16 April, 2014

U.S. Universities Admit That They Want to Become Less White

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How ironic: your White tax dollars pay for most colleges and universities. (Here’s a happy fact from the past: during Argentina’s “Dirty War” [circa 1977], which was a war between Left and Right, leftist university professors and faculty members were removed from their positions by the government and replaced with military officers. The results were, apparently, dramatic. A White country today can get a lot of ideas from studying the Dirty War, which would have been successful if not for “international pressure” on the Argentine government).


More about the Dirty War: [Here].

  • 2 Responses to “U.S. Universities Admit That They Want to Become Less White”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’ll bet the racially sensitive president of “Western Washington University” (no doubt one of those glorified high schools that has recently tried to improve its image by changing its name from “junior community college” to “university”) would not want to live in a mostly non-White neighborhood, nor would he want his brats to attend any school comprised of mostly non-White students. And he certainly wouldn’t want to be lost driving around in a non-White ghetto neighborhood at night. But he wants YOU to live in a ghetto neighborhood, he wants YOUR kids to go to a colored school, he wants YOU and YOUR family to enjoy the fruits of diverse-shitty.

      How’s that for liberal chutzpuh, eh? Not to worry, President Shepard, you’ve been officially entered on the Shit List. It will be anti-White Social Marxist scum like you who are going to be “weeded out” of America’s taxpayer-funded colleges and universities, not deserving White students.

    2. fd Says:

      Same old s**t. The United States hates White people. The majority of the names of Southern heroes have been removed from school buildings named after them. This includes Elementary schools to big universities. Get the eraser out !