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17 February, 2020

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Jew: “Yes, we Jews nearly wrecked Germany in the 1920s via communism and socialism, and yes, we later declared financial and political war on Germany in 1933, and yes, we created WWII which totally destroyed Germany, and yes, we lied about Hitler ‘gassing’ us in order to get Israel, and yes, we still make Germany […]

24 October, 2017

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(Above: according to Cultural Marxism, this moral, healthy White family is “sick” and “depraved”) Let’s say that you see something that looks like it might be Cultural Marxism (in a TV commercial, for example). Is it Cultural Marxism? To find out, ask yourself: is “normal” being re-labeled and called “abnormal,” or vice-versa? If so, then, […]

4 July, 2013

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I don’t pretend to be an expert on Egypt, but, given the fact that 1) a Muslim leader has been overthrown there, and 2) America’s official policy in the Middle East is to support Zionism/Israel, it seems likely that the U.S. was involved in the Egyptian coup in order to help Israel [1]. Furthermore, about […]

19 February, 2013

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(Above: Franz Boas, the godfather of race denial, and also a rather ugly Jew) Yeah, you’ve heard it before, but, just like learning math, it’s gotta be repeated in order to “stick.” If it doesn’t stick, you might go back to dating mulattos – you don’t want that to happen, do you? The anti-racism movement […]

18 November, 2011

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Communism, socialism, feminism, queer rights, civil rights, psychoanalysis, cultural anthropology, modern art — is there any leftist movement that hasn’t been pioneered/led by Jews? [Article]. and [Article].

31 October, 2011

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Yes, in modern America, everything’s the opposite of what it would normally be. For example, if there are few homosexuals in Utah, that’s a good thing. But according to the managers of our culture, that’s a bad thing. In Judaized America, everything’s reversed. [Article].

6 June, 2011

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On one hand, the Jews must destroy the Western world, since Whites are their most dangerous enemies. Whites are the only people capable of wiping out the Jews totally and completely, if they decided to. But on the other hand, the Jews need Whites like ticks need a dog. So the Jews must kill their […]

3 December, 2010

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Since Biblical times, the Jews have been hot for destruction (consider Joshua, for example). In modern times, Israel frequently attacks its neighbors. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that not only was the atomic bomb instigated and built by Jews [1], but so was the neutron bomb: [Obituary]. [1] Albert Einstein, Leo Szilard, J. Robert Oppenheimer, […]