19 June, 2013

Our Sad Post-9/11 Country

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You can have freedom, or you can have Zionism. You can’t have both. Israel caused 9/11. Zionism is why so many people hate America. What if America was controlled by White people instead of Jews?


  • 5 Responses to “Our Sad Post-9/11 Country”

    1. Fred Says:

      I feel much safer knowing the KGB is here to save us.

      How long before they truly roust and round up people Jews don’t like?

      BTW: IS the forum under DDOS attack?

    2. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Yes it is.

    3. -JC Says:

      Denial-of-service attacks are considered violations of the Internet Architecture Board’s Internet proper use policy, and also violate the acceptable use policies of virtually all Internet service providers. They also commonly constitute violations of the laws of individual nations.


    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      The truth hurts, and enemy aliens/rubber hose media will not have their assertions/truths questioned.

    5. jayhackworth Says:

      JC- truth always prevails. The beauty of the internet is that these cowards that hide and try be effective in secret can never shut the truth down ;they’ll try to censor speech in a certain place, it’ll just pop up someplace else. Do it again, it just keeps coming back. They are running out of time and they realize that now.