27 July, 2014

Zimbabwe: Mugabe on a Downward Slide

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While his people starve, head chimp Mudgabe eats lobster and caviar and tells them “don’t worry, things are getting better.” Want to wreck a country? Let niggers run it. Of course, it isn’t all Mudbaby’s fault: the “West” (read: Jews and their globalist puppets) helped him into power because it couldn’t tolerate a White-ruled country in Africa. Thanks, Henry!


  • 2 Responses to “Zimbabwe: Mugabe on a Downward Slide”

    1. Walter Says:

      Mugabe is a nigger so their is no surprise here.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Robert Mugabe is no different from our own Charlie Rangel and John Lewis, a sleazy, megalomaniacal Black dictator for life. I NEVER hear our Commander-In-Coon “President” Barry Soetero condemning Mugabe’s murderous regime, although Niggerboy is quick to condemn other countries like Syria and Iran for their alleged “human rights” violations. No mention in the Jewsmedia of all the murder and mayhem going on in Chimpbabwe, no sanctions or embargoes are ever proposed against them, no Flush Scumbaugh or Sean Scammity demanding that US troops be sent there to “fight the terrorists”, no Kike foreign policy “expert” in the op-ed section of the Times demanding that something be done about Mugabe….just silence.

      To Hell with the Jewnited Snakes of America and to the Repulsive for which it stands. One police state, under ZOG, with liberty and justice for the rich.