3 December, 2010

“We Jews, We, the Destroyers”

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Since Biblical times, the Jews have been hot for destruction (consider Joshua, for example). In modern times, Israel frequently attacks its neighbors. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that not only was the atomic bomb instigated and built by Jews [1], but so was the neutron bomb:


[1] Albert Einstein, Leo Szilard, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Rudolf Peierls, Felix Bloch, Eugene Wigner, James Franck, Otto Frisch and Edward Teller were some of the Jews who either instigated or worked on the atom bomb program, called The Manhattan Project. Samuel Cohen was a member of that project, too

(the post title comes from the book “You Gentiles” by Jewish businessman Maurice Samuel)

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    1. Jim Says:

      The jews hate everything that is creative, heroic, manly, and noble. That is why they had to destroy NS Germany; a society that embodied the ideals of the Aryan Race Soul. Modern Day AmeriKwa perfectly embodies the destructive nature of the jewish race anti-soul; degeneracy, miscegenation, materialistic values, and Anti-Aryanism. Only when the awakened White Man throws off the jewsh yoke will he regain his manliness and his SOUL.

    2. Klassikality Says:

      You summed it up brilliantly Jim. It’s pretty damn hard to look around this rotten toliet bowl of a country today and not see something that you described. For example, a few weeks ago I was in a store and just glanced at the magazine section. “Rolling Stone” magazine, which has glorifed and glamorized degenerate “musicians” for several decades, had Eminem on the cover.

      Here is a pathetic White nigger loser, who grew up being tormented by muds and instead of fighting back, came to adopt their culture and mannerisms. Eminem is a low life drug addict who makes the lowest kind of music there is, rap. His lyrics are vile and disgusting, yet he is held up by the jewsmedia as some kind of icon and role model for White youth.
      If the jews had not chosen this scumbag for fame, he would probably be in prison, dead, or maybe living in a closet, soaked in his own urine and on welfare. A perfect candidate for a “Holiday camp.”

      Pure jewish Marxism, hold up high the weak and stupid, belittle and condemn the strong and pure. Oh wait, that sounds like Christianity too…..

    3. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Not forgetting, that Rolling Stein as I call it ,was founded by Jenn Wenner. He is the jew-fag, who left his wife of 20-something years ,for another pole-smoker.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Rolling Stone magazine hasn’t been relevant for 30 years. Same for Playboy. Why do those limousene liberal magazines still exist? They are anachronisms.

      The Jews are probably still hopping mad that they didn’t have the chance to drop A-bombs on Germany. That was their real objective all along, not Japan. Besides, who would want to kill all those nice little yellow nip bastards? After all, they were merciless to their White prisoners of war. Remember the Bataan Death March? Remember all those American POWs who were forced to work as slave-labor in Japanese war factories? The Japs threw Chink babies up in the air and caught them on their bayonets. And they forced 13 year old slope girls to works as prostitutes, or “comfort girls”. The Germans never did anything like that, but they are still the “bad guys”.

      Evil, black-hearted Jews. The world will know no peace until we deal with them once and for all.

    5. Bill M Says:

      Well, when talking and someone remarks,”What happened to the country?” I usually respond with,” jews in powerful places is what happened.” They say,’ huh?’ I respond ……. robert reich, …….alan greenback (whoops) greenspan, murdoch, all NY Times editors (except a couple of token assistants) All porn producers, most ‘talent’ agents and movie makers, educators, lobbyists, FINANCIAL scammers, (college profs.)……………….. sorry I gotta go drive the porcelain bus, as in jews make me sick,…… sick. [Rant]