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27 April, 2017

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It’s kind of funny when you think about it: the “anti-racism” movement tries to tar modern White people with the label of “racists” when, in fact, America’s founders were, by their writings and actions, racists. We are in great company, folks! Never apologize for keeping the spirit of our founders alive. Racism is as natural […]

21 July, 2016

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Sales of “assault rifles” have gone up 450% in Assachusetts since the Orlando, Florida nightclub shooting [1]. The Assachusetts bureaucrats can’t have that; they can’t allow the goys to arm themselves in large numbers because the notoriously-paranoid Jews get nervous about that; they must appease the pickle-snoots. [Article]. . [1] Every gun is an “assault […]

11 June, 2016

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“Indigenous Peoples” Day? That’s funny, since “Indigenous Peoples” actually refers to White Americans. (Politically, Assachusetts is just like Californicate, only it’s located Back East. They love Ted Kennedy in Assachusetts, which should tell you something). Anyway, we live in The United States of America. Our laws, rules and regulations were created by White men. Our […]