8 July, 2011

Mexican Semi-Trucks Coming to America Soon

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You got something against unsafe, 40,000-pound trucks on our highways? You do? That seems so un-American. Besides, it’s a “temporary” program – meaning that it’ll only last until the North American Union is created.


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Temporary”, eh? You know what will really happen….Kahngress will vote to make this Mexican truck program permanent at the end of its 3 year run, but they’ll do it on the last day that they’re in session before the Christmas break, so the public won’t notice.

      Our Interstate highway system is 40-50 years old and needs to be totally rebuilt. It’s getting 2 or 3 times the amount of traffic it was designed to accommodate. But instead of spending several trillion on rebuilding the Interstate the Federal Empire wants even more traffic on it by letting in those damn Mexican trucks.

      Those trucks will be overweight air polluters and they will be poorly maintained. Their incompetent wetback drivers will not be allowed to get any rest. They will cause even more wear and tear on US roads and create extremely hazardous driving conditions. But perhaps most importantly, they will also put American truckers out of work…WHITE American truckers.

      Eventually Whitey will have to decide what he wants to do. Will he go down to the Mexican border in his thousands, armed with shotguns and baseball bats to keep the Beaner trucks out, or will he just grumble and step aside? The Empire is not going to stop pushing this globalization down our throats unless Whitey fights back and fights back HARD.

    2. J├╝rgen Says:

      Exactly, Tim.

      The question is, indeed,: WHICH WAY, WHITE MAN?

    3. CW-2 Says:

      As Commander Rockwell said: “White man, stand up and fight!”

    4. Luke Says:

      My view on this is the same view I had when Jorge Wmd Boosch, the coke-snorting, mass murdering, lying little draft dodging weasel wanted and got this passed for a short time while he was disgracing the oral office.

      The drug cartels down in Mexico have cut a deal once again, to load their poisonous dope into those Mexican trucks and then haul their drugs into America – and while I haven’t yet seen or read and details about border checks on those trucks, I will bet it will mirror the transparently obvious scheme of the coke snorting war criminal’s administration and those $25k per year US Border Patrol agents won’t be permitted to inspect what’s in the back of those trucks. No, they’ll be ‘inspected’ by greasy mexicrements down in Mexico and they’ll place a little yellow sticker with a Kosher Circle K on it across the double doors on the back of those rigs and when our $25k per year US Border Patrol agents see that sticker, they’ll be told to wave those trucks right on through.

      Those trucks will be ferrying narcotics, illegal alien mudsharks, and probably weapons to be distributed to the beandogs who’re already here to get them armed up for Reconquista.

      Are you getting ready, White man? Or, are you too busy watching sweaty negroes on TV playing sports to bother?

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      This is going to help turn America into even more of a turd-world country.And just who will Americans seek “compensation” from when these wetback truckers get into an accident?Contact the Mexican Embassy you say?All forms must be filed in Spanish you say?Only certain people can file and theres a “limit” on how much money you can get?Don’t be suprised at the red tape to get results.

      I see a whole can of worms being opened by this…….But mainly its a Declaration of WAR on Independant White American Truckers.This state is already overflowing with uninvited brown-skinned Scum.The Mexican truckers will make it more crowded,less safe,and bring truck loads of weapons and drugs in unchecked——Thanks- Traitors and Criminals in Washington!

      May the Gods of our Race stir the People to Resistance!I can’t wait for this Corrupt POS to implode.

    6. Bigduke6 Says:

      Some one in the gov better shut this down. Do you think these animals have US insurance, or drug testing or safety?