27 October, 2013

Singer Lou Reed Dies

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The media loved Lou Reed because he was a Jewish homosexual who sometimes injected heroin onstage, i.e., he was the “perfect” man to help transform America’s culture from “traditional” to “anything goes.”


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think this thread deserves some commentary. I know that Reed (his real name was Rudin or Rudinstein…something like that) was a homosexual Jew from Long Island, not exactly the kind of guy that WNs would normally associate with. But his music did have an influence on a lot of young White musicians and music fans. And that influence was not a bad one.

      In all fairness gentile musicians like John Lennon and Jimmy Page were both addicted to smack at one time. The goy Jim Morrison died from drug and alcohol abuse. Aryan Kurt Cobain shot himself in a fit of depression. That’s how many artists are, musical and otherwise. They are highly creative but also tend to be self-destructive. One can enjoy their music or their art without being obligated to admire them as role-models. In fact no one should really be anyone’s role-model, unless the role-model was your dad or uncle or someone you personally knew and trusted.

      Without Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground there would not have been any Blondie, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Pretenders or Ramones. Even if you don’t like any of those musical artists you can’t deny the amazing impact they all had on a lot of people.

      So I think credit should be given where it’s due. Lou Reed was an artist. And like many artists he had a lot of bad habits and personal demons. Fair statement?

    2. fd Says:

      Yes, music lovers should separate what they don’t like about the person from the music. It’s just that every time a talented Jew dies, the tribe promotes the artist as a genius. Every couple of weeks Jews suddenly discover that one of their own is brilliant. In a healthy White culture, excessive praise is not customary or proper.

      The country music genre is no different. Cocaine put Waylon Jennings down. Alcohol and drugs did the same to Townes Van Zandt. The latter wrote Pancho and lefty. Bob Dylan said it was the best song ever written. Coming from Dylan, who is not a practicing Jew and maybe never has been, that’s a great compliment.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right about the excessive praise that Jews heap on their own kind, fd. The most obvious example of that is Albert Einstein, whom the Jews credit as being the most intelligent man who ever lived. They never say that about Plato, Aristotle, Newton or Tesla. No, only Einstein deserves such praise.

      Interesting comment by Dylan about that Poncho and Lefty song. I always thought Hoyt Axton’s song, The Pusher, was one of the best songs ever written.

      Album: American Originals [Capitol]

      (Hoyt Axton)

      You know I’ve smoked a lot of grass
      O’ Lord, I’ve popped a lot of pills
      But I never touched nothin’
      That my spirit could kill.

      You know, I’ve seen a lot of people walkin’ ’round
      With tombstones in their eyes
      But the pusher don’t care
      Ah, if you live or if you die.

      God damn, the pusher
      God damn, I say the pusher
      I said God damn
      God damn the pusher man.

      You know the dealer, the dealer is a man
      With the love grass in his hand
      Oh but the pusher is a monster
      Good God, he’s not a natural man.

      The dealer for a nickel
      Lord, will sell you lots of sweet dreams
      Ah, but the pusher ruin your body
      Lord, he’ll leave your
      He’ll leave your mind to scream.

      God damn, the pusher
      God damn, God damn the pusher
      I said God damn
      God, God damn the pusher man.

      Well, now if I were the president of this land
      You know, I’d declare total war on the pusher man
      I’d cut him if he stands, and I’d shoot him if he’d run
      Yes, I’d kill him with my Bible and my razor and my gun.

      God damn the pusher
      Gad damn the pusher
      I said God damn
      God damn the pusher man..

    4. fd Says:

      Yes, I like Hoyt.

      Steppenwolf’s version of The Pusher was provocative and haunting. I should have kept the tape as a collector item.

    5. John A Says:

      From the today’s USA Today article on Reed:

      “…..released their debut album ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’, and attempted to drag pop-culture consciousness toward the dark side with and experimental, and arty work exploring addiction, decadence, and deviancy.

      The album was ignored, but a corner had been turned.”

      The post is correct in stating that Reed was one of many who helped destroy our culture.

    6. Virgil Says:

      One less fag-kike-junkie degenerate is an occasion for mirth; who’s next?

    7. jayhackworth Says:

      Three guitar chords and a 3/4 octave vocal range, however the syracuse u. jew had a gimmick ( vat vas it, oh yes a Burroughs-inspired heroin theme)& supported muscle from the kike gangsters running the “industry’ to supplant his rehashed backbeats with decent session /studio players. BFD
      Phony kikes, down the gullet of the goyim Vat ‘music’, culture.

    8. jayhackworth Says:

      “Even Bob Dylan says that…” Wow, geez, no kidding? And not a practicing Jew? Maybe not in theory but in practice. All the glorious tunes from the ‘early years’ for the freedpm riders and the ‘civil rights movement… Thanks “Bob”— and such classics as ‘masters of war’. All the traits of jew anarchism…. Don’t hear too much airplay on”Masters of War” or other Dylan “peace”
      renditions since ‘our troops’ now fight for The Jew.

    9. jayhackworth Says:

      “Even Bob Dylan says that…” Wow, geez, no kidding? And not a practicing Jew? Maybe not in theory but in practice. All the glorious tunes from the ‘early years’ for the freedpm riders and the ‘civil rights movement… Thanks “Bob”— and such classics as ‘masters of war’. All the traits of jew anarchism…. Don’t hear too much airplay on”Masters of War” or other Dylan “peace”
      renditions since ‘our troops’ now fight for The Jew. Keep drinking the kool aid

    10. Thom McQueen Says:

      Antagonistes Says:

      28 October, 2013 at 3:17 pm

      Tim McGreen, yes, Tim McGreen
      Perhaps you ain’t what you seem

      Are you Elisha, the Kevin Strom wife,
      The one who gave him such a bitter life

      Or are you a witch-coven warlock
      Surrounded by witches’ naked buttocks

      As they get off their brooms after their flight
      their naked soaring into the black night

      They look at you fondly with sagging knockers
      But you are chaste, and not a focker.

      Howdy Doody says: at 3:15 pm
      “Don’t fall for their charms; they’ll take your power, Tim!”

    11. fd Says:

      Dylan simply praised honky-tonk man Townes Van Zandt for writing a great song–Pancho and Lefty. Dylan went to Nashville in 1969 and recorded songs with Johnny Cash. I’m simply stating music history.

      You probably wouldn’t like Townes, jayhackworth. He lived on the road, in the street, shacks with no plumbing. etc. Willie Nelson dedicated an entire album to Townes Van Zandt.

      I care nothing for Jews, but I’m not going to talk stupid or be lectured by someone who does. As far Lou Reed, I know nothing of him and don’t want to know.

    12. fd Says:

      Most unpopular again !

      I bragged about the integrity of this website and the integrity of Linder. I also hinted that I would contribute to the website. But when I pressed the submit tab my message didn’t go through, and I’ll tell you why: I made the mistake of stating my opinion of TM, the hardcase self-righteous Yankee Lincoln marching unionist who feeds of the South because he has nothing to draw from in the North — who insults the South with great calumny.

      “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on.”

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Pancho and Lefty” is a good song. But it’s not about Pancho Villa. I can easily understand why it was such an inspiration for so many other singers and songwriters. Btw, fd, Steppenwolf’s version of “The Pusher” is still available on the Easy Rider soundtrack CD, as well as Steppenwolf’s first album and all their greatest hits releases.

      PS….I strongly suspect McQueen is a troll/snitch/ZOG informant, so watch what you say. He’s going to report everything that’s posted here to his boss, the NSA Director General Keith Alexander. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvKoWMX9gmU

    14. fd Says:

      Townes is/was an interesting character. He came from a wealthy family in Fort Worth. But he walked away from all that and chose to live out there…… on the road

      “Living on the road my friend
      Was gonna keep you free and clean”

      I think much of the song “Pancho and Lefty” is about Townes and the life he and others chose.

      Thanks for the info. I’m going to get the ‘Easy Rider soundtrack CD’

    15. CW-2 Says:

      I’m tired and angry about all sorts of mediocre, third-rate and no-talent jews receiving praise from the controlled media.
      In American easy-listening music Aryan composers such as Jimmy Webb don’t get the credit they deserve. With a few chords he could establish the mood and direction of a song, that is real talent.

    16. fd Says:

      A.H. exposed the excessive praise that Jews receive in his book.

      Get a load of the racist masculine album covers of Southern hard rock band Molly Hatchet named from a prostitute who allegedly mutilated and decapitated her clients.


    17. Thom McQueen Says:

      Keith Alexander, of the Political Cesspool? Good show, but seems aimed toward Christians. Blockheads, Blickheads, Biblical know-nothings. To know the bible is to no the bible.


      Tim shame on ;you for mentioning Easy Rider without a word about the Byrds. I know Roger McGuinn, Roger McGuinn is a friend of mine, AND Y0U ARE … oh, nevermind.

      Glad you liked Ant’s poem; he could be the next Jimmy Webb. An airbrushing Jimmy Webb. All that sweet green icing . . . icing on a cake is like airbrush paint on the women.

    18. Antagonistes Says:

      Tim, I think you are Elisha Strom
      the one who made Kevin’s mind go numb
      like a medieval witch at the stake
      whose ashes will be dumped in the lake

      The squirt her naked body with oil
      like ejaculating penises
      they want to see her soft, pale skin fry and boil
      like sinners in the Book of Genises

      They lear and grin as she burns away,
      resigned like the night before the day
      But her belief she does not deny
      That the bloody Jewish god is a lie.

      (sung to the tune of “MacArthur Park”)

    19. Antagonistes Says:

      Nice covers, fd. I see a few by the master, Frank Frazetta, and some by Boris Valleho, as well.

    20. Antagonistes Says:

      Ps, Tim, Thom , fd, CW-2—it is supposed to read,

      THEY squirt her naked body with oil
      like ejaculating penises

      “THEY”, not “the”

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nico (née Christa Päffgen) was a German model and actress who as a child was traumatized by Allied bombs falling in her hometown of Köln (Cologne). Her earliest memories were of houses on fire and bodies in the street. No wonder she became so screwed up. She appeared in Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vida, married the French playboy actor Alain Delon, who incidentally is a supporter of Jean-Marie Le Pen’s National Front. In the mid-1960s she hung out at Andy Warhol’s Factory on East 47th Street and sung a little on the Velvet Underground’s first album, which was produced by Andy Warhol. Lou Reed was also in that band. Then she got involved with smack and it was all downhill after that. She died in Ibiza in 1988 at the age of 49. If one must die that would probably be the best place in the world to do so.

      The Velvet Underground, New York, 1967. Left to right: Nico, Andy Warhol, Maureen Tucker, Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison and John Cale (seated). http://www.thisisjanewayne.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/0000074091-194812-7421593-.jpg

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Fd, something tells me that Warhol’s 1960s Factory scene would not have been of interest to you. Something also tells me that McQueen would have gotten his ass kicked up and down 47th Street by a herd of bull-dykes. That would have been an amusing event to document in one of Warhol’s experimental movies. Maybe it could have been called The Apotheosis of McQueen the Drag Queen (take 1).

      McQueen, you could have been a Warhol Superstar.

    23. fd Says:

      I never invested enough time in Warhol to determine if he was truly talented or smoke and mirrors. Disinterested uninterested. No doubt he enjoyed his work along with many others.

      Informants are paid chump change for reporting–he said she said. CCR: Better run through the jungle……don’t look back.

    24. Thom McQueen Says:

      Maybe it could have been called The Apotheosis of McQueen the Drag Queen (take 1).

      You mean The Airbrushgenius of McQueen. The last part is viscious. Viscious. You need a competent professional to examine your visciousness.

    25. Antagonistes Says:

      “Vicious”–good choice of words, Thom.

      Sometimes, the extraordinary viciousness of this Tim McGreen entity astonishes me.

      That is just one reason that I think he is Elisha Strom.

    26. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Never will you hear more shit and gobbledegook coming out of the mouths of people when a some drug-addled idiot connected to the music or other pop-culture industries kicks the bucket. They are always a “genius” and they influenced so-and-so and such and such and their passing will be felt profoundly and a void will be created in whatever industry they were in. I could write the article myself as it is so much boilerplate. Never will you hear such talk about great scientists and other creators of really useful products that we use every day. The people who are revered, are those that produce temporary or transitory things such as pop tunes and garbage visual art. If we were really in control of our society, this would not be the case as white people who don’t have their tastes dictated to them by aliens, really appreciate things of quality and lasting appeal.