29 June, 2015

The A-Bomb? No, the J-Bomb

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(Above: a U.S. atomic bomb, called “Little Boy,” circa 1945)

Seen on the TV: a documentary about the U.S. atomic bomb program in the 1940s, known as “The Manhattan Project.”

Did you know that the “American” team that created the atomic bombs was almost completely Jewish? [1]. Fat Man and Little Boy were “Jewish bombs” (J-bombs). (I’ve always wondered: did Fat Man and Little Boy have those tiny kosher symbols on them, like on ketchup and mustard bottles?). The bombs were even named by a Jew, Robert Serber. Fat Man and Little Boy were dropped on Japan in 1945, killing only Japanese civilians, mostly women and children.

[1] the top scientists or engineers involved in producing the A-bomb were Jews, including J. Robert Oppenheimer, Rudolf Peierls, Felix Bloch, Leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner, John von Neumann, Stanley Frankel, James Franck, Richard Feynman, Otto Frisch, Edward Teller, Enrico Fermi (a gentile but married to a Jew). Furthermore, the people who instigated the atomic bomb project by sending a letter to President Roosevelt were Jews: Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard. The letter was delivered by another Jew, Alexander Sachs

  • 6 Responses to “The A-Bomb? No, the J-Bomb”

    1. k9 Says:

      i have always had the feeling the jew designers wanted to bomb germany with a-bombs but that part of ww2 was over before they had a chance,
      Old films clearly show the pale ash-en jew faces after they learn that they cant kill Europeans by Japanize.. very talmudic…

    2. fd Says:

      Several years back, I read the Jews wanted to drop an atomic bomb or bombs on Germany but time ran out.

    3. Tim Says:

      Multiculturalism works both ways Lots of Japanese in the US. We should let them know who was behind nuking their people too. Turn everyone on the Jews

    4. CW-2 Says:

      If the J-Bomb had been developed a few months earlier it is almost certain Dresden would have been nuked first.

    5. Llew Says:

      Atomic weapons are another Jewish hoax. Just research it. All “atomic testing” films are crappy FX fit for the age in which they were recorded.
      The key is to compare the effects over Dresden, Hamburg, etc, with the damage over Hiroshima and Nagasaki (adding that most of the structures were made of wood in Japan and thus burned to the ground; modern ones were less affected). Just take a moment to compare the photos. Btw, no crater or radial-patterned damage over “ground zero”.
      The radioactivity danger hype wasn´t raised until almost a decade later. Recently an UN report stated that “there weren´t statistically more cancer cases in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the last 70 years than in other parts of the world”.
      For reference, take a look at nuke-lies.org

    6. Socrates Says:

      Llew Says: Atomic weapons are another Jewish hoax. Just research it. All “atomic testing” films are crappy FX…Btw, no crater or radial-patterned damage over “ground zero”.

      Actually, I disagree with you. The atomic bombs dropped on Japan were, apparently, air-burst bombs that exploded several hundred feet above the ground, hence no craters.