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10 August, 2021

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(Above: Fat Man, one of two famous U.S. atomic bombs, circa 1945; the bombs were air-burst bombs, designed to explode maybe 500 feet above a city, thereby maximizing the destruction; there was actually a third bomb that was not used). Consider it: when a regular bomb explodes, it sounds like: “Ka-Blewy!!!” But when an atomic […]

16 November, 2018

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(Above: the U.S. atomic bomb called “Fat Man” — a.k.a. the Nagasaki bomb) The Jews are the People of the Book and also the People of the Ka-Boom, i.e., not only did Jews create and staff the Manhattan Project, they instigated the project from the very start. It was Albert Einstein – who, by the […]

29 June, 2015

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(Above: a U.S. atomic bomb, called “Little Boy,” circa 1945) Seen on the TV: a documentary about the U.S. atomic bomb program in the 1940s, known as “The Manhattan Project.” Did you know that the “American” team that created the atomic bombs was almost completely Jewish? [1]. Fat Man and Little Boy were “Jewish bombs” […]

15 October, 2014

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(Above: an American atomic bomb circa 1945) By the way, the man who coined the term “Cold War,” Bernard Baruch, was a Jew. Anyway, get out your hankies: David Greenglass, a Jewish atomic spy, has died. Almost every person who spied on America for the Soviet Union was a Jew, an amazing fact never mentioned […]

20 August, 2013

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Seen on TV: part of the 1989 movie “Fat Man and Little Boy,” about the making of the atomic bombs that America dropped on Japan in 1945. Newbies may not know that the whole atomic bomb project was Jewish. Not only were the engineers who built the bombs Jewish (e.g., J. Robert Oppenheimer, Eugene Wigner, […]

3 December, 2010

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Since Biblical times, the Jews have been hot for destruction (consider Joshua, for example). In modern times, Israel frequently attacks its neighbors. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that not only was the atomic bomb instigated and built by Jews [1], but so was the neutron bomb: [Obituary]. [1] Albert Einstein, Leo Szilard, J. Robert Oppenheimer, […]