14 September, 2014

“White Privilege”

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As if Whites – the people who gave the world to mankind – need “privilege” to succeed or to stay out of trouble with the law. As if your average White person’s IQ isn’t 15 points higher than a Black’s. As if America wasn’t founded and run by Whites until rather recently. As if most Blacks don’t already have criminal records by the age of 16. As if White cops aren’t naturally more suspicious of Blacks and don’t treat them accordingly.


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I was going to let that White liberal faggot Andy Hinds have a piece of my mind about that White privilege bullshit but to hell with him. That MANGINA is not worth my time. Let’s talk about Jew privilege or even faggot privilege instead. Those are the two most pampered, privileged and protected groups in the Evil Empire today. I don’t want to annihilate the Jews and the fags as much as I want to annihilate the powers that are protecting them, you know what I mean?

    2. fd Says:

      3 of the people in the picture look like 24 carat kikes to me.

      Jews have a tendency to lecture the reader. And they often write in a gay manner. Andy Hinds is a Jew or pseudo Jew. He said being White is a crap shoot, as if millions of years of the eternal laws of nature taking the upward path means nothing to him. Crypto Jew he is.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      That’s right Jewboy, keep insulting us White folks for our “White privilege” even though many of us Whites are deeply in debt, unemployed, uninsured, about to have our houses repossessed, having our schools and neighborhoods over-run with niggers and Mexicans, etc. Maybe someday soon you’ll wind up publishing your little blog from inside a concentration camp while wearing striped pajamas and yellow star of David patch. Jerk.

    4. fd Says:

      Malignant rage of the Jew. It took me awhile to realize the depth of insults and sarcasm in the essay. The author infused real life experiences to reinforce his assault against White society. I’m inclined to believe the majority of his story is made-up from whole cloth. By his own words, he hates White people. No amount of art and deceit can conceal his desert ancestors.

    5. Mary O Says:

      If I had been a black kid doing the same stupid shit I did, and I had been kicked out, locked up, beaten, harassed, shot or shot at, and suffered the countless daily indignities people of color endure just for walking down the street or going into a store …

      So far he has described two very minor transgressions: 1. driving on grass, and 2. choosing a tasteless Halloween costume.

      Though the article is probably intended as college humor, he sounds exactly like a typical liberal. The skillful satirist should do more than just copy down what professors are saying. He is a lazy writer taking advantage of a situation.

    6. Mel Brooks Says:

      Not even worth linking to. Christ, what a bunch of tools. And a pic of Hillicky Cliton looking like my Jack Dempseys did whenever I treated them to tubifex worms.


      Here’s an idea, Paleface Hinds (Heinz?)..don your prettiest skinny jeans & baby blue boat shoes, strap your iPad to the Cannondale, and ride to a ghetto near you. Then beg your betters for forgiveness. Be certain to say “niggizz” and be all down wid de blakknezz. Do for you, do it for all of us.

      I can’t wait to see you in your glory on World Star Hippity Hopitty.

    7. Joey Says:

      Listen to Evelyn Hutcheson, Matt Hale’s mother, speak with Deanna Spingola: