9 October, 2015

Leftists and Non-Whites Hold Conference to Complain About White People

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Okay, then, how about this idea: let the White people take back every invention they developed, and we’ll see how the non-Whites and leftists like it. For example, the Whites could take back electricity, the lightbulb, the computer, the telephone, the phonograph, the automobile, the airplane, democracy (yeah!), television, most hospital equipment, clocks, watches, air conditioners, refrigeration, and so on. The non-Whites and leftists wouldn’t last 3 days without our White inventions! How about it, non-Whites and leftists? Good idea? As David Duke said: Whites have given the world much more than they have taken away. In fact, Whites gave the world to mankind. (Name the Brown equivalent of Rembrandt. Name the Jewish equivalent of Edison. Name the Black equivalent of Shakespeare. What? You can’t?? Didn’t think you could).


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    1. fd Says:

      Off Topic

      A biker who was at the Twin Peaks restaurant shooting in Waco told me that at least 7 of the 9 bikers were killed by Federal agents. The Federal snipers were positioned at 2 elevated locations shooting down into their enemies…? The trajectory of the bullets entered the murdered and wounded at a downward slant. Some were hit by shrapnel. The Federals were using military weapons for maximum effect.

    2. fd Says:

      To be clear, of the 9 bikers killed at least 7 were killed by the Federals. The aggregate of killed and wounded is near 30. The federal snipers probably caught a fast plane to Washington city after job completion. The biker told me the entire event was a setup.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Our technical prowess has allowed some of the worse forms of humanity, the scum of the earth, to prosper and breed and gain mastery over us. This is a monstrous injustice. Time is long overdue for the grain and soya bean farmers of the US mid-west to take a long vacation.