6 August, 2015

Good Quote From Stormfront Forum

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“White Privilege is a repackaging of the old Soviet Bourgeoisie. It gives the mob something to rant and rave about, and ultimately destroy.

Once they have destroyed the “privilege” element, they are left with “white”. Will they stop there? Or will they have to eliminate that part as well?”

— SF poster Wulfrick

  • 4 Responses to “Good Quote From Stormfront Forum”

    1. leipzig Says:

      excellent quote, and the answer to his question is…no they will not stop, for the privilege they see we have is not that which is given to our race, but it is the race itself. the existence of whiteness is a reminder of their inferiority, it must be degraded and ultimately eliminated…for a degraded white is still superior.

    2. archer Says:

      The destruction of whites is the end game, the flap about the confederate flag, monuments, white privilege, diversity etc. are just steps to that end.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      White privilege is a myth, although there is such a thing as class privilege, which I bitterly resent. However, as much as I resent class privilege I resent JEWISH privilege even more.

    4. Claude Balls Says:

      So Storm FRONT had one good comment. A broken clock is more accurate…it’s right twice a day.