for the Global ZOG,any who are not part of the rothschild banking sytem are to be “brought into compliance”. Libya was(is) one of the last Non-NWO States,not part of the Rothchild Money System,China Iran,Syria,and Russia, are some of those who are “not in Compliance” with ZOG Banker wishes.Iraq and Afganistan were two prior who were not “in Compliance”.

      You have to admit at least Khaddafi is a kind of a “cocky bastard”,what with his personal bobyguard of Women Warriors and all.
      McG can you supply the thread readers with a pic as your so fond of doing?

      Maybe there is something to the guy–lets see how he meets his end—Certainly he’s earned the International Jews Stamp of official Disapproval—-A Nice Fresh Framable “War Criminal Inditement”

      “Golly Wally–Can i get one of those?”

      IF he meets his end Nobly like a good Patriot should he could end up on my “Wall of Heroes” ——A wall of men who i admire who fought the good fight—some heroes include: General Lee,Darth Vader,Adolf Hitler,Nathan Bedford Forrest,George Washington,Ceaser,John Wayne, and others………If he goes down fighting the NWO,then he could be in a framed picture on the wall …..anythings possible.

    23. Nick Collings Says:

      Women’s Libya

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      “You have to admit at least Khaddafi is a kind of a “cocky bastard”,what with his personal bobyguard of Women Warriors and all.
      McG can you supply the thread readers with a pic as your so fond of doing?”

      I aim to please!


    25. Zoroastro Says:

      Kikes and Gadaffi. Now they need you, then they sell you to the highest bidder.

    26. Wilfred Says:

      *SIGH* More “crimes against humanity”, another “threat to democracy”, another evil, evil, EVIL dictator in the Middle East. Gaddafi really is a threat to the whole world! Shit, he’d even be a threat to the moon if he ever went there. Let’s hope that with our help, our brave little Middle Eastern ally can destroy this TYRANT and his satanic regime!

    27. jayhackworth Says:

      Wilfred – Gaddafi belongs in Paris, having his picture taken with his architect. :)

    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said, Wifred. Whenever the Jews want to remove some foreign leader from power they start whining that he’s guilty of “genocide” and “massacres”, “terrorism”, developing “weapons of mass destruction” and “crimes against humanity”(all crimes that Israel and the USA are guilty of in spades). It’s really boring to hear the Jews constantly making those same hysterical charges over and over again, especially when the only crime that the foreign leader in question is guilty of is refusing to take orders from Washington and Tel Aviv.

      Of course, he could be as ruthless a despot as he wanted to be IF he allowed the CIA and the US military to invade his country. In that case, he would be our “ally in the war on terror”.

    29. Andrei the Angry Ghost Says:

      Here we go boys & girls, ZOG just got the ball tolling….

      Defiant Gadhafi threatens attacks in Europe

      By ADAM SCHRECK Associated PressThe Associated Press

      Friday, July 1, 2011 1:28 PM EDT

      TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — A defiant Moammar Gadhafi threatened Friday to carry out attacks in Europe against “homes, offices, families,” unless NATO halts its campaign of airstrikes against his regime in Libya.

      The Libyan leader, sought by the International Criminal Court for a brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters, delivered the warning in a telephone message played to thousands of supporters gathered in the main square of the capital Tripoli.

      It was one of the largest pro-government rallies in recent months, signaling that Gadhafi can still muster significant support. A green cloth, several hundred meters long and held aloft by supporters, snaked above the crowd filling Tripoli’s Green Square. Green is Libya’s national color.

      A series of powerful explosions later rattled the heart of the capital, apparently new NATO airstrikes, as Gadhafi supporters cheered, honked horns and fired into the air in the street. Black smoke could be seen rising from the area near Gadhafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound.

      Gadhafi spoke from an unknown location in a likely sign of concern over his safety. Addressing the West, Gadhafi warned that Libyans might take revenge for NATO bombings.

      “These people (the Libyans) are able to one day take this battle … to Europe, to target your homes, offices, families, which would become legitimate military targets, like you have targeted our homes,” he said.

      “We can decide to treat you in a similar way,” he said of the Europeans. “If we decide to, we are able to move to Europe like locusts, like bees. We advise you to retreat before you are dealt a disaster.”

      It was not immediately clear whether Gadhafi could make good on such threats.

      In the past, Gadhafi supported various militant groups, including the IRA and several Palestinian factions, while Libyan agents were blamed for attacks in Europe, including a Berlin disco bombing in 1986 and the downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed 270 people, mostly Americans. Libya later acknowledged responsibility for Lockerbie.

      In recent years, however, Gadhafi was believed to have severed his ties with extremist groups when he moved to reconcile with Europe and the United States.

      Al-Qaida and other jihadi groups have opposed Gadhafi since he cracked down in the late 1990s on the Islamist Libyan Islamic Fighting Group which sought to replace his regime with an Islamic state.

      A U.S. State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, said the U.S. would take Gadhafi’s threat of attacks seriously, as his regime carried out such actions in the past. Toner said he did not know if there was intelligence to indicate Gadhafi’s regime would be able to carry out such attacks.

      “This is an individual who’s obviously capable of carrying these kinds of threats, that’s what makes him so dangerous, but he’s also someone who’s given to overblown rhetoric,” Toner told a news conference in Washington.

      Friday’s rally came just four days after the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Gadhafi, his son Seif al-Islam and Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanoussi for crimes against humanity. International prosecutors allege government troops fired on civilian protesters during anti-Gadhafi street demonstrations earlier this year.

      The popular uprising has since turned into a protracted civil war, with anti-government rebels controlling much of eastern Libya and parts of Libya’s western mountains. NATO has been bombing government-linked targets since March.

      In his speech Friday, Gadhafi denounced the rebels as traitors and blamed them for Libya’s troubles.

      He said Libyans who fled to neighboring Tunisia are now “working as maids for the Tunisians.”

      “Tunisians used to work for Libyans. What brought you to this stage? The traitors,” he added.

      He called on his supporters to march on rebel strongholds, including the western mountain area and the port city of Misrata, both in the otherwise Gadhafi-controlled western Libya. “We must end this battle fast,” he said of the attempts to oust him from power, which began with an uprising in mid-February.

      Gadhafi’s speech signaled that mounting international pressure, including the arrest warrants against him, have made him only more defiant.

      His son, Seif al-Islam, who like his father is a wanted man, denied in a TV interview that either of them ordered the killing of civilian protesters in Libya, as prosecutors charge.

      The younger Gadhafi told Russian news channel RT in an interview posted online Friday that “most of the people” died when they tried to storm military sites, and that guards fired on them under standing orders to protect the bases and themselves.

      However, documents from the International Criminal Court outline multiple instances in which the tribunal prosecutors allege government troops fired on civilian protesters during anti-Gadhafi street demonstrations earlier this year.

      The younger Gadhafi had once been viewed as a reformer by the West and was being groomed as a possible successor to his father.

      Seif al-Islam wore a thick beard and traditional clothes in the interview. He denounced the international court seeking his arrest as controlled by the NATO countries now bombing Libya.

      “This court is a Mickey Mouse court … For me to be responsible for killing people, it was a big joke,” he told the Russian state-funded network.

      The Netherlands-based tribunal on Monday issued arrest warrants against the Libyan leader, his son Seif al-Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanoussi.

      The three are accused of orchestrating the killing, injuring, arrest and imprisonment of hundreds of civilians during the first 12 days of an uprising to topple Moammar Gadhafi from power, and for trying to cover up their alleged crimes.

      Presiding Judge Sanji Monageng of Botswana has said that hundreds of civilians were killed, injured or arrested in the crackdown, and there were “reasonable grounds to believe” that Gadhafi and his son were both responsible for their murder and persecution.

      But Seif al-Islam denied that he and his father specifically ordered protesters to be killed.

      “Of course not,” he said, arguing that government troops fired on protesters out of self-defense.

      “Nobody ordered. Nobody. The guards fired. That’s it. … The guards were surprised by the attacking people and they (started) … firing. They don’t need an order to defend themselves,” he said.

      Seif al-Islam accused Western nations of intervening in Libya because they are after the country’s oil and other resources. He said the goal is “to control Libya,” and he vowed to fight on.

      “Nobody will give up. Nobody will raise the white flag,” he said. “We want peace, but if you want to fight, we are not cowards. … We are going to fight.”

      AP correspondent Matthew Pennington in Washington contributed to this report.

    30. Howdy Doody Says:

      op Comments


      @wowzers57 The true practice of “slavery” has been going on in Cuba for over half a century. The Cuban government ostracized any citizen that opposed their communist ideology and placed men and women alike in forced labor camps and other hellish places such as the UMAP.? Today, Cuba is an apartheid state. All Cubans, but specifically blacks and mulattos are chased by police from tourist locations so white Europeans can enjoy the cuban sun. Look up Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, Antunez, Zapata for info.
      ryanrful 3 months ago 15


    31. Howdy Doody Says:


      The Final Battle of the Alamo !

      SHOCKING! Uncanny 1958 Prediction coming true; America’s Destruction from Inside.flv
      He did not name the joo, but he hit a bullseye dead center.


    32. Howdy Doody Says:

      185 “Men” who likely not brain idled by talk radio, and other b.s. media.

    33. Howdy Doody Says:


      Travis Letter from the Alamo

      This the Youtube I meant to post

    34. torrence Says:

      The AU (African Union) has just announced that they will not honor or recognize the arrest warrant for Gaddafi issued by the ICC.
      They have more balls than we to stand up to the Anglo-American Zionist order. Good for them.

    35. Howdy Doody Says:

      Lookd like African Congoid’s got something exactly right for once !

      The Thugs if I was a betting man, I would lay odd’s of 90% plus they are going to try and give US the White Army treatment.

      When, how, under what pretext/LIES will be is your guess.