31 October, 2011

Up Is Down, Good Is Bad

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Yes, in modern America, everything’s the opposite of what it would normally be. For example, if there are few homosexuals in Utah, that’s a good thing. But according to the managers of our culture, that’s a bad thing. In Judaized America, everything’s reversed.


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    1. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      Niggers and spics in alaska, flipping you off from in their 2012 expeditions.

    2. Nick Collings Says:

      “Park Service Director Jon Jarvis reiterated an old lament: Parks must attract a more diverse slice of the American public or eventually risk losing taxpayer support.”

      Who are the taxpayers here?

      Park users or niggers?

      I guess if the money isn’t ending up in the right pockets, the gubmint needs to correct that.

    3. M. Kraus Says:

      I agree with the author of this article. We all know how much African-Americans love nature, and the great outdoors. They would be flocking to state parks in droves were it not for the many racist Whites who are there, glowering and muttering anti-black slogans under their breath. It’s a real shame. Contrast that with the friendly, warm citizens of America’s inner cities, who love to see White people visiting their neighborhoods. Always quick with a smile and generous to a fault, these African-Americans make us look like monsters by comparison.

      “After decades of wringing our hands over the diversity issue…”Fucking liberal fools, you need your necks wrung. White historians of the future are going to be absolutely astonished that such a mentality ever existed among our people. Die, “America”. Die now.

    4. Sgt. Skull Says:

      So now niggers take great pride in America’s national parks now that we have a nigger president and Oprah taped a show there? Suddenly Yosemite is THEIR park and no longer “an exclusive club for white folks” according to the obnoxious negress with a German surname.

      If congoid Americans start taking an interest in Yosemite then all I can say is there goes the neighborhood. If a Yosemite guide doesn’t emphasize the contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers there could be multimillion dollar law suit. After all, it was niggers subdued the savage injuns and tamed the West but evil, racist, wicked whites have airbrushed that accomplishment from the history books.

    5. George Lenz Says:

      well, what is good for Whites is bad for jews. Hence the difference.

    6. Phantom Says:

      Spooks, Kikes, and spics are the main reason that the America went down in hell. Kikes ruin things because of their greed. Spics and niggers have no common sense or respect for anything at all.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      But wait, wait! (Tim waves his hat around while running after the Semitically Correct Express before it leaves the terminal)

      ……….huff-huff, pant, pant!
      Excuse me, you self-righteous White-hating Jews and liberals……Negroes and Mestizos DO in fact visit Yosemite and other National Parks! Oh yes they do!

      You see, heavily armed Mexican drug smugglers and illegal wetbacks hide out in those Parks, as do violent Black and Mexican street gangs from LA! Those mud savages will shoot to kill any innocent White hiker or park ranger who get too close to the gangs’ and smugglers’ secret pot-farms in the Parks. They also literally leave tons of garbage and shit behind them, ruining the pristine beauty of those Parks.

      Additionally, the mud savages kill endangered wildlife for the hell of it and deliberately set forest fires! And it’s a fact that National Park Rangers are exposed to more physical danger (as a result of being attacked by those Black and Mexican criminals) than any other kind of Federal employee!

      So now you see how destructive, filthy and dangerous those niggers and spics really are! Wait, where are you going? Don’t you care about the facts? Doesn’t the truth interest you? No? You say you’re only interested in vilifying White people and destroying White civilization? OK, then, suck on this, you mutherfukkas!

      (Tim fires a Panzerfaust rocket at the Semitically Correct Express, causing it to explode into a bright orange fireball. All on board slowly burn to death as Tim laughs maniacally.)

      THE END

    8. Miller Says:

      Niggers are genetically afraid of water. Which probably makes them afraid of natural settings, unless it is a desert.

    9. Klassikality Says:

      Yes, once again, a ridiculous thing like this will apparently help out the muds and solve some of their problems. Violent crime, out of wedlock birthrates, STDs, obesity, drug abuse, etc. Somehow more access to National Parks will ease the burden of such issues.

      I understand that “diversity” and “equality” mean the less Whites the better, and ruining any and all things that have to do with White culture and society. However, I do wish some of the niggers and their White supporters, if any of them have some working brain cells to rub together, might address the issue of purely symbolic bullshit gestures that dont have any real benefits for the poor downtrodden minorities. Or at least just come out and say: “We just want to hurt White people any way we can.” I would actually find some honesty refreshing.

    10. Blackshirt Says:

      Let ’em talk all they want- niggers will never feel at home in the outdoors (unless it’s a jungle, of course) especially if it’s cold. So all the liberal, do-gooder encouragement for nigger enrichment at national parks will come to nothing, believe me.

    11. Skeeter Says:

      Jesus Christ. Who wrote that pile of crap? What kinda name’s “Louis Sahagun” anyway? I couldn’t get past the first few grafs when the negroes started whining about the lack of mention for Buffalo Soldiers at Yosemite. Like I care? This is exactly why we need media by and for straight, white gentiles. Thank you, VNN, for being that.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      Blacks could not care less about boating, hiking or scuba-diving. They have no intellectual curiosity or emotional discipline, nor do they have any sense of adventure. (They also smell like cat pee.)

      How do you like that uppity old nigga bitch complaining about the lack of any Buffalo Soldier stories in the Park Ranger’s tour. So fucking what? The aged shebooness would never have even heard of Buffalo Soldiers if it weren’t for all those damn liberal teachers and professors. Besides, the Buffalo Soldiers were bad medicine for the Red Man. The liberals never bother mentioning that.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      The ONLY way non White Criminals are going to walk miles Quietly “Maybe” in any forest, never mind working ALL DAY SWEATING, is they are going to be paid, because itz racist that that can’t aford what 70% of White can’t do, because of the cost.

      Nature Consevacy and the Rest of the Nature groups are shills for keeping off public properties and NOT allowing US to anything on private property even if it is postive etc.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      Look the USCG academy upon graduating you recieved an engineering degree of one sort or another electrical etc.

      Well, that meant it was too WHITE ! Imagine No women, spic, or “Ball” players.

      Well they had a ball player, and the women involved had to endure b.s. for the trial, and those women should not have been there either.

      I read the CBC was pushing to make the USCG academy have Kongressional appointments like the others.

      Imagine such racist’s that would dare to give “Admittance” based on Math scores personality, love the sea, non criminal background etc.

      Racist !