21 July, 2016

Assashusetts Enacts More Goy Control

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Sales of “assault rifles” have gone up 450% in Assachusetts since the Orlando, Florida nightclub shooting [1]. The Assachusetts bureaucrats can’t have that; they can’t allow the goys to arm themselves in large numbers because the notoriously-paranoid Jews get nervous about that; they must appease the pickle-snoots.


[1] Every gun is an “assault weapon.” Can you assault someone with it? Yes? Then it’s an assault weapon. So calling these rifles “assault weapons” is just a stupid scare tactic

  • 2 Responses to “Assashusetts Enacts More Goy Control”

    1. Tim Says:

      Maura Healey, the nasty-ugly Mass Attorney General pushing the gun grab is (as expected) a Harvard Law School Grad DIKE.

      Her partner is Gabrielle R. Wolohojian, is a judge who serves as an Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Appeals Court

    2. archer Says:

      Of course our so called Republican governor Charlie Baker hasn’t to my knowledge made a statement about the lezzies new rules. I’m not holding my breath. I should’ve bought one when I had the chance.