31 July, 2011

Jews: Always Dealing From The Bottom Of The Deck

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(Above: “Manny” Celler)

The unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964, which came from a yid named Emanuel Celler, has now been “re-interpreted” to benefit Jews even more than it already did [1].


[1] modern “civil rights” laws are based mostly on the improperly-ratified 14th Amendment

  • 3 Responses to “Jews: Always Dealing From The Bottom Of The Deck”

    1. Wilfred Says:

      Interesting. The following is from the ADL’s website:

      “The sovereign State of Israel and its government can be legitimately criticized just like any other country or government in the world. Criticism of particular Israeli actions or policies is not anti-Semitic.”

      And yet the Israeli Apartheid Week, which is a peaceful criticism of the Israeli government’s policies, is to be banned under the pretext of its being ‘anti-Semitic’. Good old ADL. Gotta love their honesty. I wonder whether Foxman will opose the banning, since it is ostensibly contrary to what he himself believes?

    2. Walter Says:

      To see what is right and wrong is an inborn trait and forms the basis of a humane life with others and the world. With Israel, we are supposed to not notice the criminality of the occupation, the wholesale destruction of the peoples of Palestine and the brutality with which Palestinians are denied their country, their rights and their dignity.
      Israel is therefore causing the basis of a decent living-together with others to erode and only through an ever-increasing and crazed effort at reality distortion can the image of the poor, besieged Jew in Israel and the warmongering Palestinian be maintained.
      The facts about Israeli disregard of others’ right o live are there. These facts have to be distorted on a daily basis to keep the poor-Jew story going. The holo story is another weapon in this effort, and a solution to this stain on humanity’s honor will have to be comprehensive.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Notice how the Jews control both sides of this and every other issue?