1 April, 2014

NATO Ends Cooperation with Russia. New Cold War Coming?

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Big Jew: “I no longer trust Russia. In fact, ever since Stalin’s purges…well, never mind. Anyway, you don’t trust Putin, either. Russia is now on your blacklist. Don’t talk to any of those people. Understand?”

NATO: “Yes, master.”


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      When the Warsaw Pact was dissolved NATO should have dissolved. Instead, President Daddy Bush took advantage of Russia’s post-Soviet chaos to expand NATO and launch a war of aggression against Iraq, a former Soviet client state, knowing that Russia couldn’t do anything about it. Now that Russia is on its feet again it should re-assert itself militarily in order to keep Washingcoon and Londinistan in check. I would suggest a Moscow-Peking-Tehran Pact. That would do the trick.

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I remember as a young boy the Soviet Russian propaganda claims of the USA being an imperialist power which I thought laughable. The sad part is that it turned out to be true especially, as Tim pointed out, since the Warsaw Pact immediately dissolved (and only formed as a response to NATO) and Russian bases in foreign lands were closed down. Then NATO began aggressively courting former Soviet bloc countries. There might have been some truth to the old Soviet propaganda.

      Now that the kwa is under jewish management, we are as reckless and bellicose as the former USSR was when the kikocracy had them by the nape of the neck. Israhell hates Russia and wants it neutralized using US military prowess. And the wild eyed rapture bunnies are all to eager to oblige.

    3. Jürgen Says:

      Great posts Tim and Sgt. Skull – how totally true.

      Big jew is too strung out to pick on someone his own size. It’d be nice to see Putin kick his ass.

    4. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Vive_Caucasia Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      2 April, 2014 at 4:17 am

      I’m glad this website is linking to RT. While it is not yet able to openly sound the alarm about Big Jew, RT is a welcome relief from the traditional zionist domination of western and English-language media. I particularly enjoy their Truthseeker program:

      The Truthseeker: Looting Of America (E12)

      9/11 and Operation Gladio

      The Truthseeker: NGO documents plan Ukraine war

    5. CW-2 Says:

      While Putin may consider himself a grand pragmatist as he attempts to move the chess pieces into a configuration favorable to Russia, he must realize, if he has any sense of history, that Russia stands alone as it did in the time of Alexander Nevsky.
      The names may have changed since 1242 but the forces ganging up on Russia remain the same. Putin may form a temporary alliance with Peking but he would be a fool to trust China. They have eyes on Siberia and are already attempting to swamp Russia’s Pacific Maritime provinces.

    6. George Lenz Says:

      Russia is the main geopolitical enemy of the United States: of Rome and Carthage, United States of America and Russian federation, only one state will survive. In fact, Russian federation is the last colonial empire of Europe that is swiftly coming to its long deserved end, liberating Russian people and other peoples, enslaved, oppressed and dispossessed by the Russian dictatorship.

      Therefore it is long overdue for NATO to end all cooperation with the Russian federation and its satellites: hopefully the overdue withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan will forever end any need to cooperate with the Russian dictatorship.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      Secession and the Crimea

      Larry LaBorde
      Posted Apr 2, 2014

      It seems that the last thing the internet needs right now is another story on the Crimea but this is an older story.

      Who is G. Lenz ?

    8. Topkea Says:

      An expanding Russia is not in the interests of Whites. Russia must be subjugated – when Der Tag comes and muds are purged, Slavs will form the natural servitor race for the Germanic/Nordic peoples. Russia, once the demographic decline is forcibly reversed, will be a great farm, mine, and forest worked by Slav peasants and laborers for the benefit of their Germanic masters. Thus, Hitler’s dream will be realized after over seventy years of hiatus.


    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Topkea, you vile villainess………If you think Russians and Ukrainians will submit to German authority you are truly nuts. Besides, the Germans like spending their time in warm, sunny places like Spain and The Bahamas, not freezing their tuchases off in Kiev or Volgograd. Why are you so damn annoying?

    10. Topkea Says:

      Tim – no one ever said anything about Germany. That state has now been jewed. I am talking about the Germanic peoples, the Anglo-Saxons, the Scandinavians etc. who are the natural guardians and leaders of the White race. Slavs are a naturally servile race, which should naturally follow its racial betters. The mongrelized Spaniards must be put through an acute program of racial rectification and they may well lose half of their population, but if Meds are artists and artisans, Slavs are hewers of wood and drawers of water.

    11. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      George Lenz watches way too much jewish-neocon garbage coming out of Fox News. Also he sounds like a rapture bunny taking out his anger on Russia because he is angry at home that his wife keeps him in a chastity device while “spreading diversity” to her most private of areas.

      And the last colonial state on its way to collapse is the inheritor of the old British Empire, namely the United States. Good riddance.

      Russia, by contrast, has gone a long way in the last decade cutting its jewish problem down to size.

    12. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      george lenz:

      NATO = good
      Russia = bad dictatorship
      “enslaved, oppressed and dispossessed peoples”

      That is some serious jewspeak right there. You could run for office. Or preach some liberation theology at any mainstream church and enjoy the tax benefits.

      Seriously, people like you are why the White race went from dominating the world to cowering in fear at the thought of fighting blacks or being labelled racists. I understand you are frustrated for the reasons described above, but trying to make yourself feel better by declaring your undying hatred and willingness to die in the fight against the enemies of Big Jew makes you a liability. Like the countless White boys who died in Iraq so they could kill some “A-rabs”… You do the work, the jew expertly reaps the benefit. Wonder why they call you goyim?

    13. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Billionaire mogul Sheldon Adelson looks for mainstream Republican who can win in 2016


      What a pathetic sight. Candidates for “democratic elections in the land of the free” lining up for job interviews with the all-powerful Jewish boss, a boss whose billions are built on illicit gambling and speculations. America cannot fall much lower. This is democracy in its absolute, most disgusting, purest form. Very similar to Russia under Yeltsin. Thankfully, President Putin destroyed the jewish oligarchy in Russia. But try explaining this to an American conservative, you’ll have better luck using logical reasoning on a born-again Christard.