3 November, 2012

Lincoln-Worship is Increasing

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It has to increase. War might become unfashionable and racism might return – that wouldn’t be good for the New World Order. Even though Abe Lincoln is loved by both conservatives and liberals (how scary is that?), in reality he was a war-mongering scoundrel who killed his own people when he didn’t have to. By the way, Kushner, Spielberg and Day-Lewis are Jews [1]. Trivia: Jews played a big role in 1) starting, and 2) financing the so-called Civil War.

[Article] and [Article].

[1] Day-Lewis’ mother is a Jew, making him one under traditional Jewish law

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    1. CW-2 Says:

      We were all taught in high school that Lincoln’s ‘civil war’ was reluctantly fought to ‘preserve the Union’. Well, with the perspective provided by 150 years of ‘social progress’ surely even those of us with only half a brain must be able to see that the war aims of Lincoln’s handlers were designed for the purpose of creating social and racial chaos within the old South and later within the greater ‘Union’.
      And the butcher’s bill? 700,000 White men killed! Little wonder there were massive race and anti-draft riots in New York in 1863.

      PS Spielberg looks more sinister and evil with each passing year.

    2. Arminius Says:

      Wasn’t Abe L. bumped off by a Jew “actor”?
      And what about the story of the “greenbacks”?
      Indeed, he must have done somthing which seriously displeased his bankster masters.
      But don’t expect Jew Spielberg to offer a look behind the stage door.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I should have known that Daniel Day-Lewis (Levy) was a Jew. I did like his performance in Gangs of New York a great deal, though.

      The Jews seem to have an obsession with Abby Lincoln, as if he was one of them. No doubt Lincoln ( a mentally ill closet homo?) pleased the Jews a great deal by killing over 600,000 White men and emancipating the niggras.

      If any Presidents deserve respect Lincoln is not one of them. His predecessor James Buchanan and his successor Andrew Johnson were both far better leaders and were not afraid to show their pro-White pride. The fact that the Great Society PBS liberal Bill Moyers doesn’t like Buchannan but praises Lincoln to the skies says it all.

    4. fd Says:

      “The Federal principle ultimately fatal to the Union.” Lincoln’s unnecessary fratricidal war.

      Edward Pollard, author of The Lost Cause wrote: The character of Abraham Lincoln belongs to history as fully as that of the meanest agent in human affairs . . .”

      Lincoln’s humor was animal. Laced with insults. Southern newspapers named him the Illinois Ape. Things have come full circle. We now have another Illinois Ape.

      Pollard had no problem blasting the North or South. And he referred to the so called founding fathers as common flesh and blood, many of whom were unlettered and embarassed at the Philadelphia convention. Their purpose was to bring the Articles of Confederation up to date. But they exceeded their mandate by designing a megalomanic doctrine with authoritarian power of which the patriots fought to overthrow.

      And you’re right Tim. Buchanan and Johnson were cool well directed statesmen.

    5. bjt Says:

      fd… an ape would be better running the white house.
      An ape can reason things out, a nigger just can’t do it.

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Either way the first Kahnstitution set the stage for civil war, the war Lincoln waged was one equivalent to that of the Bolsheviks in Russia. First and foremost it wanted to destroy the Southern Aristocracy, and turn the south into a plantation run by a military dictatorship out of Jew “darK” shitty and DC.. have you have ever wondered why so many of ZOGs military bases are in the South? Oh yeah to protect the soft underbelly from Mexishit invasion? Ha, Ha
      The last thing the Kwa wants is for a 2nd constitutional convention to be held, because you never know what could come of the cauldron, and for those lovers of the “Original” Gore Vidal said we would gradually lose all the rights embedded in it, if any are left.

    7. fd Says:

      After the war for Southern independence, the South was locked down with Federal military bases all over the place. Before the war, Dixie Land was guarded by an unpaid police; after the war, the Federals demanded a cop station in every one horse town. Under local control crime was nil. With centralized authority, crime skyrocketed from New England to South California.

      Jews operate with equal enthusiasm under dictatorships, democracy, communism, whatever. They simply tap in to the productive fields like a slip-stream and draw from resources provided by the folk.

    8. jayhackworth Says:

      Lincoln’s talent – he was a master at manipulating other men. So people can skip reading “Team of Rivals.”

    9. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Lincoln made several comments critical of niggers and denigrating the concept of racial equality, but he’ll no doubt be recast as a nigger lover on steroids by the jew Spielberg. As it is the groids in the movie are depicted as highly respectable and intelligent, or just the opposite of real life.

      You can always count on Hollywood kikes to distort reality.

    10. fd Says:

      Lincoln unleashed an ultra modern Negro army on the North American continent for the exclusive purpose of killing White people in the South which denies him the honor of being a White racist by any standards. An absolute abomination.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The use of nigger troops has been the death knell of many a civilization, from ancient times through modern days. I just read about the Moslim leader Saladin who had to rush back to Cairo during the crusades, to put down a revolt of nigger troops. From some historical accounts the nigger revolts in present day Iraq brought down the Sassanid empire. Lincoln met to have war no matter what the costs, just like the madman John Brown, but he was shrewd enough to pretend he really believed in a constitution, fortunately for him his war was an easy sale to Yankee industrialists with their jew financiers who needed a market for the armament industry… Look at some of the old photographs of the era, and you already see the mass market strategy of consumerism, the bill board advertizements typical jew hock shop selling of powders and headache remedies. Maybe Lincoln was a dope addict, or had major investments in a laudunum factory?

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      With all the hype in Yankee inspired accounts of the Northern war of aggression 1861-???, all the compromises etc., threats of secession, Why oh Why did’nt somebody call for a 2nd Constitutional convention? Now that is the question. Why did Dishonest Abe seem to be giving in to the Southern states all the way up until Ft. Sumter?? This was just the typical ruse used by all tyrants, the “weapons of mass destruction”, babies being bayonetted or thrown out of incubators.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      How ironic can you get? The French Bourbons supported the American Revolution, insuring its success, only to be guillotined in mass less than a decade later. The Russian Tsar with the Russian navy insured that neither England nor France would interfere in the North-South conflict, insuring the defeat of the South, half a century later the entire Tsars family and dog were riddled by jew bolsheviks in a basement. Thats that good old Yankee puritan for you.

    14. fd Says:

      The Germans fought for the Federals to drive ol’ Dixie down, and the Federals paid them back by destroying Germany twice in the 20th century. And they are still under occupation. The Dixie curse.

      Using Negro soldiers against the Southern Confederacy was a disaster. Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company slaughtered Federal Negro troops and Fort Pillow and Brices Crossroads.

      Hollywood released a film entitled GLORY. This movie is in reference to the Assault on Fort Wagner. The following excerpt is lifted from the Confederate battle report on that assault.

      Brigadier General R. S. Ripley

      The carnage of the enemy in the confined space in front of Battery Wagner was extreme. The ditch and glacis were encumbered with the slain of all ranks and colors, for the enemy had put the poor negroes, whom they had forced into an unnatural service, in front, to be, as they were, slaughtered indiscriminately. The white colonel who commanded them fell with many officers of the regiment (the Fifty-fourth Massachucetts), and the colors under which they sent to butchery by hypocrisy and inhumanity, fell, draggled in blood and sand in the ditch, a mournful memorial of the waste of industry.

    15. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Read some of Lincoln’s speeches and debates concerning his feelings on equality for the Blacks. Not doubt, Spielburg won’t be including those in his movie.

    16. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Lincoln, Jefferson they both made naughty comments about the pickaninnies, thats no sign of greatness. On the other hand Lincoln used the prop of emancipation to glorify the slaughter and destruction of the South, as well as many a German or Irish grunt caught up in his meat grinder.
      We tend overlook the real motive behind the slaughter, and it was Puritan Xianity, in the eyes of that demented bunch, whose ancestors had traded in niggers and rum, and oh yes opium, John Brown was a john the baptist and they made Abe into a messiah.

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Lincoln, Jefferson they both made naughty comments about the pickaninnies, thats no sign of greatness. On the other hand Lincoln used the prop of emancipation to glorify the slaughter and destruction of the South, as well as many a German or Irish grunt caught up in his meat grinder.
      We tend overlook the real motive behind the slaughter, and it was Puritan Xianity, in the eyes of that demented bunch, whose ancestors had traded in niggers and rum, and oh yes opium, John Brown was a john the baptist and they made Abe into a messiah.

    18. fd Says:

      Yankee soldiers insulted by Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation:

      1998. Cambridge, Mass.

      Harvard Press

      “The Emancipation Proclamation caused a desertion crisis in the United States Army. At least 200,000 Northern soldiers deserted; another 120,000 evaded conscription; and another 90,000 Northern men fled to Canada to evade the draft, while thousands more hid in the mountains of central Pennsylvania where they lay beyond the easy reach of enrolling officers.”

      23 Federal Negro soldiers, (16 in the army and 7 in the navy)received the Congresional medal of honor. The South didn’t have a medal department. The highest honor received was to be mentioned in a dispatch or battle report.

    19. CW-2 Says:

      The jew is sometimes merely the convenient middle man for New England Puritans, the elitist hypocrites of the ‘blue-blood’ Cabot-Lodge variety. These traitors were and still are one of the driving forces behind every bit of ‘social engineering’ aimed at Whites, particularly working class Whites.
      Woodrow Wilson, although nominally a Southerner, was another sanctimonious hypocrite and willing jew tool.
      We are going to deal very harshly with those ‘whites’ who put elitist class considerations ahead of racial loyalty.