24 October, 2017

Detecting Cultural Marxism In One Easy Step

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(Above: according to Cultural Marxism, this moral, healthy White family is “sick” and “depraved”)

Let’s say that you see something that looks like it might be Cultural Marxism (in a TV commercial, for example). Is it Cultural Marxism? To find out, ask yourself: is “normal” being re-labeled and called “abnormal,” or vice-versa? If so, then, yes, it’s Cultural Marxism. Here are three examples of Cultural Marxism:

1. Opposing illegal immigration is normal, but Cultural Marxism calls it “abnormal.”

2. Transsexualism/transgenderism is abnormal, but Cultural Marxism calls it “normal.”

3. Being wary of Black people is normal, but Cultural Marxism calls it “abnormal.”

In other words, under Cultural Marxism, everything is turned upside down: abnormal becomes normal and vice-versa. Cultural Marxism could be called “the war against normal.” It could also be called “a giant swindle against White people” (the target of Cultural Marxism is White people, i.e., the goal of Cultural Marxism is to wreck the White countries).

Cultural Marxism came from Jews, most of whom came from the Frankfurt School, a.k.a. the Institute of Social Research; those Jews included Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, Leo Lowenthal, Otto Kirchheimer, Franz Neumann and Erich Fromm. Cultural Marxism is most often found in the schools, in the media and in Hollywood movies/TV shows.

  • 9 Responses to “Detecting Cultural Marxism In One Easy Step”

    1. Karl west Says:

      Just stick to TANSTAFL’s maxim.

      Jews invert reality.

      The reverse also holds true. When you see something that is an inversion of reality, it’s source is most always jewish.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      A sick and deprabved family?

      Well, the father is offering the little boy one of his weiners.

    3. jayhackworth Says:

      Whites still tuning in to jewmedia have lost sight of their civilization.

    4. Tim Says:

      This is an easy to cut and paste flyer an army of 10 minute a day activists can place in schools, libraries, doctor’s’ waiting rooms, the post office, shopping carts. Great way to blanket the country and to piss off the Jews

    5. fd Says:

      I grew up on a block like the one above. Nobody locked the doors back then. Not even at night. After school the girls twirled their batons in the front yard.

    6. jayhackworth Says:

      Whites need to obey their instincts more and follow jew medias less.

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Well, the whole picture is rather freaky and spasmodic,with everyone grinning and wearing their good clothes. All this over some hot-dogs?

      And why is the mother pruning a bush at a family cook-out? Weird! The mother with her bush and the father with his weiners???? Give me a break!

    8. Thom McQueen Says:

      Good point and insiteful as always, Ant.

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      Thanks, Thom.

      Thom, I will see you in Key West on Sunday. This might be my last trip there, with my airbrush. As you know, full nudity has been clamped-down on. I only get half pay for air-brushing a woman’s bare breasts, and it might not be even profitable.

      I think it is because of the male gays. There were more and more trying to get in on the act, and nobody wants to see their wrinkled dorks. So, as like everything, they ban something good because of the actions of a few.

      Sad, but there are other places where the gays have not yet ruined it and naked women want to be enhanced by our skills.