26 April, 2014

America: Helping Communists and Creating Future Political Crises Since 1933

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Did you know that F.D. Roosevelt helped the Soviet Union become “legit” in November 1933? Yep. Not a good idea. America also helped Castro come to power by turning its back on Batista. Not a good idea. Why does America frequently help communists? Anyway, an expert on the TV said that China is a big problem in Asia. Really? Why would China be a problem? Likely because, sooner or later, China will try to seize Taiwan, and guess who is going to have to defend Taiwan? Right: America. Maybe if China hadn’t been Jewed twice, it never would have turned communist? [1][2].

[1] China was Jewed twice: once by Jewish communists, and once by Jewish “officials” in the U.S. Treasury Department

[2] China is still communist, despite allowing capitalism. Granted, China’s communism is now closer to nationalism than communism

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    1. fd Says:

      Let’s not forget that communism took hold in the North in the 20th century. The money powers in New York City financed the Bolsheviks and supplied them with fighters from within the city. As for Castro. he out lived his enemies on the Potomac, including those who were Marxists at heart. He fought his fight without asking others to die in his place.

      If New York City is the Jew capital of the world then so is communism.

    2. .308 Says:


    3. CW-2 Says:

      Big jew has for years been assiduously building up China’s industrial and economic strength, mostly at the expense of American and European worker’s jobs. The Chinese leadership know the score and aren’t going to upset the applecart any time soon. Peking will occasionally make distracting and mildly threatening noises about Taiwan joining ‘the motherland’ but won’t take any military action. Why should Peking take any risks? They are poised within a few years to be a colossal industrial power.
      The question we need to ask is, will Putin or his successor do anything when Peking decides it is strong enough to occupy Russia’s Pacific Maritime Province.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:


      Here Dr. Duke highlights the sick in the head movie’s and this kike movies was foisted at every grocery store check out when it was released.

      They are the terrorist’s for what they have done to us since JFK was ventilated in 1963.

    5. Jim Bob Says:

      Maybe if we would have been smart and NUKED CHINA before they stole our defense secrets, we wouldn’t be in this mess right now. Before they had our missile secrets, they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Now they are a force to reckon with. Perhaps it would still be in our best interest to go ahead and nuke them. In the end, it will either be us or them: Our economy or theirs; our destruction or theirs. Can you think of a better way to eliminate over 3 trillion dollars of our national debt whilst creating millions of American jobs over night (out of necessity)? We would also be breaking the world record for the amount of fried rice cooked in under a minute!

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Remember when Nixon and Kissinger visited Peking in the early 70s? Now we know the REAL reason for that visit. It wasn’t to form a strategic alliance with Peking against Moscow, it was to set things up so we could eventually export our manufacturing jobs to China, thus making “Doctor” Kissinger and his New World Order cronies very wealthy.

      Red China has incorporated the worst elements of Red So-shul-izm with Western Capitalism, creating a ruthless, authoritarian regime that cares nothing about the welfare of its people or the environment. Of course, that’s their problem, but when it involves stealing our White Man technology, stealing our White Man jobs and taking control of our White Man economy it becomes our business.

      And the way they treat cats and dogs is monstrous. What a bunch of cruel yellow savages the Chinks are. We should refuse to do business with them on that basis alone. Our “barbarian” ancestors always had respect for animals and for Nature, but not so the Orientals.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      Dr. K was written up in the media as first to have a home in Peking, yeah no problem, wink, wink.

      This will be called hate by the kikes, and notice these honored recipients of chink awards were keep secret from US.

      The media has has put forth allot more chinks and BC Canada is now less than 50% White if I am correct.

      In 1948 the FDR cabal snakes and rats destroyed the Nationalist currency, and deep sixed all military supplies to them at sea just when they were wining hands down against the RED bastard murdering chinks.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:


      Tim, can that link be posted too many times ?