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29 March, 2013

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(Above: Mandela giving the communist salute, standing next to Jewish commie Joe Slovo) Like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela was “created” by the media. Without massive press hype, he’d be just another Black ex-terrorist/ex-convict[1]. [Article]. [1] Mandela spent decades in prison for committing violent sabotage against the South African government

28 March, 2013

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General rule of thumb: if a media report was/is about Hitler, the truth is the opposite of what the media reported. The infamous Jesse Owens/Hitler report is a great example of that. [Article].

27 March, 2013

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “She came home from school after the field trip and told her parents quite seriously that she had learned that Blacks had done just about everything worth doing in the development of our civilization, and she wondered why Whites hadn’t done anything.” [Article]. For the audio version of this article, […]

27 March, 2013

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Oh, no! One of the most important weapons in feminism’s war on traditional America (“abortion rights”) is under attack in North Dakota. Soon, women in N.D. may be forced to stay at home, barefoot and pregnant. OMG!! This can’t happen in America…can it??? (Of course, the abortion movement, like other leftist movements, is heavily Jewish). […]

25 March, 2013

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News anchor #1: “Polls show that most Americans support same-sex marriage.” News anchor #2: “Research shows that people who oppose same-sex marriage have smaller brains.” News anchor #3: “Experts say that gays and lesbians make better parents than heterosexuals…” [Article]. About the homosexual movement and who runs it: [Here] and [Here].

23 March, 2013

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No sane White country would tolerate millions of these critters roaming around in public. [Video].

22 March, 2013

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The American Classical Music Hall of Fame & Museum (formerly the Hamilton County Memorial Building), located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The building was completed in 1908.

22 March, 2013

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Decades later, the “war on Hitler” continues. Notice the key wording in the first paragraph: “may have had” Jewish/African roots. What, they’re not sure?? Next, we’ll be reading that Hitler “may have had” baboon genes…no, wait, we’ll be reading that he did indeed have baboon genes! [Article].

21 March, 2013

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This movie is about a girl who gets caught up in America’s hippie counterculture (by the way, notice how White suburbia is portrayed negatively in this film). Almost every counterculture leader in America was a Jew. Some, like Abbie Hoffman, were feet-in-the-street political leaders, while others wrote songs or published books/magazines. Some of them dreamed […]

20 March, 2013

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Jew: “I’ll admit it: Black and Brown criminals commit most of the gun-related violence in America.” Gentile: “So, the solution to that problem is to get tough on Black and Brown criminals, right?” Jew: “No. The solution is to make it harder for law-abiding White people to buy guns.” [Article].